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About DriversEd

In 1997, just before the rise of social media and video streaming, DriversEd began its journey to offering online driver’s education. 

Today, it is one of the top online driver's education providers in the US.

Through the years, DriversEd has provided over 13 million students with quality and effective driver safety solutions.

The school aims to prepare learners for a lifetime of safe and confident driving with its curriculum, online resources, and knowledgeable customer support team. 

And it’s not even boring!

DriversEd courses include a combination of text, 3D animations, videos, and quizzes. 

The school is dedicated to expanding its program offerings and continuously updating its services and training materials.

Not to mention, they have received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

Moreover, their driver’s ed courses are approved by the Driving School Association of the Americas and the Road Safety Educators’ Association.

What We Like About DriversEd

As you might guess, DriversEd has an excellent reputation in the industry. 

It is one of the only online driving schools available in all 50 states — and approved in 17 states!

So no matter where you live, you can find a state-specific driver’s ed course with DriversEd. 

Another thing that makes DriversEd stand out is its in-car driving lessons. 

Yes, they provide more than just your driver’s ed course. 

In some states, you can even take driving lessons from them to complete all your requirements. This is possible thanks to DriversEd's partnership with some licensed local driving schools. 

To show you how much they trust their quality, DriversEd has a refund policy. 

This states that you can still refund your payment for a full 30 days as long as you didn’t yet complete the course. 

So if you’re unsatisfied — or somehow can’t continue — you can get your money back. 

Also, despite being one of the oldest online driver’s ed providers, they continuously update and improve their content to catch up with the latest trends and improve the learning experience. 

As we mentioned, the courses are engaging and interactive - packed with animations, videos, interactive games, and more!

It doesn’t stop there. 

DriversEd offers FREE roadside assistance for the first month. Just remember to cancel your subscription before it auto-renews and gets payments. 

What happens when you complete the course?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion.

And of course, DriversEd has VERY affordable pricing while maintaining high-quality content. They even offer HUGE discounts, so don’t miss it!

It’s worth mentioning that they provide a high level of customer service, too. 

Their team is dedicated to helping each student overcome any obstacles during the learning process. 

What We Don’t Like About DriversEd

We’d be lying if we said DriversEd is perfect and has no downsides at all. 

It has. 

Just like any other online driving school. 

One of the biggest downsides is that the DriversEd app sometimes experiences bugs and glitches. 

Mind you, these are only minor ones — but still. 

As a result, the app may crash or some videos are unable to play. 

Of course, this will happen more often if your phone isn’t compatible with the app. 

Another thing we don’t like about DriversEd is the lack of an instructor. 

But it’s an online course…

Sure, but there are actually some online driver’s ed that have ready instructor support. 

So be ready to study it on your own. 

In turn, this will require lots of self-study discipline. 

DriversEd also has course timers. 

Most states require this to ensure that you don’t just fly past your studies. So this can’t be avoided. 

Still, we felt it necessary to tell you that you have to wait a few minutes before the next slide comes through. 

DriversEd Course Options

DriversEd offers more than just teen driver’s ed. 

They also have these course options available: 

  • Adult Driver’s Ed

  • Mature Driver’s Ed

  • In-Car Driving Lessons

  • Practice Permit Test

  • Learner’s Permit Test Online

  • Traffic School 

Disclaimer: Not all course options or programs are available in every state. 

Keep in mind that if you’re interested in taking any of DriversEd’s courses, it’s best to check if the program is accredited or approved in your state.

In Conclusion: Is DriversEd The Best Online Drivers Ed School?

We told you all about DriversEd. 

We looked a bit into the school’s history…

We saw what course options they offer…

We checked out everything we liked about DriversEd…

And we didn’t skip what we didn’t like about the online provider. 

The bottom line is — we highly recommend DriversEd as it has proven to make excellent teen and adult drivers. 

Hopefully, with all this information, we helped you decide whether or not DriversEd suits your needs and preferences.

After all, this is what makes an online driver’s ed the “BEST” — if it fits YOU. 

If so, then go ahead and take advantage of the DriversEd discounts, codes, and coupons.

You can scroll up to get discounts from specific states…

OR you can go here to get discounted prices for any state!

Best of luck with your studies!