About DrivingSchoolExpress.com

DrivingSchoolExpress is owned by Michael Rogers, a former trucker with a passion for the road. 

When Mike was laid off from his telemarketer job during the 2008 crisis, he took to truck driving. Yes, it was tough, but Mike says it was one of the best things he’d ever done for himself. 

After working countless hours and driving thousands of miles from state to state to state, Mike realized something:

He had so much knowledge about the road that people wanted. 

That’s why he started blogging for TruckingTruth, created his own trucking Youtube channel, and, of course, built DrivingSchoolExpress.com. 

You may read more about Mike Rogers here

How We Keep Our Engines Running

DrivingSchoolExpress.com is an affiliate site. 

This means that we are partnered with the best online traffic schools and driver’s ed providers in the country. And should you sign up using our links, we may earn a small commission. 

This helps us maintain our site and provide drivers with the most informative guides on online traffic schools and driver’s ed! 

Review Criteria

Here at DrivingSchoolExpress.com, our mission is to provide our readers with the best reviews for online traffic schools and online driver’s ed courses. 

As such, we have strict criteria on how we choose our partners and recommend schools. Here’s how we rank schools and course providers:

  1. School meets all the requirements for the given state
  2. School has modern and engaging coursework - no outdated sites from the 90s here
  3. School has plenty of positive reviews from their students
  4. School has high passing rates in state exams
  5. School has plenty of valuable features for their students

Additionally, we have also tested plenty of these schools first-hand. So we only recommend those which deliver the best experience for drivers in every state.