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One of the things teenagers look forward to is learning how to drive.

And entering your “teen” years makes you eligible to apply for a learner’s permit, a requirement to be able to drive.

It sounds exciting. And it’s cool to think that you’d be able to drive around upon securing this permit.

However, the idea that you need to pass a knowledge test to get the permit can be a bit worrisome.

What if you fail the exam on your first try?

The good news is, there are driver’s education courses that you can take to prepare for the exam. And if you are the kind of student who does not want to get stuck in a classroom, you can take this course online. 

Online driver’s ed is self-paced, convenient, and engaging. 

If you want to learn more, here’s a list of some of the best online driver’s ed in Oregon.

Note: Online driver’s ed is not yet authorized in Oregon. The certificate of completion won’t be acknowledged to get your learner’s permit. These online courses are just to help prepare you for the final exam and/or give you a confidence boost before you get behind the wheel. 

Best Online Driver’s Ed in Oregon

Oregon has several online driver’s education programs. 

No matter your motivation for taking the course, you can count on these online driver’s ed providers to help you out:

  1. DriversEd.com
  2. DriverEdToGo.com
  3. DmvEdu.org
  4. SafeMotorist.com
  5. Aceable

Let’s go over the different features that each of them offers.

1. DriversEd.com

5 Best Online Driver's Ed in Oregon DriversEd

One recognized leader in providing online driver’s education is DriversEd.com. 

They have state-specific courses available in most states in the US, including Oregon. All of these are guaranteed to provide a fast and effective way for students to learn the road rules.

Adapting to modern technology, they designed their courses so that students can learn using any device while making sure that students remain entertained and have fun.

To make this possible, they maintain an interactive curriculum that showcases different driving maneuvers in three-dimensional video representations. 

They also have user-friendly slides that help you absorb important information without feeling the need to rush through the course.

DriversEd.com can even help you get a discount on auto insurance. 

What’s more, they offer discounts on their courses often. So make sure to visit their website regularly for updates. 

Online Driver's Ed in Oregon DriverEdToGo

On the other hand, taking courses from DriverEdToGo.com is a very convenient way to gain the necessary experience and knowledge to make you a qualified driver.

They provide accessible online courses that you will be able to access using any device, and your progress will be automatically tracked. 

You can take their course at home, or even at a friend’s house - wherever you’re comfortable and anytime you want.

You’ll never get bored with their lessons, too! This is because their curriculum features many interactive activities that you can enjoy as you go along the course. 

Take, for example, their game corner. Here you have a platform where all their animated quizzes, all in 3D, will be available for you if you want to take some time off the lesson. 

As for practice tests, they have software that was developed so that you can access their practice sets anytime you want and as many times as you need.

DriverEdToGo.com has been in the business for more than 20 years, and they have served more than 6 million happy customers since then. 

If you trust their expertise and experience, be sure to visit DriverEdToGo.com to know more about their exciting features for online driver’s ed in Oregon. 

5 Best Online Driver's Ed in Oregon DmvEdu

For DmvEdu.org, being able to pass your Provisional Instruction Permit exam is one of their priorities. 

They understand the importance of getting this done without delays, so they are determined to help you reach this goal.

To guarantee that you’ll be able to touch on all the topics essential for you to pass your knowledge test, they have designed comprehensive course content in strict compliance with the Oregon state and DMV standards. 

Their lessons range from Oregon traffic laws to defensive driving techniques and a lot more.

Also, to ensure that you can conveniently access their course curriculum, they have maintained a responsive website that makes it possible for you to access their pages on any type of device. You can use your laptop, tablet, or cellphone to complete your lessons without any issues.

They update their course material regularly to ensure that their lessons are accurate. Their quizzes and tests are also well-crafted, designed to help you easily retain all the information you’ve learned.

And, they aim to give exemplary customer service to make drivers' education hassle-free for you. You can count on their friendly support team to answer your queries and quickly resolve technical issues - from sign-up to completion.

5 Best Online Driver's Ed in Oregon SafeMotorist

The SafeMotorist offers a 30-hour online driver’s ed program wherein you will be provided with on-topic training, comprehensive course reviews, and reinforcement exercises. 

Every aspect of the course is easy to follow and understand. So, it's perfect for those who want to take it easy but still want to learn all essentials of first-time driver training.

Instead of the tiresome lectures and quizzes, you usually get in a classroom setup, you’ll get to experience real driving situations and safe driving maneuvers by completing their interactive lessons through their online platform.

You can take your time and complete your course at your convenience. Since everything is available online, you’ll get access to the course 24/7.

Safe Motorist's online driver’s ed is also backed by the American Safety Council, one of the pioneers in providing online courses in the US.

5 Best Online Driver's Ed in Oregon Aceable

Aceable is another online education platform that provides online driving courses to several US states. 

However, they currently do not offer a complete online driver’s ed course in Oregon. 

What they do offer is an Oregon Permit Test Prep that can help ensure that you ace your permit exam on your first try. So it isn’t so much a course as it is test preparation. 

Aceable's Oregon Permit Test Prep is a mobile study aid that is a perfect study tool for teens with busy schedules. 

It will teach you the road rules through 20 levels of interactive lessons and unlimited practice tests. Both are designed to prepare you for the Oregon written knowledge exam.

Oregon Online Driver’s Ed FAQs 

Is Online Driver’s Ed Required in Oregon? 

It depends on your age. 

If you are under 18 years old, then a driver’s ed is required. (Remember that Oregon does not authorize online driver’s ed yet.)

If you are 18 or above, then you don’t need to take driver’s ed in Oregon.

That said, most applicants take online driver’s ed to prepare for the written knowledge exam required to get the permit. So, you can take the course at your discretion.

Also, if you are a minor applicant, you have the option of taking an ODOT-approved driver's ed course to reduce the number of required driving practice hours from 100 to 50. 

What are the requirements to get a provisional instruction permit in Oregon?

In Oregon, you can get a permit called a Provisional Instruction Permit, the equivalent of a learner's permit, at the age of 15 to17 years old (different process applies to 18 years old and above).

If this is your first time applying, you’ll need to Complete the pre-application online and study the Oregon Driver Manual. You will also need to provide the DMV with your parent or legal guardian's signature and determine if you need to submit a Real ID

Once complete, you can schedule your appointment and go to a DMV office. You’ll be asked to show proof of your physical address and legal presence/identity and complete the following:

  1. Pass a vision test;
  2. Take the practice knowledge test (optional)
  3. Pass the knowledge test
  4. Pay the application fee and fee for your real ID if needed
  5. Get your picture taken


Teen drivers in Oregon are no different from those in other states - they get excited at the idea of driving on their own and fear failing their permit exam.

Because of this fear, students take online driver’s education to fully prepare for the test even if it is not authorized in the state yet. 

The interactive lessons provided in a virtual environment are fun and engaging. It helps students realize that learning is not something to fear but something to enjoy and look forward to. 

Because at the end of the day, taking an online driver’s ed is not just about passing the exam; it’s about preparing yourself how to drive safely once you set out and you’re ready to face the road.

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