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Argh, a ticket!

A lot of us have been there. 

Whether we were speeding to get to work on time or happened to run a red light, a ticket is a surefire way to ruin someone's day.

But don't worry, attending a traffic school has become way easier over the last few years with the convenience of online courses.

There’s no more need to sit through a boring old lecture to get through the course.

(While traffic school is often used for ticket dismissal, they're also a great way to score insurance discounts that can really add up in the long run.)

Down below, I've listed the best traffic school schools (online and in-person) in Los Angeles to get you started.

Let's get to it!

Best Online Traffic Schools in Los Angeles (LA)

The top 5 best online traffic schools in Los Angeles are:

  1. Aceable
  2. Improv
  3. iDriveSafely
  4. Best Online Traffic School
  5. GoToTrafficSchool

Let’s see what each of these schools has to offer. 


Best Traffic Schools in Los Angeles, CA for 2021 Aceable

With a 4.8-star rating based on over 20,000 reviews, this school has one of the best traffic courses in the country.

Made with teens and young adults in mind, Aceable integrates modern meme humor into its content to make the course stand out as fun and enjoyable.

By mixing videos, audio clips, and simulations into their small bite-sized lectures, the course is guaranteed to keep your attention. Not to mention, make it easier to get over with.  

This, and their stellar mobile apps, helps in finishing the course as quickly as possible. 

While other courses have a tendency to put you to sleep, Aceable always keeps you engaged and wanting to know more.

So if you're a young adult looking for a traffic school course that is fun and easy to do, Aceable is your best bet.

Best Traffic Schools in Los Angeles, CA for 2021 Improv

Another well-known course is Improv.

With over 10 years to their name, they make sure students get the best learning experience possible.

They know you want an easy and quick way to do this. 

This is why they've made a traffic school course that just complies with state requirements to create the easiest traffic course out there. 

As for quickness, they make learning a cinch with short 3-question MCQs at the end of their 10 easy-to-do lectures. You’ll be able to finish it in no time. 

Add to that, their course is supported on all mobile devices. You’ll be able to study it anywhere, at any time. 

So even if you're at Starbucks waiting for that caramel frappuccino, you will be able to study your traffic school course with Improv. 

What’s more, the course has been written by driving experts and the Improv Comedy Club, giving you a good mix of information and humor well suited for all ages.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and informative traffic school that also provides a good laugh, Improv is where it’s at.  

Best Traffic Schools in Los Angeles, CA for 2021 iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely is a good choice if you value simplicity.

No comedy or jokes here.

iDriveSafely gives you a standard video-based course that has a comprehensive look at all things driver safety.

You can be sure that their straightforward course is tried and tested, appreciated by drivers across the country. 

And, since Los Angeles has a large Spanish-speaking population, iDriveSafely offers its courses in Spanish, too. 

While the course’s content is as good as any other, it can get a bit boring especially if you're trying to go through it in one go.

But if you value a simple course that only focuses on what you need to drive safely and pass the final test, then it's a good school to consider.

Best Traffic Schools in Los Angeles, CA for 2021 Best Online Traffic School

While this local California-based traffic school won’t win any creative naming contests anytime soon, Best Online Traffic School does offer a cheap way to get done with the course.

This school is very confident in its course that they give you the option to pay only when you pass the test. I mean, they do boast a 99% passing rate with their unlimited test retries. 

However, its low price does mean you'll have to pay a bit extra for its add-on options. 

Now, the school may not have as much experience in online courses and may not be as well known, but it ranks high in customer satisfaction with a near 5-star review on Google.

So if you want a cheap and quick course in Los Angeles and aren't too concerned about whether it's fun or not, then this school is definitely an option to go over.

Best Traffic Schools in Los Angeles, CA for 2021 GoToTrafficSchool

With languages such as Korean, Spanish, Chinese, and more, GoToTrafficSchool has designed a course accessible no matter where you're from.

They also promise to match any price lower than what they’re offering, practically making this course the cheapest option available across the country.

