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According to the Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report, Anaheim is not the safest city to drive in, ranking 177th out of 200 in a 2019 survey. 

With this in mind, drivers in Anaheim have more reason to be careful on the road. And the most effective way to do that is to take a defensive driving course at the best traffic schools in Anaheim, California. 

Residents in Anaheim, California have a choice of taking their classes online or in-person. But it can be tricky to find the right school that will provide you with both quality and convenience. 

This article will provide you with all the things you need to know about the best traffic schools in Anaheim, California, including their hours, rates, inclusions, and other services. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in Anaheim, California

These are the best online traffic schools in Anaheim:

Let’s look at the details of each of these online schools. 


Finding the Best Traffic Schools in Anaheim, California Aceable

Defensive driving courses are never fun, but with Aceable, you might just enjoy it! 

They provide up-to-date, interactive, and entertaining course materials that keep you engaged all throughout your lessons. Classes are informative, easy to understand, and the shortest allowed by the California DMV. 

And, you can take the course at your own pace, which eliminates any feelings of stress and discomfort that you may often experience in a normal class. 

They have a designated app that you can install on most mobile and tablet devices, making it easier for you to access lessons anywhere and anytime. 

Aside from being mobile-friendly and high-quality, Aceable also offers very competitive prices. Enrolling won’t harm your budget in the least. 

Finding the Best Traffic Schools in Anaheim, California iDriveSafely

Another online traffic school in California that is guaranteed to make you a better driver and keep points off your record is iDriveSafely. 

They provide you with easy-to-understand, instructional material designed by experts to help you effectively learn important defensive driving techniques. 

They have a text-based and an online video course for you to choose from. They both contain essentially the same information but were made in different formats to cater to the varying preferences of students. 

iDriveSafely doesn’t have a mobile app like Aceable, but their courses are just as short and quick to finish. You can complete the course and submit your certificate to the DMV on the same day!

Finding the Best Traffic Schools in Anaheim, California Improv

Learning to become a safer and better driver has never been more fun, thanks to the hilarious and refreshing course materials that Improv Traffic School provides. 

Their lessons carefully guide you through the California driving laws and regulations, as well as provide you with useful defensive driving techniques to avoid getting into unwanted incidents on the road. 

They provide you with a 24/7 student concierge service, to address issues that may occur during lessons. 

Plus, the best part is that they offer an all-inclusive flat fee of around $24, so you won’t have to worry about any hidden charges along the road. 

Finding the Best Traffic Schools in Anaheim, California GoToTrafficSchool

Another way you can effectively maintain safe driving habits and stay updated on California driving laws and regulations is to enroll with GoToTrafficSchool. 

They offer students well-organized and informative learning materials which you can access for FREE at the beginning of the course. 

If at any point you realize that the course just isn’t for you, GoToTrafficSchool has a money-back guarantee to accommodate any refund requests. 

Access your courses anywhere and anytime with the help of GoToTraffiSchool’s mobile app, which you can download on both iOS and Android devices. 

They also have a 24/7/365 customer support service which you may contact about any issues regarding the course and course materials. 

Finding the Best Traffic Schools in Anaheim, California Traffic 101

Traffic 101 offers drivers a simple way to better their driving skills and brush-up on the California laws and regulations. 

Their courses are separated into 4 sections, each followed by a short quiz at the end. (These quizzes aren’t graded, but are there to prepare you for your final exam.) 

To pass the final exam, you must get a score of at least 70% or higher. 

Don’t worry if you don’t pass on the first try. Traffic 101 provides you with unlimited chances to pass the exam, at no extra cost. 

On top of their online course, they also offer a workbook course designed for people who prefer working with tangible materials such as books. 

They also provide a 24/7 tech support service to answer any of your concerns. 

Best In-Person Traffic Schools in Anaheim, California

These are the best in-person traffic schools in Anaheim:

Let’s take a look at the details. 

Pacific Coast Driving Academy

Location: 802 N Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805

Contact no.: 800-837-1998 or text 714-392-6627

The Pacific Coast Driving Academy provides a research-based curriculum that highlights best driving practices around the world, tailored to fit the unique requirements of the California Highway Transportation System. 

Their defensive driving program is 12 hours long and is separated into 3 phases:

  • Core Driving Skills (6hrs)
  • Defensive Driving Intensive and Freeway Driving Intensive
  • Establishing Independence and Drive Test Prep

A1 Traffic School 

Location: 12907 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92840 

Contact no.: 714-752-3748

Note: This traffic school isn’t located in Anaheim. It’s about 4-6 miles away from the city.  

A1 Traffic School courses are designed to educate students to become safe and courteous drivers. 

At around $50 (8hrs.) or $70 (12 hrs.), you can enjoy in-class learning with a professional who will guide you through the course work and requirements to ensure you pass your final exam. 

Classes are held only on Saturdays 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, with a few breaks in between. 

Open Every Day Driving School

Location: 9778 Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92804. 

Contact no.: 949-283-1258

If you’re wondering what this school’s operating hours are, their name says it all. 

Open Every Day Driving School is open every day to provide students with in-depth and informative instructions regarding safe-driving practices and California road laws. 

Anaheim, California Traffic School FAQs

Who Can Take Online Traffic School Courses? 

You can take an online traffic course if:

  • You’re at least 16 years old and are a licensed driver.
  • You need to mask a ticket or keep points off of your record.
  • You’re looking to get an insurance discount. 

What Are the Eligibility Requirements for Traffic School in California? 

To qualify for traffic school in California, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Own a valid driver’s license.
  • Have an infraction that doesn’t exceed 1 point.
  • Did not fail to appear during your citation.
  • The citation doesn’t involve alcohol/drug misuse or possession.
  • You’re not cited for speeding 25MPH over the speed limit.

What Happens If I Don’t Pass the Final Exam?

Most online schools give you unlimited chances to pass your final exam.

However, with in-class courses it may depend on your provider. Some courses will allow you a maximum of 3 tries, and if you still fail, you’ll have to retake the whole course.

How Long Will It Take Me To Complete a Course?

In-class courses normally require 8 hours to complete in California. If you take an online course, however, since there are no timers, the actual duration will depend on how fast or slow the student’s progress is. It could take one to two hours or the whole eight hours. 


Whether it’s to get out of a traffic ticket or to improve driving skills, you can never go wrong with enrolling in the best traffic schools. 

Will the course make it easier for you to clean your record or improve your driving skills? 

Will it give you flexibility in terms of the number of hours you spend studying? 

With the traffic schools listed above, you’re sure to get those! 

We hope this article has helped you make a clearer decision about which school you want to work with. 

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