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In Fort Worth, Texas, you can get a traffic citation for several reasons, including a moving violation.

This will add points to your driving record, which could result in higher auto insurance rates or license suspension. 

The good news is you can dismiss that ticket (and remove your points) by going to a traffic school. 

Now, we know no one wants to attend a traffic school

But if you must, might as well go for the best ones. 

Here, we’re going to review the best traffic schools in Fort Worth, TX for you. This way, you won’t have to go through the long list yourself. 

So buckle up your seatbelt and let’s go!

Best Online Traffic Schools in Fort Worth, Texas

If you want to take the course online, these are the best online traffic schools in Fort Worth:

Let’s see what each school offers...


Best Traffic Schools In Fort Worth, Texas for Ticket Dismissal MyImprov

Let’s face it - traffic school is most definitely not fun. We’d go so far to say that no one signs up for traffic school because they WANT to; it’s always because they HAVE to. 

Luckily, MyImprov strives to give you a good time while you’re at it.

Unlike other traffic schools, MyImprov offers courses that are both informative and entertaining. 

Together with the world-famous Improv Comedy Club, MyImprov designs its courses to make learning fun and enjoyable. Its unique and humorous approach to teaching has even earned it the “Best Traffic School” award.

At around $35, the courses are a sweet deal. Not only are the materials of high quality, but they also offer customer support 24/7. Whatever happens, they’ve got you covered.

If that’s not enough to convince you to sign up, you get four tickets to the Improv Comedy Club once you complete the course. That’s a $60-value free. 

With MyImprov, not only do you get to dismiss your ticket and learn new things about defensive driving, but you also get to reward yourself for a job well done. 

Best Traffic Schools In Fort Worth, Texas for Ticket Dismissal GoToTrafficSchool

GoToTrafficSchool.com’s courses are accessible with any device with an internet connection. It is both user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

If you don’t enjoy reading, there is an audio read-along option that makes learning more convenient.

The only downside I can note with GoToTrafficSchool’s online courses is they can be a little boring. There are videos and animations, sure, but they are somewhat outdated. 

Nevertheless, GoToTrafficSchool delivers its promise of providing exactly the information you need. 

With over two decades of expertise in the industry, you can rely on its reputation as a trusted online traffic school. You can count on them to help you get rid of your traffic violation. 

With fees starting at only around $25, GoToTrafficSchool.com’s courses are the cheapest available online. You can start the course for free and pay only before you complete the course. 

If you’re not happy with the service, you’ll even get your money back. 

Best Traffic Schools In Fort Worth, Texas for Ticket Dismissal iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely.com has been around for many years. But apart from its solid reputation, what makes iDriveSafely one of the best online traffic schools is that it understands its customers. 

They are very much aware that most people don’t take traffic school courses by choice. That is exactly why they made it a point to make their courses fast and easy. 

iDriveSafely offers the shortest course allowed by Texas law. Its courses feature short chapters and multiple-choice questions to help you remember the material. Their content is also very straightforward. 

You can choose from three formats - text-based, audio read-along, or full video. 

Don’t worry because the text-based course also contains interactive pictures and videos. With the full video course, however, you can just watch and learn. 

The only downside is that their customer service is no longer available 24/7. They still offer online support 7 days a week, with extended hours only.  

Nonetheless, iDriveSafely remains one of the most highly recommended online traffic schools in the country. 

Best In-Person Traffic Schools in Fort Worth, Texas

If you prefer in-classroom education, check out these best in-person traffic schools in Fort Worth:

Let’s get into the details. 

First Class Driver

Address: 4255 Bryant Irvin Rd #105 Fort Worth, TX 76109

Phone Number: (817) 731 0200

First Class Driver has been around for 20 years, helping Texans become better drivers. 

Its in-class traffic school course called Driving Safety 101 is approved by TDLR for ticket dismissal and insurance discount application. 

Classes are held every second and fourth Saturday of the month from 9 AM to 3 PM. 

To sign up, you need to call or email them at firstclassdriver@yahoo.com for a reservation. Payment is made at the door upon registration. 

Comedy Guys 

Address: 3517 Alta Mere Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76116

Phone Number: (877) 826-6339

What’s unique about Comedy Guys is their classes are held in non-conventional locations. They teach driving safety classes in restaurants - yes, restaurants.

Meals and drinks are included in the course fees, too. 

Classes are also facilitated by professional comedians, so you are sure to have a good time. 

Priced at around $45, their classes make traffic school fun. 

However, because classes are held in different locations, you will need to check their website regularly for the class schedules. 

Fort Worth Traffic School FAQs

How do you get a speeding ticket dismissed in Texas?

To get your speeding ticket dismissed in Texas, you must first determine if you qualify. 

  • You must possess a non-commercial drivers license
  • You must not contest your ticket
  • Your citation must not be for driving 25mph over the speed limit.
  • Your citation must not have been issued within a construction zone
  • You must seek approval from the court for ticket dismissal 

How do I get a driving safety course in Texas?

Once the court has permitted you to take a defensive driving course, you must bring or mail all the required documents to the court. 

These include proof of valid Texas license, a copy of your insurance policy, your admission of guilt, and other documents that may be required. You also need to pay a court administrative fee. 

Then you can proceed with signing up for a course. 

Is online traffic school better than in-person?

It really depends on you. 

However, online traffic schools are a lot cheaper. 

Plus, it is also more convenient and flexible. You can keep points off your driver’s license without even stepping out of your home. 

That said, some people just prefer traditional classrooms. 


Getting a traffic citation is indeed an unpleasant burden for many people. And so is attending a traffic school for ticket dismissal.

But with the traffic schools in Fort Worth that we mentioned, you are sure to make the most out of the experience. 

Pick any of these schools, and you’re sure to say goodbye to that ticket and your license points. 

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