Arizona Defensive Driving

We know you're not taking a Arizona defensive driving course by choice. You just want to get this done as fast and easy as possible. That's why we designed our Arizona defensive driving course to be simple and quick. Some other highlights of our Arizona defensive driving course includes:

  • Fully accredited and Arizona state-certified for ticket dismissal & driving point reduction.
  • Arizona state minimum time requirements. Get it done FAST!
  • Use on any device and switch between devices anytime.
  • Licensed in ALL Arizona counties, cities, and courts.
  • Money-back guarantee. Start taking the course risk-free.
  • Skip the classroom and go at your own pace.

We Know. Taking Arizona Defensive Driving Sucks.

When developing this Arizona defensive driving course, we had to take one big thing into account. Nobody really WANTS to buy our product. You're purchasing our online traffic school out of necessity. That's why we focused on making our Arizona online defensive driving course the fastest and easiest one you can possibly take. Why spend a second longer on this than you have to? We don't use course timers, the modules are easy to get through, and we won't waste your time. Sign up today and get it done fast.

How Arizona Online Defensive Driving Works

Driving School Express is certified for ticket dismissal and driving point reduction in the entire state of Arizona. When you sign up, we will verify that you are eligible to take our course. In general, here is how Arizona online defensive driving works:

1. Receive notice or permission

The state of Arizona will usually allow you to take traffic school in order to have a traffic ticket dismissed. Twelve months must have passed since your last moving violation and you may only dismiss one citation, even if you received more than one. You must complete your Arizona defensive driving course at least 7 days before your court date.

2. Take an AZ state certified course

Take a course that is specifically certified in Arizona (we hope you choose ours!). You can choose between a classroom based course or an online defensive driving course like the one we provide. We're a little bias, but we think online defensive driving is way more convenient!

3. Give the court proof of completion 

In the state of Arizona, we can notify the court when you have completed the course. We do not charge extra for this. Make sure you complete your course at least 7 days before your court date.

Why Take Our Arizona Defensive Driving Course?

There are dozens of online defensive driving courses in Arizona. Every online defensive driving course claims they are the best, so what makes us any different? Here are some of the reasons you should choose our Arizona defensive driving course:

1. It's fast and easy

We know you just want to get your Arizona online defensive driving course done as fast and easy as possible. Our course is the fastest allowed by Arizona law (4 hours), so you can get through it quickly. We also made the quizzes and final exam as simple as the state would allow. Go through the course at your own pace and switch between devices anytime. We'll keep your spot for you.

2. We have over 25 years of experience

Online defensive driving courses have come and gone during the 25 years we've been in business, but we're going as strong as ever. That's because we know what we're doing, and we know what you want out of a defensive driving course. We make it as fast and easy as is legally allowed.

3. Regular updates and improvements

Most online defensive driving courses are extremely outdated. They seemingly update their course material once per decade. We are constantly making improvements to our course.