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Excited to finally be able to apply for a driver’s license?

Not so fast. 

Unfortunately, when you’re below 18 years old, you can’t go straight to getting a driver’s license or even go to driver’s training.

You have to attend a driver’s education program first. 

And where do you get that?

Lucky for you, there are lots of driving schools offering driver’s ed here in San Diego. The only problem is that there are so many that it’s hard to know which one is the best. 

But don’t worry. In this post, I’ve listed the best driving schools in San Diego, California. 

Hopefully, you find a school that fits what you’re looking for.  

So let’s get to it!

Best Online Driving Schools in San Diego

The cheapest and most convenient way to do driver’s ed is through an online driving school. 

Online driver’s ed is generally done at home or anywhere you like. Since most online driver’s ed lets you access the course on any device, you can learn whenever, wherever!

Here are the best online driving schools that you should consider:

  1. Aceable
  2. DriverEdToGo.com
  3. MyImprov.com
  4. DriversEd.com
  5. iDriveSafely

I’ve given a few details of these schools right below. 


Best Driving Schools in San Diego, California Aceable

If you’re going to pick one online driver’s ed, I recommend that you pick Aceable. 

Aceable is a seamless online driving school that lets you access your course on any device. 

Plus, their whole registration and completion process is so hassle-free!

And who doesn’t want that, right?

But there’s more to Aceable than those benefits. 

Aceable has made their course very engaging, to the point that they have an animated robot to guide you through the whole course.

To add to that, Aceable has a good mix of videos, simulations, and quizzes that will keep you interested in learning a lot!

Best Driving Schools in San Diego, California DriverEdToGo

Another excellent choice for an online driver’s ed is DriverEdToGo.com. 

This online driver’s ed is ideal for teenagers who love playing games. 


Because DriverEdToGo.com has interactive games that make its online driver’s ed program very fun to do! 

But of course, those games aren’t enough. The course has to be informative, too. 

Fortunately, this online driver’s ed program has the right balance! Anyone who is starting from scratch will learn a lot here. 

Best Driving Schools in San Diego, California MyImprov

Did you know that there is an online driver’s ed program that delivers funny videos? 

Yep, I’m not kidding! 

Instead of giving 30 hours of dull discussion videos, MyImprov.com adds a little twist to it by doing improv. 

You read that right. Most of the videos you’ll watch in this online driver’s ed course have humorous discussions that will make you laugh. 

Even adults find this driver’s ed very entertaining!

This school has been around for decades and has earned the love and respect of many people over the years. You won’t regret working with them!

Best Driving Schools in San Diego, California DriversEd

If you want a driving school that’s a veteran in teaching online driver’s ed, then you should go for DriversEd.com. 

DriversEd.com has over 25 years of experience teaching teenagers how to drive. 

And if you take a look at their website, it says there that they’ve had 6,000 reviews that average 4.5 stars. Given the number of reviewers, that rating is impressive!

If you ask me, I think what people love about this online driver’s ed program are their 3D animations and the case studies. 

These two features make the whole learning experience realistic. In effect, you’re able to visualize how things will be on the road. 

Best Driving Schools in San Diego, California iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely is pretty popular in the state of California. They’ve been teaching driver’s ed for 15 years and they’ve taught over 5 million students. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if people would treat iDriveSafely as their go-to driving school for their kids. 

Besides, their online driver’s ed course is very easy to learn. The chapters are divided into short sections. You might not even need to take notes during the whole course. 

Best In-Person Driving Schools in San Diego

What if you prefer to go to physical classes?

There’s always an option for you to do so and fortunately, there are lots of choices in the San Diego area. 

Here are some of those:

  • Teen Driving School
  • Golden State Driving School

Let’s see what these schools offer. 

Teen Driving School


4455 Twain Ave # E, San Diego, CA 92120


(619) 282-7900

Teen Driving School is one of the more known driving schools that offer in-person classes, although their classes are only available on Saturdays.

Nonetheless, Teen Driving School has a great track record in the area. 

You’ll be given a handbook, textbook, and a certificate of completion. 

Of course, since the certificate is given to you, you have to do the filing to the DMV on your own. 

Golden State Driving School


3670 Clairemont Dr. Ste.10, San Diego CA 92117


(858) 263-4256

Golden State Driving School offers both online and in-person driver’s ed, but they are more known for the latter. 

They have both English and Spanish instructors, but the Spanish instructors are only available during behind-the-wheel training. 

However, due to current restrictions, the number of instructors is limited. If you want to get a schedule, you have to contact them to see their next availability.


What is the Difference Between Driver’s Ed and Driver Training?

Driver’s ed is the 30-hour course that anyone from the age of 15 ½ - 17 ½ years old is required to take before the driver training. 

Driver training is when you get inside a car and learn how to drive. This is more commonly known as behind-the-wheel training. 

Is Driving School Required in California?

No, not for everybody. 

You’re only required to take driver’s ed if you’re between the ages of 15 ½ - 17 ½ years old. 

Beyond 17 ½ years old, you’ll need an instruction permit from the California DMV before you can proceed to driver training. 

Is an Online Driving School Better Than an In-Person Driving School?

When it comes to convenience and price, an online driving school has the advantage. 

Online driving school can be done wherever you are and you can switch between several devices, too. 

Additionally, the fact that you don’t have to go outside makes it very ideal for people who prefer studying at home. 

This is the main reason why it’s also cheaper. You’ll neither be paying for your instructor’s time nor your classroom’s rent. 

Of course, in-person classes aren’t that bad. 

In-person classes are ideal for people who want to have a classroom setting complete with classmates, an instructor, and textbooks. 


There may be a lot of steps to go through before getting a driver’s license, but they’re all worth it. But make sure to enroll in the best course that you believe is a perfect match for you. Otherwise, you might end up regretting your choices. 

Apart from that, you should enjoy the process of getting your first driver’s license. It’s a huge milestone and it deserves a little celebration.

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