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Online Schools Approved in Fort Worth

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In-person Schools in Fort Worth

First Class Driver


4255 Bryant Irvin

Rd #105 Fort Worth,

TX 76109


(817) 731-0200

Community Driving School


5200 N Tarrant Parkway, 

#124 Fort Worth,

TX 76137


(817) 605 9116

Driving is a skill. It is more than just steering the wheel and navigating. It is about being responsible on the road.

Teen driver’s education is the essential first step toward becoming a responsible driver. 

It imparts with teens the knowledge they need to create a safe environment for drivers and pedestrians. 

It teaches them traffic laws, proper driving attitude, driving techniques, and prepares teens for less than optimal situations.

Driver’s ed lays the foundation for teen drivers who are on a journey to be more independent. 

Traffic incidents often happen in large cities like Fort Worth, Texas. With a population of about a million, the roads pose many risks to young drivers. 

Having proper driver education will be vital in avoiding and preventing accidents. 

Below are 6 of the best driving schools in Fort Worth, Texas, for young new drivers. 

Best Online Driving Schools in Fort Worth, Texas

These are the best online driving schools in Fort Worth:

Let’s take a look at these schools. 


6 Best Driving Schools in Fort Worth, Texas for Young New Drivers Aceable

Founded in 2013, Aceable.com is considerably new in the business. 

What they lack in years of experience, however, they compensate in the quality of service they provide. 

Aceable.com has the most modern approach to teaching. They combine expertise and research with advanced technology to come up with highly interactive courses. 

Sure, other online driving schools feature content such as games, puzzles, and videos, but none of them quite compare to how advanced Aceable’s animations are. 

Aceable’s up-to-date and modern content keeps up with teens’ needs and expectations. 

They also help provide teens with simulations of real-life scenarios that will be useful for them once they start driving. 

Fees start at around $55 to $135 and already include access to their mobile app. 

Aceable.com is the online driving school I would highly recommend. 

6 Best Driving Schools in Fort Worth, Texas for Young New Drivers MyImprov

With humorous and lighthearted lessons, MyImprov not only makes teen driver’s ed convenient but also gives you a memorable learning experience. 

Originally a traffic school, MyImprov.com later expanded into the driver’s ed business. 

The school adopted the same hilarious approach to teaching used in the Improv Traffic School. 

The course materials, created in collaboration with the world-famous Improv Comedy Club, are full of comics, funny memes, games, and jokes. 

MyImprov.com coined the term “edutainment”, a method of teaching that integrates entertainment to encourage learning. 

Teens find this learning style effective, and many student drivers have aced their permit tests with MyImprov’s help. 

At around $60 to $110, MyImprov’s courses are not only efficient but also inexpensive. 

6 Best Driving Schools in Fort Worth, Texas for Young New Drivers DriversEd

DriversEd.com is one of the first and most trusted driving schools in the country. 

In the late 1990s, it launched its online driver’s ed program, making it one of America’s pioneers. For years, it has continued to prove itself by providing the best quality of education.

Apart from being one of the first implementers of online driver’s education, DriversEd.com is also one of the most popular. 

It remains one of the most recognizable brands in the US and has also been named the number 1 driving school. 

At around $95 to $140, its online driver’s ed course is a bit pricier than others. However, the fee already includes access to DriversEd.com’s downloadable app, which makes learning more convenient. 

The app is great for teens who will primarily be accessing their courses via their mobile phones or tablets. 

6 Best Driving Schools in Fort Worth, Texas for Young New Drivers iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely.com is a legit online driving school that has been around for decades. Ask your parents, and they might still remember the home-based driver’s ed program iDriveSafely offered through VHS. 

With years and years of experience, iDriveSafely.com has earned its reputation as one of the best and most trusted driving schools. 

It ranks high consistently in reviews and continues to be a top choice among new and experienced drivers. 

The best thing about iDriveSafely.com’s online course is that it has the right balance of both text, video, and interactive content. 

It’s informative enough without being plain and boring. The online driver’s ed features a cast of animated characters that guide teens throughout the course and make learning more fun. 

iDriveSafely.com’s parent-taught driver’s ed package costs around $90 to $150 and is one of the most affordable options online. 

The above schools are four of the best online driving schools, not only in Fort Worth but also in the whole country. 

If you prefer in-person schools, then have a look at the following driving schools in Fort Worth.

Best In-Person Driving Schools in Fort Worth, Texas

These are the best in-person driving schools in Fort Worth:

Let’s look at these schools. 

First Class Driver

Address: 4255 Bryant Irvin Rd #105 Fort Worth, TX 76109

Phone Number: (817) 731 0200

In operation since 1998, First Class Driver is a small business that offers teen and adult driver education courses, private driving instruction, and defensive driving. 

They offer both in-person and online classes. 

The state-required 32-hour course ensures that you understand the basics of driving and driving safety. Also, it enables you to apply what you learned in practice. 

First Class Driver designs its in-person classes to be fun and interactive. The school creates well-written course materials and also uses entertaining videos during lectures to keep students engaged. 

The in-classroom course starts at around $250.  

Community Driving School

Address: 5200 N Tarrant Parkway, #124 Fort Worth, TX 76137

Phone Number: (817) 605 9116

At around $430, Community Driving School’s teen driver education package is quite pricey. 

However, you can rely on the high-quality education and good customer service the school provides.

Each course lasts for three weeks, with 2-hour lessons each day. They conduct classes in the evening to make sure the schedule does not conflict with your school. 

They currently have two options - in-person and remote learning. You can either attend a classroom-based course or opt for online classes held via Zoom. 

The remote learning option will be great if you prefer a web-based course that enables social interaction with your instruction. 


What is the best online driver’s ed course in Texas?

The number 1 pick is usually Aceable.com. 

Teens today often use their mobile phones more than laptops and desktop PCs. They are always on the go and therefore need something that can meet their needs.

With Aceable’s app, the online teen driver’s ed course is 100% mobile-friendly and allows teens to access course materials, whenever, wherever. 

Teens are also never easily pleased, and Aceable’s unparalleled graphics appeal well to these new drivers. 

Aceable’s modern approach to online driver’s ed is what teens want and need. 

Is it better to take driver’s ed online?

In my opinion, yes. Online driver’s ed is cheaper, more flexible, and more convenient than classroom-based driver’s ed. 

Not only that, it gives teens freedom while teaching them the values of responsibility and self-discipline. 

Compared to boring lectures, online driver’s ed is also a lot more interactive. The fun element of games, videos, and animations keep students focused on the lesson and encourages efficient learning. 

That said, there are just some teens that work better in a classroom environment. If this is your case, then opt for in-person (if you can fit it into your schedule).


Driving is not only a skill but also a social responsibility. To make sure new drivers keep safe as they get behind the wheel, they must be well-educated. 

New drivers need to be familiar with traffic laws, regulations, and safety precautions. They should understand the responsibilities that come with driving a car. 

The above driving schools are the best in the industry. What’s left to do now is choose the driving school that best suits you. 

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