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In-person Schools in Santa Ana

Santa Ana Driving School


1420 E Edinger Ave 

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3400 Irvine Ave. Ste., 

119 Newport Beach, CA 92660


(949) 975 8425

You finally got your first car and you can’t wait to take it to the road. 

But wait...

Before you can get behind the wheel, you will first need to secure a driver’s license. 

In California, if you are between 15 and a half and 18 years old, you will need a provisional permit. To secure this permit, you need to complete a Driver’s Ed course that is state-approved, then pass the written exam. 

Taking a Driver’s Ed course is not only mandatory, but it is also important for you to become a responsible driver. 

A driver’s ed course teaches the basics of driving, road signs, traffic laws, and driving precautions. It will also teach you the skills required for a safe operation of a vehicle. 

How do you start?

Choose from our top picks of driving schools in Santa Ana!

Best Online Driving Schools in Santa Ana, California in 2023

I would highly suggest looking into online driver’s ed courses. 

They are cheaper, more efficient, and relatively easier than classroom-based courses. You also won’t need to leave your house as long as you have access to the Internet. 

Below are 5 of the best driving schools in Santa Ana, California that offer online courses.


Best Driving Schools in Santa Ana, California in 2021 DriversEd

DriversEd.com is one of the best and most trusted driving schools in the country. Their online driver’s ed course is one of the most convenient and technologically advanced. A dedicated technical development team works continuously to provide innovative driving education.

DriversEd.com also ensures that you get the most out of your money by providing you unlimited practice tests. After going through the practice tests, you will feel confident and prepared to take the permit test. 

The best part about taking a driving course with DriversEd.com is they have the cheapest rates. At around $50 regular price, their online driver’s ed course is one of the most affordable. They even offer promotions from time to time, in which case you can sign up for a course for under $30. 

Best Driving Schools in Santa Ana, California in 2021 Aceable

Of all online driving schools listed here, teens will love Aceable best. The Driver’s Ed course for California teens features a robot named Ace, who will be the online instructor. Ace will guide you from the beginning until the end of the course. 

The course is highly interactive, and the quizzes are easy but informative. The voice-over feature also makes it convenient for students who easily get bored from reading. The contents are bite-sized and easy to consume, which makes the course fun and engaging. 

The course is 30 hours worth of content, but it is self-paced. You can pause at any time. You don’t have to worry about time because the course doesn’t expire.

If you’re still unsure, you’re welcome to try the first three chapters at absolutely no charge. However, Aceable’s unique style of education will encourage you to finish the course. 

Best Driving Schools in Santa Ana, California in 2021 MyImprov

When you mix games and science, you’re sure to have fun. That’s basically what MyImprov offers. They integrate driving expertise and studies backed by science with interactive games. 

With its user-friendly interface, MyImprov turns online driver’s ed into a painless process. It teaches students the fundamentals of driving as well as safe driving techniques without being tedious. There is also no course exam, but the free practice exams are available for you to prepare for the permit test. 

Also, did you know that MyImprov.com works and collaborates with the world-famous Improv Comedy Club? They coined the term “edutainment” which means you are in for a fun and enjoyable driving school journey. 

Whoever said driving school is boring probably just hasn’t heard of MyImprov.com yet.  

Best Driving Schools in Santa Ana, California in 2021 iDriveSafely

Fast, simple, and flexible - these are the best words to describe IDriveSafely.com’s online driver’s ed course. 

While 30 hours of studying is the state-required minimum, you can go through the course as quickly as you want. IDriveSafely’s online driver’s ed course is made to be simple and easy to understand. It has an auto-save feature that lets you start and pause anytime you want. 

Unlike classroom-based courses that take up most of your time and require you to attend in-person classes, IDriveSafely offers flexibility. You can access the lessons from your laptop or even your tablet or smartphone. IDriveSafely helps you keep up with your busy schedule. 

The only downside to IDriveSafely’s driver’s ed course, I would say, is it has limited practice tests. The online course will set you back around $50. However, if you want to upgrade to 100 practice questions, you will need to pay an additional fee.

Out of these five online driving schools, DriverEdToGo.com is the cheapest. Priced at around $30, this is your top pick if you have a strict budget for driving school. 

The course is pretty basic, though. It’s got the same features as other online driving schools - it offers a convenient and flexible learning experience. Its online course covers all the basics of driving. However, the rate excludes features that are already included in other schools’ course fees. 

For one, the basic fee does not include DMV practice tests. You also need to pay an additional fee for the read-along upgrade. Otherwise, your online course might be pretty boring. 

The bright side is that the basic rate includes access to their mobile app. This enables you to access content whenever, wherever. What do you say; still a good deal, right?

Taking a driver’s ed course is just step one towards getting your license. After you pass your permit test, you will still need to complete a lengthy behind-the-wheel training. So why don’t you make it easier and start by taking your driver’s ed course online?

Best In-Person Driving School in Santa Ana, California

There are some people that just prefer in-person courses. They like the idea of a live instructor watching over them, plus the social interaction with other students. 

If this sounds like you, then these are the best in-person schools in Santa Ana that you should consider. 

Santa Ana Driving School

Address: 1420 E Edinger Ave #104, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone Number: 714-856-3115

With 20 years of experience and over 5,000 licenses issued, you can trust that OC Santa Ana Driving School is reliable. 

You will love all their instructors as they are super friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable. You can trust that they are licensed to teach you what you need to know while driving on the Santa Ana roads. 

To go out and beyond for their students, they even offer a pick-up, drop-off feature. If you don’t have transportation to and from the school, no worries! They provide transport for you. 

Newport Driving School 

Address: 3400 Irvine Ave. Ste., 119 Newport Beach, CA 92660

Phone Number: (949) 975 8425

Located less than 30 minutes away from Santa Ana, Newport Driving School is a great driving school. 

This DMV-approved driving school has 20 years of expertise in teaching driver’s ed in a classroom environment. 

While other schools take on a generic approach towards teaching, Newport Driving School develops customized training programs that cater to the students’ individual needs. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t located in Santa Ana. It is in Newport Beach, which is only 9 miles away from the city. 


Is driver’s ed required in California?

If you are under the age of 18, yes, by law, you are required to complete a driver’s education course. The good news is, you do not have to go to an in-class training as you can take a driver’s ed course online. It is also fast becoming the preferred method for students to prepare for the permit test. 

Which online driver’s ed course is the best?

In my honest opinion, it’s DriversEd.com ‘s online course. It’s the most affordable option, especially when they hold promotions. But even with the cheap course fee, they never compromise the quality of education they provide. 

How many hours of driver’s ed is required in California?

The minimum hours required by the state are 30 hours, which is equivalent to about two and a half semesters in the traditional classroom setting, breaks not included. Many people now prefer online driver’s ed since it is self-paced, and you can take it as quickly or as slowly as you like. 

How to get a driver’s license in California under 18

Once you complete the driver’s ed course, the next step is to take the DMV permit test, which you can take up to three times. Upon passing the test, you can then start the in-car training. The behind-the-wheel training begins with a 2-hour lesson with a traffic school instructor who will sign your permit. 

Afterward, you will need to complete a 50-hour in-car training under the supervision of an adult who possesses a valid California driver’s license. Of the 50 hours, 10 hours should be completed at night. Once done, you will need to take two more 2-hour lessons with a professional instructor. 

Finally, all that’s left to do is to go to the DMV, take the driving test, and get a license. 


Are you now considering taking an online driver’s ed? It is cheaper, more convenient and it will save you a lot of time. 

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