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Online Schools Approved in Los Angeles

Aceable Driver’s Ed Discounts Coupons & Codes


Highest Rated


Excellent Customer Service


Most Modern


Funniest Driving School


Most Convenient

In-person Schools in Los Angeles

Melrose Driving School


5733 Melrose Ave.,

Los Angeles, CA 90038



Community Driving School


2015 Palo Verde

Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90815



Excited to get your driver’s license?

Let me ask you this first - did you already take a driver’s education course? 

If you didn’t, then here’s another question - are you at least 15 ½ years old but less than 18 years old? 

If your answer is yes, that means you need to take driver's ed

In California, teenagers are required to go through 30 hours of driver’s education before they are allowed to get behind the wheel. 

Getting a driver’s license is not a simple process, but if you enroll in the right driving school it can be. 

To help you start your driver’s license journey right, here are the best driving schools in Los Angeles, California that we recommend you to try.

Best Online Driving Schools in Los Angeles

There are two ways of taking driver’s ed. The first is through an online driving school. 

An online driving school will offer you courses that you can take 100% online. That means that you can take the course in the comfort of your home. 

Here are the top schools to enroll in:

  1. Aceable
  2. DriverEdToGo.com
  3. iDriveSafely
  4. MyImprov.com
  5. DriversEd.com

Read through the reviews below so you can pick what’s best for you. 

Best Driving Schools in Los Angeles, California Aceable

Aceable takes the top spot in this list because they’re very impressive. 

Let me tell you why. 

First, the whole course is guided, so you’re not going to get lost. 

And the person guiding you is not a person. It’s a robot!

Yep, Aceable has their own robot, Ace, who will be talking to you for the rest of the course. 

Second, their course is divided into smaller sections. If you’re the type to get information overload right away, then you shouldn’t worry about this one. 

On top of those benefits, you get to choose if you want to add a free month’s worth of Allstate Road Services! Aceable offers this optionally, so you can just add it to your course. 

There are lots to love about Aceable and it’s definitely one of the best online driver’s ed in California. 

Best Driving Schools in Los Angeles, California DriverEdToGo

Do you like games and interactive videos?

If you do, then you’ll love DriverEdToGo.com!

DriverEdToGo.com has got to be one of the most interactive online driver’s ed that you’ll ever experience. 

It has 3D-animated videos, games, simulations, and short quizzes. (The quizzes are easy and enjoyable, too.) 

And what’s appreciated about this online driver’s ed course is that you can take the course without having to pay for it right away.

Yep, they have a pay later policy, meaning you can pay before you take the exam. 

That means that you lose the risk of paying for a course that isn’t good.

Best Driving Schools in Los Angeles, California iDriveSafely

Established in 1988, iDriveSafely can be considered as one of the veterans in online driver’s ed. 

iDriveSafely has engaging content that is both informative and fun. While they don’t have as many games as DriverEdToGo.com, they make up for it by making the videos short and sweet.

This online driving school prides itself on its services, and you’ll notice this with how well they handle their customers.

Plus, you can study the course on an easy-to-use platform. 

To top it all off, iDriveSafely’s online teen driver’s ed comes at a very reasonable price. 

Best Driving Schools in Los Angeles, California MyImprov

When it comes to uniqueness, nobody does it better than MyImprov.com. 

This online driver’s ed adds humor to the whole learning process. 

Taken from its name, MyImprov.com uses improv and comedic lines to keep you interested in the whole course. 

You can say that nobody understands the boredom of going through 30 hours of driver’s ed than they do, so they made sure that you won’t have to experience that. 

And did I mention that they have unlimited practice tests?

Yep, it’s not just fun and games with MyImprov.com. You will also get to learn all you need to know about road safety in Los Angeles. 

Best Driving Schools in Los Angeles, California DriversEd

DriversEd.com is definitely part of this list.

DriversEd.com has 3D-animated graphics that will definitely make it easier for you to think like a driver on the road. 

Their way of teaching is making it very realistic for you to learn, so it’s not just all theoretical stuff. 

And because it’s so realistic, the simulations show you the consequences of making the wrong move when you drive. 

I don’t know about you, but this is a pretty effective way of remembering the rules of the road. 

DriversEd.com also has its own app which you can access through your mobile phone. 

Best In-Person Driving Schools in Los Angeles

The second way to take driver’s ed is through in-person classes. 

In-person classes are best for people who learn more in a classroom setting. 

Here are 2 driving schools you can enroll in while in Los Angeles:

Let’s review these schools. 

Melrose Driving School


5733 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038



There are a lot of driving schools in LA, but one of the best that offers in-person classes is Melrose Driving School. 

Melrose Driving School is one of the popular choices because they’ve been serving the city for at least 33 years. 

So it’s not surprising that a lot of parents are familiar with this driving school. 

Instructors here are very professional and have a great grasp of effective methods in teaching teenagers. 

Melrose Driving School is a bit pricier than other schools. So if cost is an issue, I do recommend you choose something else. However, the services you get from them are top-notch and will be worth every penny if you do consider them.

Community Driving School


2015 Palo Verde Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90815



Community Driving School offers both online and in-person classes, but what they’re really known for is their classroom driver’s ed. 

Compared to other in-person driver’s ed courses, this driving school offers affordable classes. For the price, you learn all there is to know about driving in the streets of Los Angeles. 

They offer classes that are in Spanish, too!


What is the Difference Between Driver’s Ed and Driver Training?

You might have heard or read about driver’s ed and driver training somewhere. 

You should know that these two are different. 

Driver’s ed is the 30-hour course you take if you’re older than 15 ½ years old and younger than 17 ½ years old. You can take it online or in person. 

On the other hand, driver training is the actual behind-the-wheel training. 

You can only do this if you already have your learner’s permit which allows you to drive a car with supervision. 

Is Driving School Required in California?

Yep, if you’re below 17 ½ years old that is. 

You need to go through driver’s ed to get your learner’s permit. 

When you have a learner’s permit, that’s when you get to do actual driving lessons. 

But if you’re at least 18 years old, then you’re not necessarily required to take driver’s ed. However, you still need to take an exam and pass to qualify for a learner’s license to be issued by the DMV. 

Is an Online Driving School Better Than an In-Person Driving School?

The answer depends on what you prefer because, at the end of the day, you are required to spend 30 hours on a driver’s ed. 

If you want a more convenient way to learn, then you can opt for an online driver’s ed. 

Convenience and ease of use are often the best features of an online driver’s ed. Besides, they are also a lot cheaper.

Most of them are even below $70!

However, if you prefer to attend a class, then you can opt for an in-person driving school. 

Just keep in mind that this will cost you at least $100. 


30 hours might seem like a long time, but when you work with the right online driving school, the hours will just pass you by like a breeze. 

Enjoy your time with your instructors and take in as much information as you can. I guarantee that it will help you when you take the final exam and your in-car training.

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