Last Updated: September 01, 2023

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About Improv

Improv’s tagline is ‘backed by science, fueled by fun”. 

And boy do they live by it!

Improv is unlike any other online driver's ed provider. 

Most online driver’s ed courses have modules that are straightforward and borderline boring. 

Improv promises to bring humor and fun to their lessons. 

From the gamified experience, animations, videos, and memes, to the short text, fun delivery, and great comedy. 

But of course, there is the “backed by science” part, too. 

This means that it’s not all fun and games…

You will also learn everything you need to know to ace that permit test, as well as be the best and safest driver out there. 

And with a combination of both, you’re sure to better retain all the information. 

So there’s no snooze fest here at Improv!

What We Like (and Don’t Like) About Improv

After going through Improv’s driver’s ed course, we came up with a list of what we liked and didn’t like about the school. 

Our review may help you decide if it’s the best fit for YOU. 

So let’s go!

What We Like About Improv

Here is everything we liked (loved even) about Improv:

  1. Easy to digest and fun content. 

We’ve already talked about this. 

But it was great to see just how much effort Improv put into ensuring you won’t get bored. 

Since driver’s ed is mostly catered to teens, the gamified course will certainly be a big hit. 

It’s like you log in…


Level up…

Get your license…

Fun, fun, fun. 

But it’s not just that. 

The lessons are also super easy to understand and digest. 

And to us, this is the most important thing. 

  1. Quick access to your Certificate of Completion 

Some online providers take ages before they send in your Certificate of Completion. 

Not Improv!

Here, they make sure to email your Certificate 30 minutes after you complete the course. 

You can print it out right away and move forward with your driver’s license process. 

Plus, in some states, Improv even ships out your Certificate straight to the DMV within the day. 

How convenient is that?

  1. Great customer support

Have you ever had an issue…

Or maybe you needed to ask a question…

But no one from the customer support team replies?

Frustrating, right?

Improv understands that students take their classes at different times. 

This is why they have customer support that’s available 24/7 through text, call, and live chat. 

And they make sure to answer any inquiries or solve any problems as soon as possible. 

This is just the icing on the cake. 

  1. FREE practice exams

Nervous about the permit test?

Want to get a feel of the testing environment?

Besides giving you a fun course that’s easy to digest, Improv also has FREE practice exams in some states. 

Without any extra charge, you can go through test questions that are similar to the actual test. 

With this, you’ll be GUARANTEED to pass it on your first try. 

  1. Has a very useful blog

Let’s be honest. 

Who goes to blogs of online schools?


Except maybe us. 

And when we did, we found a pleasant surprise. 

Improv’s blog is a goldmine of useful state-level information. 

For example, you’ll stumble upon current weather disasters and warnings, changes in laws and other regulations, or more specific topics such as “Driving in New York Rush Hour.” 

No matter where you are, there’s something you can learn about your state that's not necessarily included in the coursework.

It’s fine if you never look at Improv’s blog…

But if you need more information, then we highly recommend it.

What We Don’t Like About Improv


Improv is not a perfect school. 

There are some things we didn’t like about it as well. 

  1. Its driver’s ed course is only offered in a few states

Get this. 

Improv is more known as a traffic school for ticket dismissal. 

So when you hear that it’s available in all 50 states — it’s only talking about its defensive driving courses. 

For driver’s ed, the school only serves 12 states. 

If you aren’t from one of these 12 states, then Improv’s driver’s ed courses are useless to you. 

That said, it does offer driver’s ed to the more popular states, such as California, Texas, Florida, and New York. 

  1. The course content gets a bit too cheesy

Yes, yes. 

We’re aware that not everyone has the same humor. 

To us, the memes and jokes were funny and a breath of fresh air. 

But we also know that, to some, this might be a bit too cheesy and cringe. 

So if you don’t like any of that, you might have to clench your teeth the whole way through. And you might not like the idea of fun content when you’re learning how to drive. 

The bottom line is…

It’s a great hit for some — it’s a big miss for others. 

Improv Course Options

At Improv, you can get all types of course options. This includes:

  • Driver’s ed for teens - fulfill your state’s driver’s ed requirements. 

  • Driver’s ed for adults - does your state require adult driver’s ed? Or maybe you just want to learn before taking the test. Whatever the case, this is for you. 

  • Defensive driving - this course is for those who were asked to complete defensive driving by the state, insurance agency, or employer. 

  • Traffic school - need to dismiss a traffic ticket? This is the course you need!

  • Insurance discount - want to lessen your premium? Many insurance agencies accept this course to give you a 10% discount. 

  • Commercial fleet - hoping to become a fleet driver? Then you can take Improv’s online fleet program. Take note that this does not include behind-the-wheel training.

In Conclusion: Is Improv The Best Online Driver’s Ed Provider? 

Improv is an exceptional online driver’s ed provider. 


It makes sure students actually enjoy their lessons — instead of just trying to get past them and not really learning anything much. 

It has great features, too. 

But it’s not for everyone. 

As we said, you might find the lessons too cheesy and cringe. 

Still, we can certainly say that Improv is one of the best online driver’s ed providers. 

And it helps greatly that they always give off great discounts that you can take advantage of.