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Online Schools Approved in Orlando

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MyImprov vs First Time Driver - Which Online Driver's Ed is Better First Time Driver

First Time Driver

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In-person Schools in Orlando

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Orlando State Driving School


3559 Idle Hour Dr, Orlando,

FL 32822, United States


+1 407-745-0760 

B&W Driving School 


1800 Pembrook Dr, Orlando,

FL 32810, United States


+1 407-292-5966

A study says that in 2019, more than 700 pedestrians died on Florida’s roads. 

Six Florida cities are among the top 10 most dangerous driving areas in the US, with Orlando as the number one in the state.

For improved road safety, drivers must acquire proper driving skills and knowledge. 

A proper driver’s ed course will teach drivers, especially newbies, how to be safe on the road both as pedestrians and as the ones behind the wheel. 

But how do you choose a driver’s ed course when many schools promise to provide the best education?

Today, we will check out the best 8 driving schools in Orlando, Florida for 2023. 

Keep on reading if you want to learn more.

Best Online Driving Schools in Orlando, Florida

Let’s get started with the top five schools that offer online driver’s ed courses:

Let’s take a quick look at each one of these schools.


Driving Schools in Orlando, Florida (Best in 2021) Aceable

In Florida, it is easy for a teen to obtain a learner’s license. But Aceable makes it even easier and more convenient. 

Unlike most online driving schools, Aceable has a dedicated mobile app that offers the four-hour TLSAE course and fully replaces the in-classroom education. 

You don’t have to worry if you have no laptop because the Aceable app is a mobile-first platform designed specifically for smartphones. 

You can complete the course in one sitting or work on it only when you have time. 

The TLSAE course is fast, easy, entertaining, and it never expires. It consists of 12 levels that will teach you about Florida safety requirements. Throughout the course, a friendly robot will guide you and explain the details. 

Going through the course won’t bore you; its text content is clear and concise. 

Aceable also features entertaining media content such as advanced animations, funny memes, and videos. 

The course, in general, is simple yet informative and will allow you to get a couple of other things done while studying. 

Once you finish the program, Aceable will automatically notify the DHSMV. You can also skip the DHSMV and take the official exam via the mobile app. How’s that for convenience? 

You can purchase the course for around $15 and the final exam separately. Or you can avail of the course and exam bundle at under $40.

Driving Schools in Orlando, Florida (Best in 2021) MyImprov

MyImprov is in our top five best driving schools in Florida because its online courses are sure to appeal to most teens. 

With over 20 years of teaching experience, it is one of the most trusted driving schools not just in the state of Florida but also across the country. 

Taking a TLSAE course with MyImprov is a bit like gaming. You sign in to your account, play, and then win your license. 

Its coursework features a lot of games supported by science and research and humorous skits. It is fun, flexible, and highly interactive. 

In short, the course is easy yet interesting. 

MyImprov’s online driver’s ed programs are also the world’s first microlearning driving courses. It means their lessons are delivered in bite-sized chunks that make it easy for students to retain what they learned.

MyImprov also offers excellent customer service with a team of experts available 24/7 through call, text, or live chat, to help you with your queries and concerns. 

Driving Schools in Orlando, Florida (Best in 2021) DriversEd

Another top-performing online driving school is DriversEd.com. It’s been around for over 20 years, yet it still regularly updates its coursework and content. Its research-backed curriculum molds newbies into confident, safe, and smart drivers.

DriversEd’s Florida online course costs around $40. It includes the permit test fees and 50 state-specific practice tests.

The practice tests contain hundreds of sample questions based on real Florida DHSMV permit exams. They will help keep you confident and will prepare you for the official exam. They are available in three languages, including Chinese and Spanish.

DriversEd offers a first-time pass guarantee on the written exam. You will get your money back if you fail the test. That is highly unlikely, though, because the school has a good track record of first-time passers. 

Similar to Aceable, DriversEd also has an official mobile app. However, it does not yet offer a teen driver’s ed course for Florida. 

Driving Schools in Orlando, Florida (Best in 2021) iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely offers probably the easiest and quickest online driver’s ed courses. 

