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Are you a Delawarean trying to ace your driving test so you can finally earn your driver’s license?

If you answered “yes,” then you should be asking this next question:

What is the best online driver’s ed in Delaware?

To save you all the trouble of looking up online to answer this and other nagging questions, I went ahead and did all the searching for you and put together this list of the 5 best online driver’s ed in Delaware.

So go on ahead, read up, and enjoy!

Best Online Driver’s Ed in Delaware

Here are our top 5 picks for online driver’s ed in Delaware:

  1. DriversEd.com 
  2. DriverEdToGo.com
  3. DmvEdu.org
  4. SafeMotorist.com
  5. iGottaDrive.com

Let’s have a look at each one:


5 Best Online Driver’s Ed in Delaware 2021 DriversEd

Note: This course does not meet the state-required, 30-hour classroom training.

Please inform the DMV if you wish to take DriversEd.com to fulfill the “classroom” portion of the driver’s license requirements.

DriversEd.com has called itself the “Authority” in Online Driver’s Ed for two decades and counting.

It is considered to be the go-to place for everything online driver's education.

Let me give you four reasons why you should have DriversEd.com on the top of your list:

  1. DriversEd.com’s online school for the state of Delaware provides you with all the tools you need for your Delaware driver’s education requirements. From Driver’s Ed for Teens and Adults to Traffic School and Practice Permit Tests, they have you and all your needs covered.
  2. DriversEd.com has many ways to help you save your precious time and finances. This is very important particularly for high school students or teenagers who want to save on their hard-earned money and would like to prepare for their driving tests in their free time.
  3. It earns consistently high marks from its satisfied customers and five-star ratings from Trustpilot.
  4. It has been featured in many industry-leading magazines and sources such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, TechCrunch, and Wired.

An online Delaware state driver’s ed course at DriversEd.com costs around $20 for first-time and teenage drivers like you.

So, check it out today!

5 Best Online Driver’s Ed in Delaware 2021 DriverEdToGo

Note: This course does not meet the state-required, 30-hour classroom training.

Please inform the DMV if you wish to take DriverEdToGo.com to fulfill the “classroom” portion of the driver’s license requirements.

DriverEdToGo.com bills itself as “the most popular education course in Delaware.”  This must be because it is primarily geared towards students and other first-time learners. 

Its online driver’s education course costs only around $40.

You can also avail of Practice Tests (to help gauge what you have learned so far) and Exam Prep (to help you get ready for the final evaluation). 

5 Best Online Driver’s Ed in Delaware 2021 DmvEdu

Note: This course does not meet the state-required, 30-hour classroom training. Please inform the DMV if you wish to take DmvEdu.org to fulfill the “classroom” portion of the driver’s license requirements.

This Delaware online driver’s ed school has a clean and well-presented online webpage that lists down the various options that it offers.

It also covers everything from Delaware Driver’s Ed to Permit Tests.

However, compared to DriversEd.com, it admittedly does not offer that much in the way of variety or other options.

5 Best Online Driver’s Ed in Delaware 2021 SafeMotorist

Note: This course does not meet the state-required, 30-hour classroom training.

Please inform the DMV if you wish to take SafeMotorist.com to fulfill the “classroom” portion of the driver’s license requirements.

Fourth on our list is SafeMotorist.com. While I may not find it as appealing as the others, it does have its upside.

Namely, as its name suggests, it’s inclined towards safer driving education and reinforcement.

Its online driver’s ed program will teach you the necessary principles that govern first-time driver’s training.  It helps you deal with real-life driving scenarios and completion exercises on how to avoid collisions by practicing safe driving techniques.

5 Best Online Driver’s Ed in Delaware 2021 iGottaDrive

Last but not least is iGottaDrive.com.

Compared to the rest of the pack, it has the barest minimum of Delaware driver’s ed options that you can choose from:

  • Online Practice Tests (at around $10); and
  • Permit Prep Course (around $20). 

That’s it.

iGottaDrive.com gives you unlimited practice tests for a reasonably low price. 

This makes it a sensible choice if you would like to sign up for a Delaware online driver’s education course on a shoestring budget.

Delaware Online Driver’s Ed FAQs

Now that we have covered the best online driver’s ed that Delaware has to offer, here are the answers to some important questions that you might have regarding driver’s education in your state.

Can I Take Online Driver’s Ed in Delaware?

Well, yes!

Anyone who would like to drive on their own, and is eager to learn at their own time and pace, is most certainly eligible to take up Delaware online driver’s ed.

Here are some reasons for you to take it up:

  • Learn about driving rules and road safety.
  • Get ready for the learners’ driving permit test.
  • Meet the requirements for discounts on auto insurance plans.

How Do I Register for Online Driver’s Ed in Delaware?

It's a cinch.

You only need to sign up for an account online!

You just create a new account, pick your user name and unique password, and pay using your credit card, or by check or money order. It’s that easy!

After that, all you need to do is just log in, study, and then log out whenever you feel like it.

How Long Does Online Driver’s Ed in Delaware Take?

A usual Delaware online driver’s education course will take around 15 hours.

Again, you can take up the course whenever you think it is convenient.

By the end of the online course, you must take a final exam.  Don’t worry about passing it, you can take and retake it as many times as you can until you finally pass.

What Will I Get after I Pass the Delaware Online Driver’s Ed Course?

After passing the final test, you will receive your free Certificate of Completion within 24 hours of completing the online course.

The certificate will be sent out to you through First Class Mail (by USPS.com) unless you specify otherwise.

Points to Consider about Delaware Driver’s Education

  1. All first-time learners under 18 years old are required to complete a driver’s education course for them to get their driver’s license.
  2. A Delaware driver’s education course must consist of 44 hours of lessons, including:
  • 30 hours of classroom lectures;
  • 7 hours of in-car driving observation; and
  • 7 hours of in-car or behind-the-steering wheel instruction.

As you can see, a Delaware state driver’s education course is made up mostly of classroom instructions.

By taking up an online Delaware driver's education course, you can get a fast start to eventually ace the in-person Delaware driver's education course.

Simply put, it helps you overcome your fears and worries about having to learn how to drive on your own so that you can eventually earn your Delaware driver’s license.

Also, as I’ve said earlier, it allows you to learn how to drive at your own time and convenience.

However, you do need to remember one thing: If you are a new driver at or under 18 years of age, a Delaware online driver’s education course will not meet the criteria for the driver’s education option for the state.

Completing this course will also not get you credited at the Delaware DMV for getting your learning permit or driver's license.

So, it’s best if you get in touch with the DMV about the particulars of teen driver’s education before signing up for an online driver’s ed course.

When you complete the full Delaware driver’s education course, you will get the Blue Certificate or the “High School Driver Education Certificate.”

You will need the Blue Certificate so that you can get your Graduated Driver License (GDL) Level One Learner’s Permit or license.

The Delaware GDL program is intended for first-time applicants who are 16 years old up to 18 years old.  You will need to go through the whole GDL process to get your first Delaware full driver’s license.


Having the best online driver's ed in Delaware would surely prove to be a great help for you to eventually get your own driver's license.

I’m hopeful that by following all these handy tips, you can get over all the guesswork in choosing which online Delaware driver’s ed course would fit all your needs.

See you in the driver's seat!

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