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Are you thinking of taking an online driver’s ed?

The most challenging decision is choosing between top-rated online driving schools. Some of the best choices you have are iDriveSafely and DmvEdu.  

Just to let you know, you will find all the benefits of online driver’s ed with either school – affordability, convenience, and a whole lot more.

But which one is better?

With our iDriveSafely vs DmvEdu online driving school comparison for 2023, you’ll find out which school will suit your needs!

iDriveSafely vs. DmvEdu: A Side By Side Comparison

For an in-depth comparison, we’ll look into:

  • States approved
  • Course options
  • User experience
  • Features
  • Reviews

Let’s begin with this side by side comparison chart:

States Approved:



Course Options:

Teen (Ages 14-17)

Adult Driver’s Ed (Ages 18+)

Teen Driver’s Ed

User Experience:

Tech-savvy, user-friendly, interactive

Quick, affordable


Teen: ~$30 to 90

Adult: ~$35

~$25 to $30


4.8 stars on Trustpilot

4.7 stars on ShopperApproved


  • Offers shortest and fastest online driver’s ed courses allowed by state law
  • FREE delivery of the certificate of completion 
  • 24/7 access to interactive learning tools, including games, videos, 3D animations, and graphics
  • Reliable customer and technical support
  • Student-friendly course progress tracker
  • 100% online and available on any device
  • Multiple learning formats: text, audio narration, and video

  • Mobile and PC friendly online dashboard
  • 24/7 access to text courses, videos, and graphic resources
  • Reliable course timers
  • Downloadable certificate upon passing the final exam
  • Option to have your certificate emailed or mailed
  • FREE demo course

*Pricing differs from state to state. 

And now, let’s explore the details.

States Approved

iDriveSafely has been around twice as long as DmvEdu, so it’s not surprising that they have more state-approved online driver’s ed courses.

DmvEdu, however, offers online driver’s ed courses to almost all states, but you will have to personally approach your state DMV if they will accept their certificate of completion. This can be a huge inconvenience for busy teens and working driver’s ed students.

Course Options

iDriveSafely mostly offers teen driver’s ed, but they also have Adult Driver’s Ed courses. Note: their Adult Driver’s Ed is only available in Texas at the moment. 

DmvEdu only offers state-approved teen driver’s ed (ages 18 below) courses. Teens are all their focus. 

Some states will have course timers, and you can rest assured that iDriveSafely and DmvEdu strictly adhere to state laws so you can get your course completion certificate.

User Experience

How did iDriveSafely gain a reputation for being the fastest and shortest online driver’s ed course? 

That’s because each learning tool is designed to be short and straightforward. You won’t notice the hours ticking away as you learn conveniently on any mobile, tablet, or PC.

They also specialize in designing user-friendly and interactive course material, such as audio narration, videos, and animations, apart from their short and simple text resources.

IDriveSafely Review - Best Defensive Driving & Ticket Dismissal Online

Image source:  iDriveSafely

While DmvEdu is available on any device, the interface is not as user-friendly and well-developed as iDriveSafely. The course dashboard is easy to navigate, but it does seem a bit outdated, and it could use some improvement. 

That said, many students still found DmvEdu to be easy and well-constructed thanks to a comprehensive course curriculum and practice tests.

Image source: DmvEdu 


Though iDriveSafely is one of the pioneers of online learning, we guarantee that is tech-savvy and updated.

iDriveSafely vs DmvEdu Which Online Driver’s Ed is Better iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely doesn’t rely on text-based lessons alone – it integrates engaging videos, graphics, animations, and even an audio narration tool for your ultimate convenience. 

These flexible study formats that accommodate every learning style is what makes iDriveSafely one of the easiest choices. Also, apart from these innovative learning tools, they offer unlimited access to knowledge tests.

What’s more, iDriveSafely offers automatic completion reporting to the DMV, making it one of the most convenient schools you can find. 

And, they provide a generous FULL refund if the course is not up to par with your expectations with their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Let’s move on to DmvEdu.

If you’re looking for a straightforward course that is still comprehensive, DmvEdu is an excellent choice.

iDriveSafely vs DmvEdu Which Online Driver’s Ed is Better DmvEdu

Their online curriculum was carefully designed to meet state standards. Through an online dashboard, users can easily navigate each chapter required by your state. 

There are also some interesting graphics and videos available in each module. Unlimited access to quizzes and tests is available, too. 

On the other hand, the interface is not as engaging and interactive as you might like it to be.

After you finish your course, DmvEdu allows students to download their course completion certificate immediately.

Sure, it isn’t as interactive and engaging as other online driving schools, but it still teaches you everything you need to know about getting behind the wheel, as well as fulfilling state requirements (if approved in your state). 


iDriveSafely has an amazing average review of 4.8 out of 5 stars from almost 17,800 reviewers. There’s no ignoring that iDriveSafely is one of the most positively reviewed online schools you can find!

Students appreciated that the course chapters are short, simple, and easy to understand. The audio and video features also made learning interesting and convenient. 

However, some students did have some trouble getting their certificate of completion. Thankfully, the customer service team of iDriveSafely quickly addresses technical and customer concerns.

DmvEdu received an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 4,000 reviewers.

Students liked that the course was easy yet comprehensive. It’s also one of the most affordable online driver’s ed courses you can find. 

As expected, some students found the website and dashboard old and outdated. Some students also found some minor typos in lessons and quizzes.


From our research, iDriveSafely and DmvEdu are both well-respected online driving schools that have unique strengths.

If you prefer a more interactive and tech-savvy course, iDriveSafely will be a great choice because of its user-friendly interface and versatile learning tools. It’s also one of the shortest and easiest courses you can find.

For a reliable and straightforward course, you should consider DmvEdu because of its no-frills learning style. You’ll finish the course and have your certificate in no time.

While it’s hard to say which one is the best, we hope you found the right school that will work to your advantage!

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