While it doesn't have the most modern content or design, the course does what it's supposed to by providing a quick and easy traffic lesson.

However, unlike the other options on this list, they don't provide unlimited retries in their standard package, which is a bummer.

Don’t worry, the final test is pretty easy. It's almost a guarantee you'll pass even if you skim through the whole course.

So if you're looking for a cheap and quick course available in many languages, GoToTrafficSchool may be for you.

Best In-Person Traffic Schools in Los Angeles

If an online school is not for you, there are in-person traffic schools in Los Angeles that you can attend, as well. 

The best 2 are:

Let’s take a look at these schools. 

A1 Traffic School

Address: 11315 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Phone number: 877-533-7483

If you want to make that ticket disappear and have a great night out while you're at it, then A1 Traffic School’s in-person course is for you.

A stand-up comedy traffic school course, A1 Traffic School has organized this fun-filled laughter-powered course for years now.

The best part is that it's really cheap, at just under $60, for a 2 hour show that'll have you learn while you laugh.

This is a great way to turn something negative into something positive. Even if you don’t have a ticket, you’ll enjoy attending this “course”. 

Looking for a fun-filled, educational night out?

Then this is a great offer that's too good to pass up.

Ford Driving School

Address: 311 Los Feliz Blvd, Suite #104, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Phone number: 323-666-1212

Though Ford Driving School focuses more on driver’s ed courses, they do offer a good traffic course, as well. 

Because it is based in Los Angeles, the course comes in both English and Spanish. So whichever language you’re more fluent on, you have the option to choose. 

Worried about attending an in-person class because of the pandemic? 

Ford Driving School makes sure that everyone is kept safe - students, instructors, and staff alike. 

Plus, they also offer online traffic school courses if you cannot make it to the classroom. 

To be sure, it’s a pretty basic traffic school. But if you don’t mind as long as it has a classroom setting, then you should definitely check it out. 

Traffic School LA FAQs

How Much Does Traffic School Cost in Los Angeles?

The cost of a traffic school depends on which school you go to and the method of teaching.

In-person traffic school is often more expensive and averages above $60.

Online traffic school costs way less and starts from as low as $10 and goes up to around $60 (excluding court expenses, certificate delivery, and other fees).

Is It Worth Going To Traffic School?

Traffic school teaches you the basic fundamentals of how to drive safely on the road.

You may want to go to traffic school if you:

  • Want lower insurance costs
  • Need to meet an employers requirement
  • Have been ordered by a court to attend
  • Need to dismiss traffic tickets and traffic points

You could also go to traffic school if you just want to brush up on basic driving safety practices to boost your confidence on the road.

Note - In California, you are only allowed to attend traffic school once every 18 months if you are looking to dismiss a ticket. Also, some offenses such as a DUI are not dismissable. Make sure you consult with the court that has jurisdiction over your ticket.

Does 1 Point Affect Insurance Costs?

A single traffic point isn't likely to affect your insurance costs.

However, traffic points can start to accumulate and it's hard to predict when insurers will decide to increase your insurance cost. So it's best to take advantage of traffic schools to prevent paying more in the long run.

Can A Traffic School Lower My Insurance?


Insurers usually reduce your insurance cost on completion of a traffic school course. 

You can expect a 5-20% reduction in your total insurance costs.

However, different insurers may have different policies regarding discounts, so it's best to consult with your insurer before you pick any traffic school course.

Also, if you're looking for insurance discounts, Improv is linked with GEICO, so if they're your insurer, it's best to pick their course to get maximum savings.

How Do I Dismiss My Ticket After I've Completed Traffic School?

If you pick any online traffic school option from the list above you'll be happy to know that they handle all the paperwork for you.

As long as you provide them with all the ticket and court details beforehand, they'll save you the trouble of having to stand in a line at your local court.


If you’re looking for a way to get done with a traffic school course quickly and easily, then the above options are a great way to do just that.

With some of these courses, you get even more fun and engaging content that can make traffic school enjoyable.

Regardless of any choice you pick, I’m sure you’ll be done in a day.

Good Luck!

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