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Have you decided to attend an online driving school?

If so, you might find yourself torn between two top-of-the-line online driving schools. These are Aceable and DriversEd.  

To be sure, both schools offer the benefits of online learning - convenience, flexibility, and affordability. 

But what you really want to know is: which one is better? 

Here, we’re going to compare Aceable and DriversEd side by side. 

With our Aceable vs DriversEd online driving school comparison for 2021, you’ll be able to see which online school best fits your needs!

Which Online School is Right for You?

We’ve done the research, now all you have to do is take a look at our review to see what Aceable and DriversEd have to offer. From there, you can get a clear idea of which will suit YOU more..

Aceable vs DriversEd Which Online Driving School is Better chart1

*Updated as of April 12, 2021 


Aceable vs DriversEd Which Online Driving School is Better Aceable

While Aceable is the newbie in the online driver’s ed industry, don’t think that this makes them the lesser choice.

With about 4 million dollars in investments, this online driving school developed innovations that provide the most efficient way for students to get their license.

What makes Aceable’s driver’s ed so attractive is that they offer a fresh new spin, providing the most modern course to date. 

With mobile-ready learning features and engaging course content, Aceable guarantees that students will ace their test on the first try!

Aceable vs DriversEd Which Online Driving School is Better DriversEd

After 25 years of teaching across the US, DriversEd has truly set the standard for driver’s education. 

Decades in the industry means that millions of student drivers are living proof of DriversEd’s tried-and-tested teaching methods.

Clients will have access to state-approved courses with comprehensive lectures and interactive videos!

If you’re looking for a safe bet, DriversEd is a reliable choice.

Aceable vs. DriversEd: A Side By Side Comparison

For an in-depth comparison, we’ll look at :

  • States approved
  • Course options
  • User experience
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Reviews

Let’s compare! 

States Approved

Aceable vs DriversEd Which Online Driving School is Better chart2

Not only has DriversEd been around for decades, but it’s also one of the first schools to offer online driver’s ed!

Therefore, it’s not surprising that DriversEd offers comprehensive, state-specific driver’s ed in all states, with 17 of those state-approved. (Check chart for states that are approved.)

As a relatively new driving school, Aceable is not doing too bad either, with 9 state-approved courses after about 5 years in business.

Course Options

Aceable offers self-paced Teen and Adult Drivers Ed courses. However, keep in mind that some states require timers, which Aceable is sure to place to adhere to state laws. 

Teen students have the additional option to choose between a Parent or Instructor taught course.

DriversEd also offers both Teen and Adult driving courses in all states. Though only 17 of those states are approved, you can be sure that the other states still get state-specific driving rules and regulations.

User Experience

Aceable students find the course fun and engaging thanks to the bite-sized and easy-to-digest lessons. 

As a relatively new driving school, teen drivers can easily relate to Aceable innovative teaching methods, including memes, videos, and animations.

With DriversEd, students enjoy true-to-life simulation courses that give them a first-hand experience of being behind the wheel, without being behind the wheel!

Also, students will find themselves at ease because of the tried and tested course content and teaching methods provided by DriversEd. 

However, a few online reviews have suggested that the course curriculum might be a tad bit outdated, though never irrelevant. 


If you’re looking for a tech-savvy course that offers lots of useful features – Aceable is the way to go!

Aceable offers one of the best mobile apps, available on both the Android Play Store and the Apple Store. And yes, the Aceable Drivers Ed app is also state-approved in the 9 states Aceable serves. 

Get unlimited access to a step-by-step guide to getting your driver's license literally in the palm of your hand! Students love the instructions and videos made entertaining with memes and videos.

Plus, you get to meet Ace the robot! You can bet Ace has all the answers to acing that test.

Source: Aceable

You also get unlimited access to FREE test prep materials to help you feel more confident when you take your permit exams. 

What’s more, Aceable offers the option for parents to monitor their children’s progress through their app. 

DriversEd, on the other hand, offers tried-and-tested resource materials and quizzes that will ensure a rich learning experience.

Enjoy unlimited access to tons of useful content, such as 3D simulations, animations, videos, audio recordings, and more! 

DriversEd also offers a convenient Drivers Ed app that’s available on Android and iOS devices. In that way, you can truly learn anywhere at your own pace.

Source: DriversEd - App Store 

Students love that the app allows easy switching from a handheld device to a laptop. They also love that the course provides practical information to navigate the road. Not to mention, you can download all study materials!

However, some students complained about app glitches. And, only 3 states (namely CA, CO, and TX) approved DriversEd’s mobile app.  

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a free completion certificate to present to your local DMV. Get your permit in as little as 6 hours (if there are no state timers)!

Both DriversEd and Aceable received an average of 4.7 stars on their mobile apps, from around 6,000+ reviewers! But Aceable overtakes DriversEd with its 9 states approved for their mobile app.


At Aceable, Teen driving courses cost around $60 to $100, depending on whether the course is parent or instructor-taught. Adult courses will cost around $35. 

DriversEd Teen driving courses are at around $90, depending on your state. Adult driving courses will cost anywhere between $30 to $50.

One thing is for sure, It’s hard to find a better deal than these price offerings!


With an amazing average review of 4.9/5 stars from 31,516 (as of April 12, 2021). There’s no denying that Aceable is a crowd favorite!

Students thoroughly enjoyed the highly interactive and user-friendly course resources and learning tools. Definitely no dozing off during lessons here.

Thanks to Aceable’s fresh and updated content, students are guaranteed a fun and memorable experience.

DriversEd received an average of 4.6/5 stars from over 8,299 reviews (as of April 12, 2021).

Reviewers rave about DriversEd’s helpful and straightforward course instructions. They also appreciated the well-organized course that was divided into manageable modules.

DriversEd has been around for so long that thousands of students will vouch for the effectiveness and validity of their courses. 

However, some students shared that they found some of the course content boring and outdated.


From what we’ve seen, Aceable and DriversEd both have unique strengths that will appeal to different types of students.

If you learn through interactivity, Aceable will be the choice online driving school for you. Their courses are modern, relatable, witty, and entertaining!

If you’re looking for a practical and straightforward course, DriversEd is one of the most reliable online driving schools out there.

It’s hard to say which one is the best, but we’re sure either option will have you confidently cruising the streets!

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