Ohio Online Drivers Ed

We make Ohio online drivers ed fast, simple, and fun. Skip the boring classroom and give our interactive online drivers ed course a try instead!

  • Approved in the entire state of Ohio 
  • Videos, games, and interactive features to help you learn
  • Use on any device with our mobile apps
  • Unlimited practice tests included with any course
  • Start taking the course for free to see if you like it first
  • Take it anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace
  • Discounted behind-the-wheel training also available

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How Does Ohio Online Drivers Ed Work?

If you are 15 years and 5 months of age, you are eligible to take an Ohio online drivers ed course. You can take up to 2 hours of your course each day. After completing the first 2 modules of the course (first 2 hours), you'll get a certificate of enrollment so that you can start taking your behind-the-wheel training.  Once you've completed 24hrs of online driver training, you will be able to take your drivers permit exam. You can take up to 6 months to complete to course, so feel free to work at your own pace.

Advantages Of Online Drivers Ed

Taking Ohio online drivers ed may seem like a strange concept to Mom and Dad. Most of us old farts took our drivers ed class in school or some other classroom environment. We studied out of textbooks, and sat through hours of lectures. If that sounds like a boring way to learn about the rules of the road, it is!

Why OH Online Drivers Ed Is Better

Online drivers ed has become the most popular way to complete state mandated "classroom" hours for several reasons. Here are some reasons why most students decide to sign up for an online drivers ed course.

Convenience: Online drivers ed is just so darn convenient. You can take our online drivers ed course on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other mobile device. Go at your own pace, on your own time. We'll keep your place for you!

It's easier: Imagine yourself sitting in a classroom studying road signs and their meanings. You might get access to some flashcards or create a poster during a group activity, but are you really memorizing what you need to know for the written exam? With our online drivers ed course, you'll learn that material by playing an interactive online game. Which method do you think will help you memorize the information better?

Cost effective: The cost of attending a classroom-based drivers ed course varies widely, but most classroom based drivers ed courses have trouble competing with our low pricing. Since our drivers ed course is online, our expenses are much lower, which we are able to pass along to you!

What About Behind-The-Wheel?

Taking your classroom portion of drivers ed online makes sense, but what about behind-the-wheel driving lessons from a high quality instructor? Not a problem! We have driving instructors in most areas of the country with awesome drivers ed cars such as 5 star safety rated Mini-Coopers. If we don't have any of our own instructors in your area, we can usually get you special rates with local driving instructors in your area.

Why Our Behind The Wheel Driving Lessons Are So Popular

Safety - Students and parents both love our driving lesson plans. For starters, our driving instructors are experienced and must meet OUR standards, not just state minimum requirements. We also use safe and reliable 5-star safety rated vehicles to keep everyone safe.

Convenience - Usually, we can work around a driving students schedule and make things super convenient. For example, we can pick up a driving student from school then drop them off at home once the lesson is over. No need to bum a ride somewhere when we can just pick you up and drop you off!

Number of instructors - Many local driving schools have a limited number of certified instructors on hand, so if you happen to get one you don't like, who knows if someone else will be available for you. We have a huge pool of driving instructors available. You can either stick with a driving instructor you like, or go out with several different driving instructors and learn from their different teaching styles. It's up to you!


This was a really great learning experience! This was definitely my first step to becoming a safe driver. Drivers Ed taught me about valuable road laws and how to be a smart, safe driver. I love the little vocabulary games at the each section. It an effective method to show how much I learned. 


"I learned a lot!"

I learned alot about all aspects of driving with this course, I also liked the idea of having 6 months to complete the course. This helped me out alot because I played 3 different sports in high school and this gave me the time that I needed.

Thank you.



The website is very easy to handle. I found everything I needed easily. I loved doing my driving courses online since I could complete it at my own convenience. It taught me a lot and the short videos helped. I would recommend this to anyone!