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Going through an online traffic school instead of a traditional classroom opens up a world of convenience and flexibility.

Because of that, there are now hundreds of online traffic schools to choose from. Some excellent, others poor. 

Speaking of excellent online traffic schools, there are two that come to mind - GoToTrafficSchol and MyImprov Traffic School. 

These two are some of the leading online traffic schools in the country. You can be sure of high-quality learning materials, awesome features, and a whole lot more!

But the question is: which is better?

Today, we’re going to help you answer that by doing a side-by-side comparison. We’re going to look at:

  • Availability 
  • Course options
  • User experience
  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Reviews

So let’s begin!

GoToTrafficSchool vs MyImprov: A Quick Overview

GoToTrafficSchool was established in 1999. They have over two decades of experience and offer a wide array of affordable courses. 

GoToTrafficSchool vs MyImprov Which Online Traffic School is Better GoToTrafficSchool

In their years of business, they have helped over four million satisfied users.

MyImprov Traffic School has also been in business since the mid-90s. 

GoToTrafficSchool vs MyImprov Which Online Traffic School is Better MyImprov

They started with in-classroom classes and eventually moved their courses online. 

MyImprov is different from other traffic schools as it was created by road experts and comedians, allowing for a hilarious yet informative course. 

Take a look at our GoToTrafficSchool vs MyImprov comparison chart:

GoToTrafficSchool vs MyImprov Which Online Traffic School is Better chart1

Course Availability

GotoTrafficSchool is available in almost every state, except for Kentucky and Ohio.

Furthermore, if you are from Michigan, New Mexico, or North Dakota, note that the courses available are not state-approved. So before you take it, you need to ask permission from your court handler or insurance provider. 

Anywhere else, though, you can take GoToTrafficSchool’s course to dismiss a traffic ticket or grab insurance discounts. 

MyImprov is available in all 50 states. It doesn’t have courses available in Washington DC, though. 

If you’re not from any of the 17 states we mentioned in the chart, MyImprov courses are not state-approved in your area, and will therefore require you to ask special permission from your court or insurance provider. 

Course Options

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the different courses each school offers:

GoToTrafficSchool vs MyImprov Which Online Traffic School is Better chart2

For the most part, both schools offer similar types of courses. However, it’s important to note that courses available in each state can differ.  

User Experience

GoToTrafficSchool: modern, straightforward, and affordable.

These words are often used to describe experiences with GoToTrafficSchool.

Similar to most online schools, their courses can be accessed across multiple devices, giving you more flexibility. Your progress is automatically saved, so you can pick up right where you left off if you decide to take the course in segments.

GoToTrafficSchool has recently updated its content – there are now audio clips, text lessons, and some animated videos to increase learning and retention. One highlight is the 3D driving simulations built into their courses. 

Chapter quizzes only have two questions – and if you get one right, you can move on. The final exam can be a bit tricky, but the quizzes are designed to prepare you for it. 

Unless you purchase the Unlimited Attempts add-on, you will have three chances to get a passing score of 80%. 

MyImprov: interactive, entertaining, and light.

As a traffic course co-written by comedians, it’s no surprise these are the words associated with MyImprov Traffic School.

Their core belief is that learning is always better when you’re having fun – and, judging by the reviews they get, most people agree.

MyImprov keeps drivers entertained by using images, cartoons, and videos. Even text lessons are filled with humor, helping liven up traffic school classes. 

If you’re a fast reader and your state requires course timers, you can use the extra time playing games or going through the different activities on the page.

If you feel like you need a break, make sure you look for the save button. Their platform doesn’t automatically save your progress, so make sure you click it!


GoToTrafficSchool boasts of being the cheapest traffic school around. And to top that all off, they also offer their students a price match guarantee for any course they find that is cheaper than GoToTrafficSchool’s. 

Prices may vary between states — on average, it ranges between $10 to $50.

GoToTrafficSchool also offers add-ons, which can be purchased when you choose a course. Most add ons are below $10, but some can be a bit expensive. 

The best thing about MyImprov is that it doesn’t require you to pay to start the course — you only have to pay once you complete it. 

Most courses are priced under $30, making it an affordable option. As with GoToTrafficSchool, the final prices are usually dependent on what state you’re from.

For both schools, you’ll notice additional fees for some states, such as Arizona. This is because of State Fees, State Surcharges, and the Court costs that are charged on top of the course fee.


GoToTrafficSchool offers several add ons when you purchase a course. 

The Read-Along add-on narrates the content, so you don’t even have to look at your device’s screen to study it. 

The Unlimited Exam Attempts allows you to take the exam as many times as you need until you pass it.  

The Driving Record add-on gives you a copy of your driving history. You can use it to check for errors or monitor changes to your status, whether these are suspensions or administrative actions.

MyImprov also has its own bundle of features.

When it comes to getting your certificate, there is hardly any wait time — you can get your certificate 30 minutes after you complete your course. 

Unless it’s required by the state, most courses have no timers. That means you can go through it as fast as you can. 

You also get free tickets to the Improv Comedy Club when you complete the course! How cool is that?


GoToTrafficSchool: 3.8 / 5

If you read through the reviews given to GoToTrafficSchool, you’ll notice two words repeated often: fast and easy. It remains faithful to the efficient traffic school experience that they promise. 

There seemed to be a bit of difficulty when it came to certificates, resulting in several negative reviews. 

Here are what some people have to say:

“This was a fast class. Easy to navigate through.”


“Certificate not received by Court. The certificate of completion was sent to the wrong address. It took an afternoon of phone calls on my part to correct the issue.”


MyImprov: 4.7 / 5

With over 164,000 reviews, this score is a strong indication of their students’ level of satisfaction. 

Most positive reviews focused on the quality of the content and their overall experience, while negative reviews often mentioned technical glitches and experiences with MyImprov’s customer service. 

Here are a couple of reviews from the site:

“Overall pretty good, but I just spent far too long with counselor Rhenzy over why two fields in the registration will not remain filled in after saving and continuing. Those being confirmed drivers license and have you ever taken a defensive driving course before?

I feel them in save and continue they remain blank. At the same time, complete registration is crossed off in my table of contents, so obviously it's OK... But what a headache dealing with it.”

-David M.

“The course was easy, fun, my kind of corny, entertaining, and worth every penny. I see so many instances of the scenarios while I’m driving and I’m confident of what to do...

Thanks for making it fun and memorable AND relevant!”

-Phyllis Y.

The Verdict

In the end, both GoToTrafficSchool and MyImprov are excellent online traffic schools.

MyImprov’s approach and humor work for some, but others might prefer GoToTrafficSchool’s straightforward delivery. It all comes down to personal preference in the end.

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