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Online Schools Approved in Dallas

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In-person Schools in Dallas

Top Professional Driving School 


9720 Skillman

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Secure Lane Driving School


9451 Lyndon B Johnson

Fwy Stress Lab 1,

Dallas, TX 75243



For many first-timers, driving may seem exciting. However, it isn’t all about adventures and road trips.

It is mostly about keeping yourself and other people safe. 

Proper education is essential, even for seasoned drivers, but most especially for newbies. Particularly teens. 

Since teens are the least experienced, they are least likely to know the risks of driving.

By getting a proper driver’s education, you don’t only learn how to maneuver a car, but you also prepare yourself for the road. 

In this article, we’re going to list the best driving schools in Dallas, Texas. You can be sure that all these schools will equip you to be a safe driver. 

So fasten your seatbelts and let’s go for a ride! 

Best Online Driving Schools in Dallas, Texas

Have a busy schedule?

Why not take online driver’s ed for convenience and flexibility? 

If you do, here are the online schools you should consider:

Let’s see what each of these schools can offer you. 


Best Driving Schools in Dallas, Texas Aceable

One of the impressive things about Aceable is how well it understands its customer needs - even the website is easy to navigate. You will find just what you need in a few clicks. 

When you’re on the Texas Driver’s Ed Online page, there’s immediately an option where you can select which age group corresponds to you. 

When you pick the “14 - 17 years old” option, you then choose between parent-taught (PTDE) and instructor-taught driver education (ITDE). 

The parent-taught option is the cheaper option, priced at around $115, sometimes around $55 during promotions, while the instructor-taught option costs just below $140. 

Aceable’s DPS-approved course has 32 hours’ worth of interactive content. It features over 200 practice tests and unlimited permit test attempts. 

Unlike other online driving schools, Aceable’s courses never expire. You can take however much time you need. 

Aceable is definitely a school I would recommend if you’re in Dallas. It’s convenient, fun, fast, and 100% legit.

Best Driving Schools in Dallas, Texas DriversEd

With over 20 years of experience, DriversEd.com is one of the most trusted online driving schools in the country. 

It is a school of choice for millions of drivers. Global companies such as Nestle and Johnson & Johnson also trust DriversEd.com for their driver training. 

Its high-quality course materials feature interactive content such as animations, games, and videos that make learning fun. 

Most teens have trouble focusing, so engaging coursework helps a lot. 

What’s even better is that the Texas Teen Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed is currently also offered on DriversEd.com’s app, which takes ease and convenience to an even higher level. 

With DriversEd.com, you get unlimited practice tests at no additional cost. 

With the app, you can study conveniently with flashcards. You can even download your state driver handbook for easy reference. 

DriversEd.com has undoubtedly revolutionized online driver’s education. 

Best Driving Schools in Dallas, Texas MyImprov

Created by driving experts, behavioral scientists, and even Hollywood writers, MyImprov.com’s online driver’s ed course is engaging, funny, and memorable. 

With teachings backed by science, MyImprov’s courses help develop better drivers.

Research suggests that students learn best when the lessons are short and enjoyable. This technique is what MyImprov uses to help teens remember what they learned. 

MyImprov.com focuses on important information and places them strategically throughout the lesson to encourage retention. To add to that, they infuse humor to help students have a good laugh while studying. 

The school also has excellent customer service. Online support is available 24/7 and will address your concerns quickly. 

MyImprov.com’s Parent-Taught Driver’s Education course will set you back around $100, although they usually have promotions. 

It is one of the lowest-priced courses available from a state-accredited and DPS-approved online driving school. 

Best Driving Schools in Dallas, Texas iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely.com believes that teaching teens the fundamentals of driving is a commitment and a responsibility. The school also believes in the involvement of parents in their teens’ education. 

The online driver’s ed program combined with parental supervision will effectively prepare you for the road.

iDriveSafely will provide you with everything you need and puts your parents in charge to support you and help you build a solid skill-set.  

Should you and your parents need assistance, iDriveSafely.com’s customer service will gladly assist you. 

Online support, however, is available on an extended-hours basis only, not 24/7. So far, that is the only downside with iDriveSafely’s online program.  

Best In-Person Driving Schools in Dallas, Texas

Online driving schools have several advantages over in-person schools. Remote learning, however, is not for everyone. 

Below are two physical driving schools in Dallas, Texas, you can check out:

  • Top Professional Driving School
  • Secure Lane Driving School

Let’s take a look at these schools. 

Top Professional Driving School 

Address: 9720 Skillman St Dallas, TX 75243

Phone Number: 214-242-9762

At around $200 for the classroom-only package and about $400 for the complete teen driving program, Top Professional’s courses are pricier than others. 

However, the amount they charge also reflects the quality of education teens receive. 

The instructors are professional, knowledgeable, and very kind. It is evident from their 5-star Google reviews that Top Professional Driving School is one of the best classroom-based options there is in Dallas.

The program runs for three weeks. Classes are held from Monday to Friday, two hours each day. To sign up, you need to register and pay online. 

Secure Lane Driving School

Address: 9451 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Stress Lab 1, Dallas, TX 75243, United States

Phone Number: 214-484-3792

Held over 16 days, 2 hours a day, Secure Lane’s offline courses are even more expensive at around $290 for classroom-only instruction. 

You can pay online via their website or by cash or check at their office. 

The course teaches Texas traffic laws, emergency procedures, the effects of alcohol, drugs, and fatigue on driver performance, among many others. 

Secure Lane Driving School knows that your time is precious, so it focuses its courses only on what’s important. Many students found the lessons informative and straightforward.


Who is required to take a driver’s ed in Texas?

In the Lone Star State, driver’s education is mandatory for all newbie drivers aged 14 to 24. 

If you are under 18 years old, you need to complete 32 hours of driver’s education. However, only when you are 15 years old can you apply for a learner’s permit.

Upon completion, you can then begin with the behind-the-wheel training. 

With the in-car training, you have two options - the parent-taught and the instructor-taught driver education. 

What is the Texas Parent-Taught Driver’s Education Program?

Parent-taught driver’s education or PTDE is an alternative program that allows teens to take their driver’s ed course online and their parents to provide behind-the-wheel training. 

Under this option, parents must submit a request for a PTDE guide from TDLR. Teens can only begin their driver’s ed course upon receipt of the program guide. 

Is it better to take driver’s ed online than in a classroom?

In my opinion, yes.

Not only is online driver’s ed cheaper, more convenient, and more flexible, it is also often more effective than classroom-based courses. 

Because they are self-paced, students learn to take the initiative and to be self-disciplined. 

Moreover, unlike classroom lectures which tend to be dragging, online driving schools make learning fun by incorporating interactive content. 

Packed with videos, games, and animations, taking an online driver’s ed doesn’t even feel like studying sometimes. 

With that said, there are just some that prefer traditional classrooms. And that’s good, too, if you can fit it into your schedule. 

What is the best online driver’s ed course in Texas?

The quick answer would be Aceable. Not only does it provide high-quality education, Aceable also continues to make improvements in its online courses to serve customers better. 

Aceable is also, no doubt, the most modern, with its 3D and 360-degree animations. It appeals best to teens and encourages them to learn. 


Over the years, we have seen rapid technological changes that have improved our daily lives. 

One of the things technology made much more accessible to people is online learning. 

And with online driver’s ed, teens can get the education they require to help them become better drivers. 

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