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If you own a vehicle or at least drive one, chances are you have come across a traffic ticket at least once in your life. 

A good traffic school can help you dismiss those pesky traffic tickets and remove points from your license.

But while attending traffic school offers these benefits, the thought of sitting through 6-8 hours of lectures is not really something you look forward to.

Luckily, we have online traffic schools

Now, you can study anywhere and anytime you want. 

Today, we’re going to compare the two best online traffic schools - iDriveSafely and MyImprov

With this comparison, you’ll be able to determine which is the best school for YOU.

So let’s get to it! 


iDriveSafely and MyImprov are two of the best online traffic schools you can find!

They have decades-worth of experience and offer unique instructional materials that you just can’t pass up!

Both have courses that are designed to be easy to understand, and though they are still traffic schools, they make a huge effort to do away with boredom while completing them. 

Let’s take a closer look at their programs, services, and how they deliver their courses to be as interactive and informative as possible. 

iDriveSafely vs MyImprov: A Side by Side Comparison

To compare both schools, we’ll look at:

  • Availability 
  • Course options
  • Features and user experience
  • Pricing
  • Reviews

Here’s a quick overview of each of these categories: 


Available In:


In-person physical locations: CA, TX, GA


Course Options:

  • Defensive Driving
  • Traffic School
  • Teen/Adult Driver's Ed
  • Mature Driver
  • Improvement
    Fleet Drivers
  • Practice Tests
  • Exam Prep

  • Defensive Driving
  • Traffic School
  • Driver's Ed
  • Fleet Training
  • DMV Practice Tests
  • Driver Improvement Courses

User Experience:

Easy to follow videos and course materials across all course offerings. The information is written in such a way that almost anyone can comprehend it.

The blend of humor, videos, comic narration, quiz-style information dissemination are staples in a MyImprov course. This almost completely eliminates boredom and makes it interesting.


Starting price: $19.95

(Pricing varies per state)

Starting price: $25

(Pricing varies per state)


4.7-star rating on Trustpilot

4.7/5 Rating in ShopperApproved


  • Auto-sync
  • Has decent website integration across devices
  • Free delivery and certificate shipping

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free Improv Comedy Club tickets 
  • Comedy and humor infused course content
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Depending on your state, you can get the certificate of completion in as fast as 30 minutes after completing the course.


iDriveSafely has three physical locations in California, Texas, and Georgia where they conduct in-person learning. 

iDriveSafely vs MyImprov Which Online Traffic School is For You iDriveSafely

They also provide approved online courses in 28 states. (See iDriveSafely’s approved states in the chart above.)

As for the rest of the states, iDriveSafely offers state-specific courses, although not state-approved. With these courses, you have to ask special permission from your court handler if they will accept the course. 

Note: iDriveSafely does not offer state-specific courses in Maine. 

Note 2: iDriveSafely is only approved in some counties in New Hampshire. You may still have to ask permission from your court to be sure if they accept the online course by iDriveSafely.

In MyImprov’s case, they offer courses in every state but are only state-approved in 17 (see above chart). If you live in a state where their courses are not approved, you have to ask for special permission from your court handler. 

As you can see, both iDriveSafely and MyImprov are readily available online traffic schools, which is why they are so popular nationwide. 

Course Options

To make sure they meet necessary state standards, iDriveSafely offers courses dedicated to Traffic School, Teen/Adult Driver’s Ed, Mature Driver Improvement, Fleet Driver, Practice Tests, as well as Exam Preparation. 

On the other hand, MyImprov has Traffic School and Defensive School. On top of those, they also offer Driver’s Ed, Fleet Training, DMV Practice tests, and driver improvement courses.

Both schools are equipped to help you in any journey with your driver’s license - be it getting one, removing points from it, or avoiding it from getting suspended. 

Features and User Experience

Many people find iDriveSafely’s auto-sync feature, which essentially tracks and saves a student’s progress automatically, to be very helpful. 

This allows you to stop and pick up where you left off without needing to worry about losing progress or data.

Now, convenience is at the heart of iDriveSafely’s online courses. This is why they utilize different modes of teaching in their materials. 

The lessons are infused with a tasteful mix of videos, text, audio, along with interactive features that take away boredom as you go through it. 

What’s more, iDriveSafely makes sure their course is as accommodating as possible by providing students the option to choose between text-based or video-based instruction. 

Not just that, they can also choose between English- or Spanish-translated programs. 

In some states(e.g., Texas), iDriveSafely offers direct attendance reports to your court. But in most cases, they will deliver your completion certificate to your home for FREE via US mail.

With MyImprov, they have created a new and unique way of delivering online traffic school instruction. They combine traditional concepts with comedic content (A.K.A. Edutainment).

iDriveSafely vs MyImprov Which Online Traffic School is For You MyImprov

These lessons are accessible online through their state-of-the-art website or their companion app, which you can download on the Apple App Store.

Enjoy stand-up comedy? MyImprov also gives its students four (4) FREE tickets to watch a live Improv Comedy Club show upon completion of their program.

Never thought traffic school could be fun? MyImprov changes your mind on that with their humorous yet informative courses. 


iDriveSafely prices range from $20 - $30. But they regularly offer discounts on their website, so it pays to watch out for those.

They also offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days of registration should you realize that their course isn’t the best match for you. 

MyImprov course fees vary between states. But most course prices start at $20.

Just like iDriveSafely, they also give discounts on their website. If you want to get the best deals, we suggest you keep posted.


iDriveSafely has served millions of drivers ever since, and it’s evident just how well their customers appreciate their services. 

They maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have a 4.7 rating on TrustPilot.

Having an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau is nothing new, but MyImprov has managed to hold the record for years since its inception.

Reviews for this school mostly revolve around the fact that their process is as easy and as straightforward as advertised. Not to mention, as hilarious as they make it to be. 

If the BBB rating is not enough, they have a 4.7/5 rating over ShopApproved with over 182K reviewers.


To be sure, both schools have their strengths and weaknesses, as all traffic schools do. 

But if you want the best bang for your buck, iDriveSafely is a great option. Plus, they offer FREE completion certificate delivery, which most schools don’t do. It’s also perfect for students who want control over the type of content they study, whether text or video.  

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an unconventional way of completing your traffic school requirements, MyImprov is the perfect partner. The mixture of humor and information is so well put together that you won’t feel the burden of it at all. 

It’s really a matter of personal choice. You must choose the one that fits your needs. 

Good luck!

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