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Do you need to take an online defensive driving course but don't know where to begin?

I bet you’re here for either two things; you got a ticket, or you’re finding an excellent way to save money on your car insurance.

But you might be wondering?

“Can I take online traffic school in Arkansas?”

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Because today, we’re answering that question as well as all the other questions you’re looking for!

Let’s begin!

Can I Take an Online Defensive Driving Course in Arkansas?

Yes. There is a long list of Defensive Driving Course providers to choose from.

In Arkansas, defensive driving programs differ by county, and each court has its procedures. Defensive driving schools are typically provided to drivers who have had no recent traffic violations or have committed minor moving violations.

Like the physical defensive driving course, the refresher program discusses reducing the likelihood of an accident.

Are online defensive driving courses legitimate?

Don’t worry. I hear you. 

There’s nothing wrong with double-checking the things you see on the internet.

It's crucial to do your research before assuming that you'll have to pay a hefty fee to a well-known organization for your defensive driving course.

It's also important to keep in mind that just because a company's name sounds official, it doesn't necessarily imply that they offer a government-approved course.

Try to do the following before moving forward with a transaction

  • Confirm if they are government-approved
  • Read customer reviews - the more the better!

Are You Eligible for an Online Defensive Driving Course in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, defensive driving is usually open to drivers who have obtained any traffic tickets.

As a result, many drivers would be eligible to participate in a defensive driving course to get their tickets dismissed.

Defensive driving courses typically have the following requirements:

  1. Drivers must not have obtained a moving violation ticket during the previous three years.
  2. Drivers must not have taken a defensive driving course for violations in the previous three years.
  3. If you received permission from the court to attend an online traffic school, you may register in an approved course to satisfy the court’s traffic school requirement.
  4. Violations requiring a mandatory court appearance are NOT eligible.

You will take this course from any computer with internet access if your court accepts your request to attend traffic school. You must pass a multiple-choice final exam after completing your course to complete it.

For a complete list of specifications, contact the Arkansas DMV.

What Media is Used?

Although many online defensive driving courses are now video-based, this does not necessarily imply that they are of the same quality.

Some are basic animations with out-of-date presentation types. Others are cutting-edge, using new graphics, text overlays, drone video, dashboard cameras, and other rich media to explain better how traffic safety works.

Some online course providers advertise a low-cost defensive driving course just to surprise you with four, six, or even eight hours of reading.

Do you want the text read to you? That's an extra charge for you. Would you like to see some videos? More charges.

Before you buy, make sure you check it over thoroughly. Read the fine print, try a free demo, and make sure your defensive driving course provider gives you the product you need.

How to Register for an Online Defensive Driving Course in Arkansas?

Now, this is the best part. You just need to sign up, complete the course, and lastly, get your certificate! It’s that easy!

(Before enrolling in an online course for defensive driving, make sure that the court allowed you to have it online and make sure to check if the school is state-approved)

The registration process varies depending on the school you chose. However, they all usually follow the same procedure:

1. Course Information

  • Select your State: ‘Arkansas’’
  • Select Arkansas County
  • Select Court
  • Select preferred upgrades as you wish

2. Account Creation

  • Enter your basic information; Fullname, email address, contact number.
  • Choose your option for Certificate Delivery

(this is an additional rate, it vary from $5 to $50 depending on your urgency)

3. Begin your Course

  • Choose the payment method
  • Don’t forget to enter your coupon code if you have any.
  • Pay the school and start your course!

Registering for an Online Defensive Driving Course is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Is Defensive Driving Course Better Online or In-Person?

Your time is significant.

Why spend four hours in a classroom?

Take your Defensive Driving course online at your leisure, rather than on the timetable of a teacher. It's the quickest and most cost-effective method of resolving your ticket and satisfying the court.

Even without the Pandemic, having the course virtually is still the better option. You can finish the course in the comfort of your home, to learn at your own pace without having the hassle of rushing to a schedule. (Who doesn’t want that, right?)

In-person classes are really only for the ‘old school’ or traditional type of person who’s more motivated when in a classroom and enjoys actual interaction. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about your preference.

How Long Does an Online Defensive Driving Course Take in Arkansas?

Defensive driving school courses in Arkansas usually last four to eight hours, depending on the provider, court, and course you've chosen. 

There are no timers for most course providers. Many people complete the task in a single day, while others tend to work at their speed.

Each course is just as long as the state requires – and no longer.

How Much Does Online Defensive Driving Course Cost in Arkansas?

Defensive Driving Courses typically range from $20 to $30. (Don’t forget to use a discount coupon if you have any)

A course provider may offer some additional upgrades; now, it is at your complete discretion if you opt to include upgrades in your course package.

These upgrades are also lovely to have but bear in mind that it is not mandatory.

Additionally, make sure that you planned ahead of your schedule. Some course providers charge as high as $50 for a next-day shipping/processing option for certificates. (I’m not kidding. You have been warned)

Easiest Online Defensive Driving Course in Arkansas?

Nobody wants to repeat their Defensive Driving exam, don’t we? 

Don’t fret. The feeling is mutual with our course providers.

They aim for a 100% passing rate for their students (Who doesn’t?). To help you, they make sure to keep the topics interactive and comprehensive.

Some course providers even offer a money-back guarantee for first-time takers.

What is the Best Online Defensive Driving Course in Arkansas?

It would be best to check a few various providers, read some FAQs, confirm that the course is what you require and that the instruction is of high quality, and then choose the best course for you.

Register to a course provider that is reputable, practical, fun, and of course affordable to you.

First on my list is GoToTrafficSchool.com. They’re known to provide the easiest way to refresh your driving knowledge. They will also teach you the latest safe driving techniques. It is 100% online, and they give value to your money by providing quality service at an affordable price.

Can I Take Online Traffic School in Arkansas?

For more options, you may also check out iDriveSafely.com and MyImprov.com


Thanks to modern technology, the days of sitting through a boring instructor droning on traffic laws and driving rules are FINALLY over.

With a handful of course providers, it is now easier to find a school that will cater to your needs and preferences.

Now, if you made your way to this part, I’d like to congratulate you. By being knowledgeable, you are a step closer to accomplishing your Online Defensive Driving Course. Good luck and drive safe!

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