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Nobody wants to get up early on a weekend to attend a tedious in-person defensive driving class. Sitting in a stuffy, one-window room with strangers for hours isn’t really the perfect weekend getaway. 

The only way to escape this dreadful scenario is to find the best online traffic schools in Kansas, so you can take your classes anywhere and anytime you like!

The best online traffic schools let drivers study from the comforts of their homes, around their own schedule. 

Whether it’s to get out of a traffic ticket, get points removed from your license, or get an auto insurance discount, you can never go wrong by working with an online traffic school. 

As there is an abundance of choices online, it can be difficult to determine which traffic school will fit your needs perfectly. 

This guide will help you make the best decision possible, so you won’t end up regretting your choice in the long run. 

5 Best Online Defensive Driving Schools in Kansas

The 5 best online defensive driving schools in Kansas are:

Let’s take a close look at each one. 


Best Online Traffic Schools in Kansas GoToTrafficSchool

GoToTrafficSchool offers defensive driving courses for drivers who simply want to improve their driving skills or those who have been court-ordered to dismiss a ticket. 

They have the lowest price guaranteed for any online defensive driving course. If you manage to find a cheaper option, they will do their best to match or beat the offer.  

Their course is 100% online, so you can take it on any device you like. They also provide an “Audio Read Along” option that lets you listen to your lesson materials if you aren’t that eager to read.

If you have any concerns along the way, you can contact their customer support team, which is available 24/7/365. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in Kansas iDriveSafely

Another affordable option is iDriveSafely. 

You shouldn’t have to move mountains to get out of a traffic ticket. Which is why iDriveSafely programs are easy to understand and quick to complete. 

Their mobile-friendly website lets you take lessons anywhere and anytime you want. As long as you have an internet connection, you’re good to go!

iDriveSafely programs don’t use course timers, so you can work around your own schedule, at your own pace. 

It’s a great way to save time!

If you have any concerns or questions, you can call their customer support service, which is available 7 days a week to assist you with what you need. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in Kansas Improv

Although this course has yet to be approved by the Kansas DMV, there’s still a lot you can gain from working with Improv Traffic School. 

Their defensive driving course teaches you all you need to know about Kansas driving laws, as well as how to be a safer and better driver. 

Improv courses are popular for being entertaining and interactive. Their lessons were designed by comedians from the Improv Comedy Club, so expect their program to be nothing less than fun!

To make it easier for you to take classes, they offer a mobile app companion, which you can download from the Apple App Store. 

A 24/7 customer support team is also available to address any of your concerns during the program. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in Kansas DriveSafeOnline

Drive Safe Online offers the shortest course allowed by Kansas law and is one of the best traffic school courses to get you an auto insurance discount. 

In fact, they offer a money-back guarantee if you use their course certificate and are unable to get an auto insurance discount from your provider. 

Upon enrolling, you get complete access to all their course materials. 

There are no additional fees, so you can save a lot if you choose to take their classes. 

Once you finish the course, they immediately email you your completion certificate. All you have to do is send it to your insurance provider or court for verification. 

Drive Safe Online has an 85% 5-star rating on Trustpilot, earning its spot on our list of best online traffic schools in Kansas. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in Kansas DmvEdu

Developed by experienced Kansas-certified driving instructors, the DmvEdu.org defensive driving course is one of the best in Kansas. It contains all you need to know about being a safer driver — and more! 

Their program uses a variety of multimedia to deliver course materials, including videos, photos, audio, animations, and games. 

Lessons are 100% online, so you may access them anytime you want. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, or computer — you won’t have trouble opening your online portal. 

Their website is compatible with any type of device, so you’re free to take classes where you prefer. 

Not sure if their program is the one for you? You can try their online demo so you can test out their features and see if it’s what you need. 

Kansas Online Traffic School FAQs

What are the requirements for defensive driving in Kansas?

It depends on your reason for taking a traffic school course.

If you’re taking it to qualify for an insurance discount, you don’t have to worry about eligibility requirements. All drivers who complete a Kansas defensive driving course qualify for an auto insurance discount as mandated by Kansas law. 

However, if you’re taking it to erase demerits from your record, your eligibility will be determined by your court, based on your citation and driving history. Usually, you’ll need to provide:

  • A non-commercial Kansas driver’s license
  • Non-DUI-related or non-criminal citation
  • A record that you have no outstanding tickets on your driving history

For a list of valid documents, visit the Kansas DMV website.

How long does online defensive driving take in Kansas?

Most online defensive driving courses aren’t timed, but usually, students may take around 1 to 3 hours to complete a program. 

Since you’re the boss of your own schedule, how fast or slow you finish the course is completely up to you. So long as you can finish it before your court deadline.

How do I register for Kansas online defensive driving? 

For those applying for an auto insurance discount, registration is simple. Just log onto the school website of your choice, fill out their student personal information form, and pay the fee. 

Once that’s settled, you can then access your lessons and work your way up to the final exam. 

For those trying to dismiss a traffic ticket, you’ll have to wait for your court to approve you for defensive driving education. 

Once you have that, simply follow the steps we’ve mentioned above and start taking lessons from your chosen online traffic school. 

What are the benefits of online defensive driving?

Online defensive driving allows you to work around your own schedule. It eliminates the pressure of having a teacher monitor your progress all the time.

It also lets you take lessons from the comfort of your home. 

Additionally, most courses allow you an unlimited number of tries to pass the final exam, which you may not find in traditional driving schools. 

Leave your lessons and take a break — it doesn’t matter if you forget your spot!

Most programs have an auto-resume option that saves your progress for you, so you won’t have to start over from the beginning. 

What topics will I be studying?

Kansas DMV requires drivers to study the following topics: 

  • Highway safety
  • Alcohol- and drug-impaired driving
  • State traffic laws
  • Driving emergencies
  • Vehicle maintenance

How much will be taken off my auto insurance premium after completing the course? 

Your insurance provider is required to give you a 3-year reduction on your premiums if you voluntarily take a defensive driving course in Kansas.


Although there are tons of fun options for defensive driving courses online, expect to have a few boring lessons here and there. After all, it’s defensive driving — it’s not the most exciting topic to learn about. 

If you choose right, you’ll be able to qualify for an insurance discount or dismiss a pesky traffic ticket. So, before settling for a school, make sure that you’re aware of your own needs first. 

We hope this guide helps you with your decision. 

Drive safely!

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