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So you’re finally eligible for your permit and are looking for the best driving school to take your driver’s ed course with.

If you’re facing a time crunch, you’re probably thinking about taking your course online.

Online driver’s ed has witnessed massive growth in the past few years, allowing an increasing number of teens to ditch the classroom for a more convenient and easy learning experience at home.

If you’ve been looking around the web for options, you’ve probably come across DriverEdToGo and MyImprov - two leading online driver’s ed providers known for their great courses.

But, which is better?

In this article, I’ll go over both schools to give you a side-by-side comparison, all while hopefully making the choice easier for you. 

Let’s get into it.

DriverEdToGo vs MyImprov: A Side by Side Comparison

DriverEdToGo is an experienced player with over 20 years in the business. With over 6 million customers and counting, they’ve partnered with numerous organizations, including the US army, to deliver exceptional driver’s ed nationwide.

MyImprov, on the other hand, achieved great success in online traffic school courses, allowing them to soon branch out to driver’s ed, as well. Today, they are a staple in the online driver’s ed industry.

Having served over 4 million aspiring drivers, MyImprov has achieved approval and recognition by customers and driving safety specialists alike. Their driver’s ed course is recognized by the ADTSEA (American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association) among others.

Both these schools have been ranked A+ by the BBB. So you can rest assured you’re getting nothing but quality here.

Now, I’ve evaluated each school on the following:

  • State approval
  • Pricing
  • User experience
  • Features
  • Add ons
  • Convenience
  • Customer support
  • Reviews

Keep reading below for an in-depth look at each aspect.

For a quick overview, check out this chart table:

DriverEdToGo vs MyImprov Which Online Driver’s Ed is Better chart

State Approval

When it comes to the number of states approved, MyImprov is in the lead with 8 registered driver’s ed courses.

MyImprov has state-approved courses for big-ticket states including Florida, Kentucky, Nevada, New York, and Texas.

DriverEdToGo, on the other hand, only offers 6 state-approved driver’s ed courses. However, they do offer state-specific driver’s ed to the remaining states, although NOT state-approved. Even so, you can ask permission from your local DMV if they will accept their driver’s ed course.  

(For a full list of state approval for both schools, refer to the chart table above.)


In most cases, when it comes to price, DriverEdToGo and MyImprov are equally matched. 

Each school’s pricing can vary, though, based on the state you’re in and even per day depending on the discounts offered.

DriverEdToGo, however, has a “lower price policy”. The policy states that, if you find an online course cheaper than theirs, they will give you a discount. So, it technically makes DriverEdToGo the cheapest online driver’s ed.

User Experience

Both courses are taken completely online on your own time. You won’t need to follow any strict timetables here.

With both schools, you’ll get a simple course that divides large chapters into more approachable lessons, making them much less daunting to take.

You’ll also get a course outline that details the chapters and lessons that you need to complete before taking the final test.

What’s more, both options have easy-to-use sites that are great even for tech newbies.

The difference is that MyImprov does have a more modern spin on things with a sleek website that makes it fit for this day and age. 

DriverEdToGo vs MyImprov Which Online Driver’s Ed is Better MyImprov

Also, MyImprov offers a humorous course that is fun to take, designed by driving safety specialists as well as MyImprov comedians and Hollywood writers. This gives aspiring drivers a funny, entertaining, and informative course.

On the other hand, DriverEdToGo’s site does need some improvement. During the course, you may face a few technical difficulties from time to time. While a simple page refresh can easily fix that, it can be a bit annoying to deal with.

As for their course, it has a more straightforward approach. It aims to provide users an easy and fast experience while still being interactive and engaging at the same time.


Both schools rank high when it comes to the number of features they provide.

They both offer a course that’s integrated with multiple learning styles. This includes videos, audio clips, animations, and pictures that help provide a more engaging and interactive learning experience - something to keep students focused as they complete the course.

DriverEdToGo has a plethora of mini-games to choose from that are sprinkled across the course content.

While MyImprov has its fair share of games, they shine when it comes to driving animations. These animations give you insight into different scenarios you may find yourself in when you finally get on the road.

Additionally, MyImprov, with the help of learning experts and psychologists, has developed its RecallBOOST platform. This platform uses scientifically proven learning methods to improve memory retention through spaced repetition, allowing students to learn more in less time.


MyImprov has a single package and promises no additional costs. You get all the features they provide in their basic package.

DriverEdToGo, however, does have add-ons that you’ll have to buy separately to enjoy the full experience.

DriverEdToGo vs MyImprov Which Online Driver’s Ed is Better DriverEdToGo

Unlimited test retries, audio read-along, and permit test practice questions have to be bought separately and can add an extra $5-$15 to the final price.


Both MyImprov and DriverEdToGo provide mobile apps that allow users to easily access their course content on the go, any time, anywhere. 

However, when it comes to ease of use, MyImprov may be a bit lacking. Their app doesn’t have many extra useful mobile features to improve the on-the-go experience.

You’ll also have to contend with a few bugs on both IOS and Android that cause course timers to freeze.

While these issues are small and are often fixed when you restart the app, it still does make learning more frustrating than it has to be.

DriverEdToGo has a better app (at least on the IOS) with a 4.7-star rating on the App Store and an easy-to-use mobile experience with little to no bugs.

Nevertheless, both schools do have a mobile app which is better than more than half the online courses out there. So they’re both still good options if you’re looking for an on-the-go experience.

Customer Support

With MyImprov and DriverEdToGo, you get 24/7 friendly customer support that can be contacted by phone, email, and live chat on their respective websites.

Both schools are fairly quick to respond. But MyImprov students had a better overall experience, where issues were normally solved faster.

Both schools also have detailed FAQ pages on their sites that can answer queries related to state requirements and the registration process beforehand. To be sure, this makes getting the answers you need simpler and quicker. 


Both schools have a wealth of positive reviews from parents and teens alike.

Here’s one for DriverEdToGo:

Most DriverEdToGo reviews appreciate the variety of teaching methods employed in the course and the fun minigames included.

Check out this review for MyImprov:

Most MyImprov reviews are centered around the ease of use and the value their courses provide. And, of course, the humorous course that made them smile or laugh. 

Wrap Up

So you’re probably wondering which is the better option of the two.

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for in your driver’s ed course.

If you’ve never been one to pay attention in class, then MyImprov’s funny and engaging course that utilizes scientifically proven methods of teaching to keep you focused is a great pick.

But you may prefer a more straightforward approach, in which case, DriverEdToGo is the better choice. They also have an easy-to-use app on IOS if you’re planning to study on the go.


If the above picks don’t have an approved course for your state, then DriversEd is here to help.

DriverEdToGo vs MyImprov Which Online Driver’s Ed is Better DriversEd

Having trained over 13 million drivers, DriversEd has one of the widest state course selections in the US. 

With DriversEd, you’ll also get access to modern driving animations that go over the different situations you may find yourself in when you get to your behind-the-wheel lessons.

And with a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot, the course has been tried, tested, and appreciated by thousands of drivers across the country.


As you can already tell, both these schools are great driver’s ed options to pick. They come with special features that make them stand out amongst other similar online driving schools.

The choice you pick will largely depend on what you value in a course.

So what are you waiting for?

Select any one of the courses above today to finish your requirements and ace your permit test!

Good luck!

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