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So you got a ticket. 

Or perhaps you want to lower your insurance rates?

Either way, online traffic school is a fast way to solve your problem. 

But with hundreds of online traffic schools in California, you’re probably wondering:

Which is the fastest?

Well, today, I’m giving you the top 5 fastest online traffic schools in California for 2023

Choose one of these, and you should finish in no time. 

Shall we?

Fastest California Online Traffic Schools

If you’re looking to get traffic school over with as fast as possible, choose one of these schools:

  1. Go To Traffic School
  2. iDrive Safely
  3. My Improv
  4. Traffic School To Go
  5. Ticket Toaster

Again, there are hundreds of online traffic schools in California. 

And hundreds of these are old, stuffy, and can take you forever to finish. 

But these five are all easy, 100% online, and the fastest (1-3 hours) possible online traffic courses you can take. 

They’re all licensed by the California DMV as well, so no worries there.

Let’s have a closer look at each one.

1. Go To Traffic School

Go To Traffic School

Quick facts:

  • Founded in 1999 
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Free trial
  • Modern course
  • Mobile-friendly

Go To Traffic School is one of the most trusted and longest-running online traffic schools in California, and also happens to be one of the fastest online traffic schools in California for 2023.

But despite its age, this school has one of the more modern courses available. 

With their recent updates, you get to study traffic school with images, animated videos, audio clips, and 3D driving simulations. 

Plus, it is 100% mobile-friendly. 

No, it doesn’t have a dedicated app. But its interface works perfectly on phones – so you can study the course on the go. 

What’s more, the exam is as easy as possible. Go To Traffic School guarantees that you will pass. 

And if you fail?

You’ll have a free retake. Or, you could opt for unlimited exam retakes for a fee. But honestly? You’re probably never going to need that. 

As for speed, Go To Traffic School takes the usual 1-3 hours. At least it’s not 6 hours long like classroom-based schools.

There aren’t any course timers, but there are quizzes along the way you need to pass before moving on (just like every other online traffic school)

That said, there is a little hack you could use. 

Now, I can’t recommend doing this. But since you’re looking for the fastest traffic school, you can check out how this guy hacked his way through in just 30 minutes:

Go To Traffic School is guaranteed to be the cheapest online traffic school in California. 

If you find a cheaper traffic school, they will match that price. 

You also get to try Go To Traffic School for free with no payment information required. You’ll only have to pay when it’s time to take the exam.

Overall, Go To Traffic School is as good as it gets. 

And among the hundreds of downright horrible online traffic schools, this one is easily one of the very bests. 

Get The Lowest Price On Go To Traffic School Here

2. iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely Online Traffic School Review

Quick facts:

  • Choose between text-based or video course
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free same-day submission to the DMV
  • Free one month of Allstate Roadside Services
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Live customer support 24/7/365
  • A+ rating with the BBB

Another one of the fastest online traffic schools for California in 20201 is iDriveSafely

It costs an extra dollar vs Go To Traffic School, but it does have some additional features. 

Before we get into that, you should know that iDrive Safely received an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

This guarantees that they provide only the highest quality to their students. 

With a modern platform, mobile-friendly course, and live customer support 24/7/365, it’s not hard to see it.

What’s more, iDriveSafely will submit your certificate to the DMV on the same day of completion with no extra fees. 

Plus, you get a free one-month of Allstate Roadside Services, which you can read more about here

They also have an entire video course for those who don’t like reading. 

However, that’ll cost you an extra $9.99. And most people find that it’s slower than just reading the text-based course. 

iDrive Safely doesn’t provide a free trial, but they offer a full refund. 

If you decide you don’t like the course, you may claim your refund before taking the exam. 

Get The Best Price On iDriveSafely Here

3. Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School California

Quick facts:

  • Created by comedians
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • Unique, entertaining curriculum
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Free instant submission to the DMV
  • 24/7 US-based customer support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Get four free tickets to the Improv Comedy Club

Traffic school is boring. 

Or rather, was.

A group of comedians at the world-famous Improv Comedy Club decided to change that. 

They created the Improv comedy traffic school with the notion that traffic school doesn’t have to be dull and dry. 

Written by professional comedians, the curriculum has many fun ideas and jokes mixed in with the standard lessons. 

To give you an idea of the Improv humor, here’s a video they released: 

Some people find it hilarious, while others find it cheesy. 

Either way, it certainly makes traffic school more entertaining. 

Aside from that, Improv Traffic School is also a great online traffic school in its own right. 

Their platform is 100% mobile-friendly for the modern student, they provide 24/7 US-based customer support, and they received an A+ rating from the BBB.

And even though there are jokes included, the course is as fast as it gets. You don’t have to worry about losing time because of this. 

