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You've probably heard about traffic school or have taken an in-person lecture before. 

While we all know that it's a much better choice than keeping the traffic ticket, it still doesn't change the fact that they're plain boring and a pain to attend.

But thankfully, modern online courses have been gaining traction and are now approved in many states across the country.

Convenient, easy to do, and flexible, these courses make getting over the whole process much simpler.

A long-time favorite, iDriveSafely, is an industry leader in online traffic courses much appreciated by drivers in many states.

In this review, I'll go over iDriveSafely's traffic/defensive driving course in 2023.

I’ll be going over its pros and cons before giving you my thoughts on whether this school is the one for you.

Let's get started!

iDriveSafely Online Course Overview

iDriveSafely A Full TrafficDefensive Driving School Review

With a mission to create safe drivers, iDriveSafely has done just that with over 6 million customers so far and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

With a wealth of experience in designing online drivers ed, defensive driving courses, and more - you don't need to worry about approval as iDriveSafely is approved in almost every state.

Vetted by professionals and customers alike, this online driving course has proven its effectiveness, with a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot based on over 18,000 reviews.

Whether you're looking for lower insurance or looking to dismiss a ticket, this school's course has a proven track record of doing all that and more.

iDriveSafely - the Key Features, Pros, and Cons

In this section, I’ll be talking about iDriveSafely’s key features, pros, and cons. 

So here goes...

Key Features

The key features are:

  • Completely online course

  • 24/7 Customer support

  • Auto-sync feature saves your progress

  • Multiple modes of teaching - video, text, and more

  • Mobile apps for all devices

  • Free certificate shipping


The pros are:

  • Convenient

  • Interactive

  • Easy to use

  • Good mobile apps

  • Easy final test

  • Affordable

  • Notifies your court for you

While all online traffic schools promise convenience, iDriveSafely actually delivers.

With an easy-to-use design and excellent mobile apps for all devices, you can do this course no matter where you are. Their auto-sync feature even saves all your progress across all devices.

The course is simple to take with lectures divided into small sub-topics. This makes understanding what you've learned a whole lot easier.

They also include short MCQ quizzes at the end of each lesson to make sure you get the main gist of what they’re covering.

Regardless if you pay attention or not, the tests are pretty simple and only go over the very basic fundamentals of driving that every driver already knows.

Also, depending on your state, there may not even be a final test! (Awesome, I know). You just need to complete the course and you're done.

What’s more, the traffic/defensive driving course is affordable compared to other online traffic schools. Not too cheap but not too expensive either.

The best part is if you're looking to dismiss a ticket, iDriveSafely handles all the paperwork by notifying your court for you so you don't have to stand in a long line for hours on end.

So you can sit back and relax while iDriveSafely handles it all for you.


The cons are:

  • Timers and authentication

  • Some content is old

  • Not the most enjoyable course

As per state requirements, all traffic courses do come with timers that restrict how fast you can complete the course.

Sadly, this does mean you won't be able to whizz through the course if your state requires timers.

So, you'll have to keep yourself occupied while that timer counts down.

Add to that, there are irritating random authentication messages that ask you personal questions to ensure someone else isn't taking the course for you.

While this isn't iDriveSafely's fault per se, it's still quite annoying. (I'm pretty sure we all don't like entering how many pets and siblings we have every 40 minutes.)

While iDriveSafely's content is very informative, it does have a few older videos here and there that are kind of a letdown.

While they don't affect the learning process and are pretty clear, something more modern would have been a lot better.

Finally, the course isn't the most fun around. 

Yeah, while traffic courses are almost never fun, there are other schools that offer a more enjoyable course that can be easier to go through even with the timers.

iDriveSafely can be a bit boring, especially if you're trying to finish the whole course in one sitting.

Alternative Online Traffic Schools

If you’re looking for an alternative to iDriveSafely, here are a few of the other best online traffic schools...


iDriveSafely A Full TrafficDefensive Driving School Review Improv

If you're looking for fun, then Improv is a course you wouldn't want to rule out.

Designed by experienced driving experts and the Improv Comedy Club, this course is informative and funny at the same time.

But there is more!

The course is divided into 10 easy lessons with a 20-question MCQs final test to meet the minimum requirements in any state. Because of that, it is one of the easiest courses around.

Fun, easy, quick, and informative, this course has it all and more if you're looking to dismiss your ticket.

Additionally, if you're looking for lower insurance costs, Improv is affiliated with GEICO. So if they're your insurer, I'd recommend you take their course to get maximum savings.

iDriveSafely A Full TrafficDefensive Driving School Review GoToTrafficSchool

If you're looking for the cheapest course around, then GoToTrafficSchool guarantees the cheapest price in your state.

They promise to match any course that is priced lower!

However, due to the low price, the course is pretty basic and has a lot of old videos and content.

While they do go over everything you need to know, they still detract from the experience.

But if you're looking for a cheap course that simply teaches you everything you need to know to pass the final test, then you may want to consider their online traffic school course.

iDriveSafely - Is This the Right Course for You?

If you're looking for a course that provides quality and ease of use while being affordable, then iDriveSafely is an attractive option you can’t go wrong with.

But if you're looking for a more fun course that you can enjoy in your free time, I'd recommend Improv as a great option that is a traffic course plus fun.

GoToTrafficSchool is also an option to consider if you're operating on a tight budget, offering the cheapest course across the country. Just don't expect any frills though.

iDriveSafely - FAQs 

Got any questions?

Hopefully, I can answer your questions here. 

Who Should Take iDriveSafely's Traffic School Course?

You should take iDriveSafely’s course if you want to:

  • Lower your insurance costs
  • To refresh your basic driving safety knowledge
  • To comply with a court order to attend
  • Meet an employer requirement
  • To prevent or remove driving points from your driving record

Note - Some states may not allow you to dismiss your traffic ticket and/or traffic points.

Before taking iDriveSafely’s traffic/defensive driving course you should first check with the court that has jurisdiction over your ticket to confirm whether such courses are permissible.

How Long Does iDriveSafely's Course Take?

It depends on your state.

States have different requirements pertaining to the number of hours a course should be.

Typically the course length is around 4-6 hours long.

But if your state doesn't mandate timers, you can whiz through the course in less than 30 minutes! 

How Much Does iDriveSafely Cost? 

The price of their traffic school/defensive driving course varies based on where you live. Different states have different requirements of what a course should include.

However, generally, iDrivSafely’s traffic school course isn’t above $60.

Am I Eligible To Take This Course?

You are eligible if you can meet the following requirements:

  • Your state allows for online traffic schools and has approved iDriveSafely
  • You haven't taken a defensive driving course in the last 12 months (if you're looking to dismiss a ticket)

Does iDriveSafely Offer Discounts?


iDriveSafely regularly holds discounts which can lower the cost by up to 50%!

Will My Insurance Cost Go Down if I Take iDriveSafely's Traffic School Course?

Most likely.

It’s very common to see insurance companies offer discounts to people who have taken online traffic school. This is because this shows that you at least know responsible driving habits. 

You can expect anywhere from a 5-20% insurance discount. 

This can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

However, you should check with your insurer beforehand to make sure they accept iDriveSafely’s traffic school course.


iDriveSafely is one of the top online traffic schools in the US. 

With its high-quality materials, convenience, and affordability, you can’t go wrong with this online traffic school. 

So go and check them out!

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