Their Florida TLSAE course has a simple format that consists of seven units. It includes all essential traffic laws and driving procedures. It also covers topics such as night driving, road signs, and hazard prevention methods.

The course has plenty of interactive elements and educational videos. If you don’t particularly like reading, voice-overs let you relax and listen to the lessons. 

Although not as modern as Aceable and DriversEd, iDriveSafely’s course features some animations that will help you move through the material faster. 

iDriveSafely’s Florida teen driver’s ed course also offers a good amount of resources for parents. It provides them the tools they need to guide their teens through their journey towards obtaining a license.   

Driving Schools in Orlando, Florida (Best in 2021) First Time Driver

First Time Driver is part of the American Safety Council, a leading source of online driver’s education programs and workplace training solutions. 

Similar to the previous school, First Time Driver’s Florida TLSAE course has seven easy-to-read modules. The coursework contains engaging text as well as videos and animations. 

At a little under $20, its course offering is as affordable as the others on this list. However, the website has several glitches that may be inconvenient for some. It also sometimes loads slowly. 

Best In-person Driving Schools in Orlando, Florida

Distance learning is not for everyone. 

Although online schools are more convenient, some people may still prefer to take a driver’s ed course in a traditional classroom setting. 

Here is one in-person driving school I found listed on the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website that offers an in-person TLSAE course:  

Cheapest in Florida

Phone Number: 1-800-998-8533

E-mail: support@cheapestinflorida.com

Cheapest in Florida is an online driving school that also offers the TLSAE course both online and in-person. Both formats are easy to complete and offer informative materials that will help mold you into a safe and responsible driver. 

They are also both entertaining. The online program is full of traffic jokes, while the in-classroom course is taught by fun and professional instructors. 

If you want the in-person driver’s ed, you just have to call them to make a scheduled appointment. 

As most schools only offer TLSAE courses online because they are rather short, below are in-person driving schools in Orlando, Florida that offer behind-the-wheel programs only:

Orlando State Driving School

Address: 3559 Idle Hour Dr, Orlando, FL 32822, United States

Phone Number: +1 407-745-0760 

Also known as Drive Dynamics, Orlando State Driving School is a family-run business whose instructors have decades of experience. The school aims to train students to become careful, competent, and proficient drivers. Among many in-person driving schools in Orlando, this school boasts a high first-time pass rate.  

B&W Driving School 

Address: 1800 Pembrook Dr, Orlando, FL 32810, United States

Phone Number: +1 407-292-5966

With an average of 4.6-star rating on Google, B&W Driving is one of your best bets for behind-the-wheel training. The school offers both basic and intermediate packages that cost from around $350 to $550. The basic six-hour program is best for teens who want to practice steering, parking, and learning about road signs and traffic regulations.  


What are the requirements for obtaining a Florida learner’s license?

If you are a teen seeking a learner’s license in Florida, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 15 years of age.
  • You must present a signed Parental Consent Form.
  • You must complete a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse (TLSAE) course.
  • You must pass a vision and a hearing test.
  • You must pass the Class E Knowledge Exam.
  • You must provide required documents such as social security number and proof of identity and residence.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Florida driver’s license?

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • You must be a learner’s license holder for at least 12 months or 18 years of age, whichever comes first.
  • You must complete 50 hours of driving practice, including 10 hours at night. Your parent or legal guardian must accomplish the Certification of Minor Driving Experience Form and use a practice log sheet to track driving practice time. 
  • You must have no moving violation within one year of issuance of the learner’s license. 
  • You must pass the Class E Driving Skills Exam.

Is TLSAE the same as the drug and alcohol abuse course?

Yes, the drug and alcohol abuse course in Florida is also called the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse program. It covers topics associated with safe driving, including the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.


It is quite easy to obtain a learner’s license in Orlando, Florida. 

Although the mandated course is short, still make sure to focus on learning the essentials so that you can become smart and responsible on the road. Remember that more educated drivers mean safer roads for all. 

Pick any of these schools, and you know you’re in good hands to learn how to be safe while driving on the roads of Orlando, Florida. 

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