Plus, they’ll notify the DMV or court the moment you finish your exam – with no extra fee. 

They also have a money-back guarantee. So if you find that the humor isn’t for you midway, there’s no loss. 

But if you love it – if you can’t get enough of the Improv jokes – you can get four tickets to the Improv Comedy Club (worth $60) for free!

Not only is Improv Traffic School cheap and entertaining, but it is also one of the fastest California online traffic schools in 2023.

Get The Best Price On Improv Traffic School Here

4. Traffic School To Go

Fastest Online Traffic Schools Traffic School To Go

Quick facts:

  • One of the longest-running online traffic schools (since 1997)
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • 24/7 live chat customer support
  • Full refund if you fail
  • Full-text curriculum

What were you up to in 1997?

Some of you may not have been born yet! 

Well, that’s how long Traffic School To Go has had their online school up and running, and they’ve always been among the fastest online traffic schools in California.

As far as their platform goes, there’s nothing extraordinary about it. 

It’s simple, you can blast through it, and it’s as convenient as every other course. 

There’s nothing fancy in their full-text course. There are no fancy animations or videos, just plain text – which some people prefer.

They also have the lowest price guarantee – where they’ll match the price of any course that charges lower.

And if you fail the exam?

You can claim a full refund. 

Finally, they have 24/7 live chat support, so you can get help whenever you need it. 

Overall, Traffic School To Go is what you might call a vanilla online traffic school. 

There’s nothing special about it, but there’s nothing wrong either. 

Get The Best Price On Traffic School To Go Here

5. Ticket Toaster

Ticket Toaster Fastest California Online Traffic School

Quick facts:

  • 110% price match guarantee
  • Free trial – only pay when you pass
  • Read-only curriculum
  • No hidden fees

If you don’t want to spend an extra penny on traffic school, Ticket Toaster is for you. 

No, it’s not as modern as the other courses, but it’s cheaper than the rest. 

Ticket Toaster doesn’t match the lowest price in the market – they beat it. 

With their 110% price match guarantee, they’ll offer you a lower price than anyone else in the market that you find.

But since it’s so cheap, you can’t expect much. 

It is a read-only course with a few images here and there. To be honest, it’s quite old-fashioned and not as entertaining as other courses. 

But if you’re on a budget, that won’t matter. This is one of the fastest online traffic schools in 2023 for those on a budget.

What’s more, Ticket Toaster has a full free trial. 

You don’t have to pay or give your payment details until you’ve completed the exam. So if you realize you’d rather have a more modern course, you can switch anytime. 

Get The Best Price On Ticket Toaster Here

Honorable Mention: Aceable

Aceable Fastest California Online Traffic School

Before I close out the list, I just wanted to mention Aceable, as this is also one of the fastest online traffic schools in California.

Aceable has one of the best and most modern online traffic school platforms (they even have a dedicated mobile app!).

They have all the good stuff. But I didn’t include them in this top 5 list since their course isn’t the fastest. 

Unlike the other 5, you can’t exactly blast through the Aceable curriculum in an hour.

It’s cheap, high-quality, and I highly recommend checking them out. 

But as far as speed goes, you’ll spend less time studying with the other schools. 

Get the Best Price On Aceable Here

California Online Traffic School FAQs

I answered a handful of FAQs about online traffic schools in this article

But since you’re already here, why not answer a few of the most common ones right now?

How Long Do The Fastest Online Traffic Schools In California Take?

The fastest online traffic schools in California Typically 1-3 hours as of 2023. In-person California traffic school takes all of 8 hours. So you’re doing yourself a huge favor by choosing an online traffic school instead. They are much faster.

How Do I Register for The Online Traffic Schools?

It’s easy!

  1. Choose “California traffic school” on the school website
  2. Input your county and court
  3. Provide your court due date and case number
  4. Give your personal information
  5. Start studying!

The exact process differs from school to school. 

You have to pay before studying in some, while in others, you don’t have to pay until you’re finished. 

What Are The Requirements for Traffic School in California?

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Paid court fees
  • Moving violations only
  • Not driving a commercial vehicle
  • Haven’t taken traffic school in the past 18 months

What are the Benefits of Online Traffic School in California?

  • Much faster than in-person classes (1-3 hours vs. 8 hours)
  • Fun, interactive features (some schools only)
  • Study anytime
  • Study anywhere
  • Automatic e-filing to the DMV (some schools only)

Ready to Take A Fast California State-Approved Online Traffic School?

I know you don’t want to be here. 

I know you’d rather not have to sign up for online traffic school at all. 

But now that you’re forced to take traffic school – why not get it done in the shortest time possible?

Choose one of these five fastest online traffic schools in 2023, and you’ll breeze right through it. 

Good luck!


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