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A driver's license is on the top of every teen’s bucket list because it provides freedom without mom and dad looking over your shoulder.

Getting a driver’s license used to be a lot of work, having to attend in-person lectures at your local high school or driving school.

However, many high schools just don't offer driver’s ed courses anymore.

This has forced students to go to traditional driving schools, spending time and paying a lot just to learn the basic driving fundamentals.

But the increase in online driving education courses over the past few years has made it convenient and easy to get done with the formalities before you can get behind the wheel.

One of these courses that has really left a mark on online driving education is iDriveSafely.

The company and the course are totally legit and approved in many states across the country.

In this article, I’ll review iDriveSafely’s driver’s ed course, exploring its key features, pros, and cons. This will give you insight into whether this course is right for you in 2023.

Let's get into it.

What’s iDriveSafely All About?

iDriveSafely Driver’s Ed Review iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely has been around since 1998 with the aim of providing a convenient and easy way to learn how to drive.

Having trained more than 5 million Americans since, it has earned the respect of customers and agencies alike with a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot and an A+ rating by the BBB.

Having been regularly updated over the years, they've made numerous courses from defensive driving to driver’s ed programs that are designed to meet driver needs in the modern age. 

The Key Features of iDriveSafely

If you register to iDriveSafely, these are the key features you can expect:

  • An online course that can be completed anywhere, on any device
  • Auto-sync feature to keep your progress saved on every device
  • Intuitive course design that divides the material over small lectures
  • Integrated audio, videos, and interactive animation to improve the learning experience
  • Regular quizzes to keep you engaged
  • Final practice test that covers the whole course, preparing you for the DMV test
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support
  • Free trial option

The Advantages of iDriveSafely

As for advantages, these are what you can expect:

  • Easy to go through and understand
  • Interactive and engaging content
  • Affordable
  • The ability to complete the course at your own pace
  • Available in almost every state
  • A much quicker way to study compared to traditional driver education

The course is completely online, allowing for greater flexibility. Also, it is a quicker and more efficient way to study as you can do it practically anywhere.

The interactive video animations make it so much easier to understand and digest all the technicalities that this course includes. These videos give you a greater insight into the complex aspects of driving that a simple picture or text cannot deliver.

This also makes the course more engaging, getting rid of boring, traditional in-person lectures.

The ability to take this course at your own pace allows you to complete it whenever you want, whether that be now or later on. 

The Disadvantages of iDriveSafely

As expected, you will run through some disadvantages, as well. These are the ones you have to take note of:

  • Not the best mobile applications
  • Not the most fun course

The biggest issue with this course is that its mobile applications are not the easiest to use and may crash on you.

This is not an issue, however, if you plan on taking the course on a laptop. It was designed specifically for that, anyway. 

Another disadvantage (for some) is that the text material is a bit dull. 

It does rope you in with flashy animations and straightforward content, but a little joke here and there could've made the course a little more enjoyable.

But if you're looking for a simple, easy-to-use, and interactive course that doesn’t break the bank, then iDriveSafely is an excellent option. 

The Alternatives to iDriveSafely

Looking for alternatives?

Here are a few of the best ones.


iDriveSafely Driver’s Ed Review Improv

This course is a better option if you are looking for more entertainment. Written by driving experts and professional comedians, you will be able to learn how to drive with a good laugh-out-loud session.

This course has a more video lecture feel to it. If you prefer watching to reading, then definitely go for Improv. 

Just like iDriveSafely, it comes with flashy animations and content that’s both comprehensive and affordable. 

iDriveSafely Driver’s Ed Review Aceable

If you’re looking for even greater interaction and a more modern teaching style, Aceable is a great option to consider.

The school comes with its own mascot called Ace. This mascot guides you through the course, making the whole learning process so much simpler.

And, if you want humor with a modern twist, then this course has its fair share of memes and jokes to keep you entertained.

It also has a great mobile app on both Android and IOS.

However, it is slightly more expensive and is not available in some states.

iDriveSafely Driver’s Ed Review DriverEdToGo

DriversEdToGo is quite similar to iDriveSafely’s course style and layout. Plus, it has a really good IOS app. 

So if you like iDriveSafely but want a course that can be taken easily on your phone, then you might want to consider this online school.

iDriveSafely FAQs

Got any questions?

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about iDriveSafely. 

How Much Does Their Driver Education Course Cost?

The cost of driver education courses varies depending on where you live.

But generally, the course costs less than $50.

How Do I Get My Learners Permit With This Course?

  1. Sign up at iDriveSafely 
  2. Choose the driver’s ed package and pay
  3. Complete the required coursework
  4. Pass the final test
  5. Print out your certificate or have it delivered
  6. Take the certificate along with your other documents to the local DMV
  7. Pass the written DMV test

Congrats! You have your learners permit - you can now take your behind-the-wheel driving lessons.

How To Know If iDriveSafely Is Registered In My State?

To see if it's registered in your state, you can visit their website and insert your state in their search bar.

(If it is approved, then your state name will pop up. If not, you won’t find your state in the search bar.) 

Remember to always check first if your state allows for online driver education courses before you pick iDriveSafely. 

Some states may allow online learning but only if it is with an instructor, such as a Zoom-based course. Note that iDriveSafely does NOT provide that. 

What Are The Requirements Of Taking This Online Course?

The course does not have any specific requirements other than you being 16+ or 15+, depending on the state you live in.

Some states may have an adult driver’s education course if you are above the age of 18, which you can take from iDriveSafely. Just be sure to select the adult option.

How Long Will It Take To Complete The Course?

It depends on you.

If you can spend more time studying, then it can be completed in less than 2 weeks.

The great benefit of online courses is that they allow you to take it at your own pace, so you have a long period of time to complete the course if you wish to take your time.

Also, the length of a driver's education course depends on the state in which you live.

Some states may require longer or shorter education courses, which will also impact the time it takes to complete the course.

Why Should I Take An Online Course Instead Of In-Person Lessons?

In-person lectures do have their own advantages in that they allow you to immediately access your instructor. And, a classroom setting may be a better place to learn for some.

However, online courses, such as iDriveSafely, provide convenience as you can complete the course whenever and wherever you are, on any device.

This is very useful if you’re already handling other responsibilities such as high school, college, work, or home life 

Another important factor is that online courses are cheaper when compared to in-person lessons.

The average online course is under $50, while the average in-person course is above $100.

Is iDriveSafely Legit?

It’s totally legit and has been providing courses since 1998. That’s 22 years of reliable and effective teaching experience.

It just might not be approved in every state, so make sure to check iDriveSafely’s website to see if it is. 

Is iDriveSafely DMV Approved?

iDriveSafely is DMV approved in the states where its course is available. 

You don’t need to worry about the DMV rejecting your hard work, thousands of students have earned their licenses with this course.

The Final Picture

iDriveSafely is a well-known and well-trusted course that has stood the test of time. 

Their regular updates on the course are in line with technological advancement and present-day requirements.

It's simply one of the best, comprehensive online courses around. I mean, it teaches you everything you need to know while providing useful features that go a long way in making you a safe driver.

You won’t regret choosing iDriveSafely!

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