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Getting a driver’s license is a must for a lot of people.

If you ask me, a driver’s license is one of the most important IDs that you can get. 

But getting a driver’s license in Idaho isn’t a walk in the park. 

For teenagers below 17 years old, you are required to spend 30 hours on a driver’s education before you can get your driver’s license.

Yep, there’s no escaping this. 

So why not make the most out of it and enroll in an online driver’s ed that lets you finish the 30 hours in comfort? 

To help you get started, I listed the best online driver’s ed in Idaho.

Best Online Driver’s Ed in Idaho

Here are the best online driver’s ed courses in Idaho:

  1. DriversEd.com
  2. DriverEdToGo.com
  3. Drive Right Academy
  4. Phillips Driving School
  5. Idaho Driving School

Let’s have a closer look at each of these courses:


Best Online Driver's Ed in Idaho DriversEd

The best online driver’s ed in the state has to be DriversEd.com.

This state-approved online driving school has a 100% online driver’s ed that is so convenient and easy to go through. 

And to prove to you that they’re the best, they have taught at least 6,000 students already. 

To make it even better, those 6,000 students gave an average rating of 4.5/5 stars!

How’s that for being the best online driver’s ed in the state?

But my favorite feature of DriversEd.com is its app. Yep, they have an app. 

This app allows you to access the course literally anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to go to your phone’s browser. You just go to the app, log in, and you can study at ease. 

As for the content of the online driver’s ed, DriversEd.com has a mix of videos, audio, quizzes, and scenarios that will help you prepare for the test. 

Best Online Driver's Ed in Idaho DriverEdToGo

Note: This course is not Idaho DMV-approved. Please inform the DMV if you wish to take DriverEdToGo.com to fulfill the “classroom” portion of the driver’s license requirements.

One of the top online driver’s ed providers is DriverEdToGo.com. 

This online driver’s ed is one of the most preferred courses you’ll find in the state of Idaho. 

DriverEdToGo.com has a basic state-approved package for anyone who wants to learn to drive. But what makes this course a go-to by a lot of Idaho residents is the presence of add-ons that will guarantee you’re passing the exam. 

Yep, DriverEdToGo.com is confident that with their help, you can pass your exam that will give you your driver training instruction permit. 

They have audio read-along, practice tests, and exam preps that will get you ready to go behind the wheel. 

While they don’t have an app like DriversEd.com, their courses can still be accessible on any device.

Best Online Driver's Ed in Idaho Drive Right Academy

Even if this driving school was just built in 2004, it has already taught so many students in the Idaho area. And if they were a bad choice, then they wouldn’t be one of the more popular choices for getting driver’s ed. 

What Drive Right Academy does differently is having an instructor and classmates during their online driver’s ed. 

While it’s not everyone’s preference to have classmates, the chance to socialize and to “see” the instructor can help in making the course effective.

Needless to say, it’s just like a class that you take on your computer. 

Best Online Driver's Ed in Idaho Phillip Driving School

Another excellent choice for online driver’s ed is Phillips Driving School. 

I personally didn’t get to try their online driver’s ed, but a lot of people have given this school great reviews. 

The best thing about Phillips Driving School is how they made their course. Even if you’ll be staring at a screen for a total of 30 hours, the course content will let you forget about the amount of time you’ve spent. 

In other words, their course is so engaging that you’ll be so focused on it. You won’t even notice the time! 

I have to warn you, though. Phillips Driving School is a little costly. 

Best Online Driver's Ed in Idaho Idaho Driving School

Idaho Driving School has a different way of packaging its online driver’s ed. 

Unlike the others where you can just avail of the online driver’s ed as a stand-alone package, at Idaho Driving School, you also get the 6-hour driver’s training and 6-hour observation. 

Personally, having a full package is very convenient since you won’t be on the hunt for driver training once you get your driver training instruction permit. 

However, it also has its own disadvantages when it comes to price. 

Yep, Idaho Driving School’s whole driver’s ed package is very expensive. And for most people, this is enough for them to go to a different school. 

Idaho Online Driver’s Ed FAQs

Can I Take an Online Driver’s Ed in Idaho?

Of course, you can! 

For anyone who is 17 years old and below, an online driver’s ed is a must before you get your underage driver’s license. 

If you’re 18 years old and above, you don’t really have to take this 30-hour course. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with brushing up with your driving skills and knowledge on Idaho traffic laws. 

What are the Requirements for Online Driver’s Ed in Idaho?

The requirements to enroll in an online driver’s ed course varies depending on the school you’re attending. 

In general, all you need to do is make an account, pay the fees, and you’re ready to go. 

Other online driver’s ed courses require you a few documents that prove that you’re a citizen of Idaho and you’re of age. 

How do I Register for Online Driver’s Ed in Idaho?

Online driver’s ed is the first step in getting your driver’s license, so there’s not a lot of requirements. 

If you’re enrolling in an online driving school, then you will only need to make an account in that school. Some online driver’s ed courses require you to pay the full fee before starting the first chapter. 

Keep in mind, that while the requirements for an online driver’s ed are few, you’re going to need more documents to actually get a driver training instruction permit. 

How Long Does Driver’s Ed in Idaho Take?

If you’re 17 years old and below, you’re required to take 30 hours of driver’s education. 

Regardless of whether you’re picking an online or an in-person class, you’ll be studying 30 hours’ worth of traffic laws, safety protocols, driving instruction, you get the picture. 

But of course, online driver’s ed is faster since you don’t have to go to class for you to take this course. You save time from not going out too! 

How Much Does an Online Driver’s Ed in Idaho Cost?

In general, an online driver’s ed in Idaho costs anywhere from $30 - $200. 

If you ask me, there shouldn’t be an online driver’s ed that’s more than $200 since you’re only paying for the content and the online services, but not an instructor or a classroom. 

There are lots of high-quality online driver’s ed that costs less than $100. I highly recommend that you take those. 


Driver’s ed is required if you’re 17 years old and below and you want to get your driver’s license in Idaho. 

I know, it’s not the best thing to do, but a 30-hour course can definitely be more bearable when it’s taken online. 

All the best online driver’s ed in Idaho will surely make your learning experience engaging and informative. 

At the end of the day, that’s what matters in any driver’s ed course. 

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