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Got a traffic ticket?

Or maybe you’re looking to get a sweet insurance discount?

If so, you’re most likely on the hunt for the best traffic schools in Fresno, California. 

Finding the right traffic schools is so important because you’re going to spend all of 8 hours on it. So why pick a lousy school, right? 

There are two ways to take a traffic school course in California - online or in-person. 

Yep, there are online traffic schools now and I’m honestly so happy that that is now a thing. 

Anyway, let’s get back to what you’re looking for - the best traffic schools in the city. 

Don’t worry, I got you. I’ve listed the best traffic schools (online and in-person) that are state-approved, convenient, and reasonably priced. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in Fresno

If you’re going for an online traffic school, here are the best ones you can get in Fresno:

  1. Aceable.com
  2. iDriveSafely.com
  3. GoToTrafficSchool.com
  4. MyImprov.com
  5. TrafficSchoolToGo.com

Let’s have a closer look at each one.


Best Traffic Schools in Fresno, California Aceable

There’s no doubt that Aceable aces this list for the best online traffic schools in the city. I love everything about it, and you’ll know why. 

It comes with a dedicated mobile app. 


Yep, Aceable has an app. This is amazing because there’s no other online traffic school has one. Plus, it’s rated at 4.9/5 stars - showing that it’s not just a cheap extra feature, it really is a valuable resource.

You no longer have to open a browser to go through the course or to take your quizzes. Everything is on the app, fast and mobile-friendly. 

The content is also the best. It’s entertaining and informative so you get the best out of it. It’s a mix of videos, animations, and real-life scenarios.

Other great features of Aceable’s traffic school are no time limits to every chapter, course completion filed electronically with the DMV, and a free month trial of the Allstate® Roadside Services.

Well, the free month trial is a part of a limited sale package right now, so if you’re interested in getting that, you should go ahead and enroll. 

Best Traffic Schools in Fresno, California iDriveSafely

If it weren’t for Aceable’s app, I would have iDriveSafely.com on the same top spot as the former. 

That’s telling of how good iDriveSafely.com is even without an app. 

So what’s to love here?

iDriveSafely.com has an impressive way of organizing a traffic school course. Trust me, course organization is so underrated. 

Their course materials and user experience are so spot on that you will forget you have to consume 8 hours of traffic lessons. 

And because iDriveSafely.com offers free electronic submission of your course completion to the DMV, you can finish your course right away and be done with your traffic ticket. 

Best Traffic Schools in Fresno, California GoToTrafficSchool

Another contender on my list of the best online traffic schools in Fresno is GoToTrafficSchool.com.

GoToTrafficSchool.com is a 100% online course that gets you started on your course right away even if you haven’t paid for it yet. 

Yes, you can start it right away (and finish right away too). 

You’ll only pay when you take the test. And even then, you’re backed by a money-back guarantee. This means that if you don’t find the course useful, then you get your payment back.

Did I mention that GoToTrafficSchool.com is available on all devices and in several languages?

Way to go for thinking about your customers! 

Best Traffic Schools in Fresno, California MyImprov

Going through an 8-hour course is not the most exciting thing in the world. 

Fortunately, MyImprov.com knows this as much as you do. So, they decided to give a little twist to the boring traffic school content. 


By adding humor to their courses. 

I honestly think this is a great way to stay entertained and retain information.

There are so many cues to pick up that you’ll retain information better this way. 

Of course, MyImprov.com isn’t all just about laughs.

They mean serious business too. They’re state-approved and loved by 4 million people.

They also send your course completion to the DMV electronically. 

And on top of that, you get four FREE tickets to the Improv Comedy Club! 

Best Traffic Schools in Fresno, California TrafficSchoolToGo

Now don’t get confused here. GoToTrafficSchool.com is different from TrafficSchoolToGo.com. 

TrafficSchoolToGo.com has all the basics of an online traffic school.

It’s accessible anytime, anywhere, it’s easy to register, and it sends your course completion to the DMV. 

While I don’t have a lot of complaints about this traffic school, I think that they can still improve on the course. 

Unlike the other online traffic schools I listed here, TrafficSchoolToGo only has readable content.

There are barely any videos. So if you’re not keen on reading the whole time, then you might think twice about enrolling here. 

But other than that, this school is still a good option. It’s affordable too.

Best In-Person Traffic Schools in Fresno

What if you don’t want to go to an online traffic school?

Well, I’ve rounded a list of those schools too. Here are the best traffic schools in Fresno that have in-person classes. 

Drive America


5624 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno CA 93710 



Of all the traffic schools offering in-person classes in Fresno, Drive America is easily one of the bests. 

They’re the easiest to talk to and they have all the information you need on their website. I never had any trouble contacting them about the class schedules. 

Drive America is also the most popular traffic school in Fresno. Even when you search them online, they’re easily the most reliable traffic schools in the area. 

But I’m not saying they’re the best because they’re famous. 

Drive America is just so easy to contact that they take away the inconvenience of having to take an in-person class for a traffic ticket. 

Mid Valley Driving School


4757 W Spruce Ave, Suite#103, Fresno CA 93722 



Ranked as one of the preferred traffic schools in Fresno, Mid Valley has all the courses you might need during your lifetime. 

They offer in-person driving classes, driver’s ed for all ages, and, of course, defensive driving courses to get rid of your traffic ticket.

What I love about Mid Valley Driving School is the fact that they have great instructors. They’re good at teaching, so don’t worry about sitting through a course that you don’t enjoy. 

The only problem with them is that their website is not as complete as you wish it to be. But then again, that’s just a minor thing that’s unrelated to their teaching capability. 

Elite Driver Training


1305 W Bullard Ave, Suite 4, Fresno CA 93711 


(559) 435-3865

I’ve heard about Elite Driver Training a lot before I actually tried it out. 

And honestly, I’m impressed.

In spite of Elite Driver Training’s website being difficult to navigate, they compensated for this by having some of the best instructors. 

Their instructors are knowledgeable and very professional. They make sure that you understand the state’s traffic laws and that you remember all those when you take your exams. 

Their site may not be the best, but I also found that they have a bunch of resources and guides that you can read before you enroll. 

That way, you become a more informed driver even when you haven’t paid a single cent yet! 


Is a Traffic School Required in Fresno, California?

Yes and no. 

Yes, a traffic school is required if the Court asked you to do so or if you just got a traffic ticket and you want to reduce your points on your license.  

But if you just want to reduce your insurance costs, then nobody’s forcing you to.

Your insurance company can’t require you to attend a traffic school anyway.

Is an Online Traffic School Better Than an In-Person Class?

If you want a more convenient traffic school experience, an online traffic school is way better. 

Say goodbye to going to class and listening for a few hours a day to an instructor. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great instructors in Fresno. But if you want to save money, time, and effort, you have to take an online traffic school. 

Besides, the best part of an online traffic school is that you get rid of a traffic ticket in a day or two. Now that’s sweet!

How Long Does a Traffic School in Fresno Take?

In California, you’re required to complete 8 hours of traffic school courses.

That’s regardless of whether you choose to go for an online course or an in-person class. 

However, if you take an online traffic school course, you can finish one whole course in one day. And, if you’re a fast learner, you can finish it in a few hours!

How Much Does an Online Traffic School Cost?

An online traffic school costs anywhere from $18-$30. 

The top 4 online schools I’ve just told you about also offer the lowest prices around, so go check them out. 


There are LOTS of traffic schools in Fresno, California. Anyone who is looking for a school is going to be flooded with options. 

While you can choose to take an in-person class or an online course, the latter is always going to be more convenient.

It’s faster, cheaper, and can be done anywhere and anytime you want.  

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