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We all want to get our driver’s license. It’s a rite of passage in every teen’s life. 

But teenagers these days have hectic schedules. 

It’s not just schoolwork that keeps them busy – some have extracurricular activities, others have after-school jobs. So, where will they find the time to complete their driver’s education? 

The good news is you don’t need to take activities out of your busy calendar – you can simply work around it. That’s the beauty of taking driver’s education online. 

But the first step is figuring out where to take it. With several schools offering driver’s ed online, there are many options to consider. 

Speaking of options, two schools to look at are MyImprov and DmvEdu. Both offer driver’s education to teens and have excellent reputations. 

If we do a side-by-side comparison, which one comes out on top? 

We’re looking at the following areas to help you decide: 

  • Course Availability
  • User Experience
  • Pricing
  • Reviews
  • Features 

Here we go! 

MyImprov vs DmvEdu: A Quick Overview 

Having been in the business for three decades, MyImprov is familiar with the shift of driver’s education courses delivered through traditional, in-person classes to being migrated online. After all, they did the same thing. 

MyImprov vs. DmvEdu - Which Online Driver’s Ed is Better MyImprov

Several members of the Improv Comedy Club put up a driving school that became known as MyImprov. These like-minded comics wanted a school that taught teenagers what they needed to know before going behind the wheel, all while making it an enjoyable experience. 

That’s MyImprov’s trademark: their brand of humor. 

DmvEdu, on the other hand, has only been around for roughly ten years. But just because it’s been in the business for fewer years doesn’t mean it can’t hold its own against a household name like MyImprov. 

DmvEdu has an excellent reputation as an online driving school. They help their students throughout the entire process — from registration to certification. Their primary goal is to make driver’s education hassle-free — and it reflects on how they set up their platform.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can be sure that DmvEdu’s courses are up to par.

MyImprov vs DmvEdu: A Side by Side Comparison 

To summarize how these two schools compare, look at this chart:


Approved in 8 states 

(CA, FL, GA, IN, KY, NV, NY, TX)

Feature 1

Course Catalog

  • Driver’s Ed
  • Traffic School
  • Defensive Driving
  • Driver Improvement
  • Fleet Training

  • Driver’s Ed
  • Traffic School
  • Behind-the-Wheel Driving Schools

User Experience

Fun micro-learning sessions

Quick and clean lessons


Ranges from $12.50 to $70*

Ranges from $25 to $80*


4.7 / 5 on Shopper Approved

4.7 / 5 on Shopper Approved


Uses the SPIDER Method

Free demos

Let’s get into the details. 

Course Availability: What’s Available Where

MyImprov and DmvEdu took similar approaches regarding the accessibility of their course catalog. 

Although both have their driver’s ed courses approved in less than ten states, they compensate for it by offering various courses (available in more or less states than their driver’s ed course). 

For the most part, MyImprov and DmvEdu offer the same courses, such as driver’s education and traffic school. There are some programs, however, that are particular to each.

You can undergo a Fleet Training course with MyImprov. The program comprises six chapters, each with 5-item quizzes. To complete the course, there’s a 25-item text you have to pass.

If you’re from California or Georgia, you can take the knowledge component of your driving education as well as your behind-the-wheel instruction with DmvEdu. It saves you from having to look for another school to complete your full education requirements.

So, although both schools are limited in their driver’s ed availability, they offer many course options for anyone. 

User Experience: What It’s Like

Taking your driver’s ed online gives you freedom and flexibility. Unlike traditional classroom courses, there are no strict timelines to be followed, meaning you decide when and where you study.

With their courses 100% self-paced, you’ll experience this with both MyImprov and DmvEdu. But let’s have a closer look at what each school has to offer.

MyImprov lives up to its tagline — learning with a smile.

At the core of MyImprov’s course content is their belief that it’s possible to have fun while learning. 

Science backs up this belief — studies have shown that having fun has a big impact on learning effectiveness and memory retention. It also promotes self-led learning, which is vital for online courses.

With videos created by Hollywood professionals and comics from the Improv Comedy Club, this falls right within their specialization. It’s no wonder that their lessons are all designed to be as entertaining as it is educational.

MyImprov’s driver's ed course isn’t just divided into smaller segments — they’re pioneers in delivering lessons through micro-learning sessions. It means you don’t get overwhelmed with information, increasing your focus and retention.

DmvEdu offers a clean, easy-to-navigate driver’s education course.

MyImprov vs. DmvEdu - Which Online Driver’s Ed is Better DmvEdu

One thing that stands out when you begin your driver's ed course with DmvEdu is how clean their platform is. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, so there’s not much that can distract you while you're going through the coursework.

Their material is comprehensive, providing you with all the information you need to pass your DMV test. 

It is, however, a little text-heavy, which is why DmvEdu tries to break the monotony using knowledge boxes and videos.

Videos cover a wide array of topics such as speed limits, road signs, and right of way. The video quality could be improved though. 

There are also images to help students better understand lessons, but these may be small and difficult to read.

If you’re the type of student who easily gets distracted by visuals, this delivery format may work for you.

Pricing: Which Course is Cheaper?

Pricing is a common area for MyImprov and DmvEdu. Although the course rates vary per state, both schools offer it for an average of $34.

The price for MyImprov’s driver's education course ranges from a low of $12.50 in some states to a high of almost $70 in others.

DmvEdu offers their driver's ed for $24.95 in most states. It’s most expensive in Pennsylvania, costing $80.

Reviews: What People are Saying

Both schools have extremely high ratings from Shopper Approved.

MyImprov’s 4.7-rating is based on almost 200,000 reviews.

More than 172,000 people gave MyImprov a rating of 4 and above. 

Shopper Approved breaks down the feedback based on three areas: Customer Service, Product Satisfaction, and Price Satisfaction. MyImprov scores a 4.7 on the first two areas and a 4.6 on the third.

Users appreciated being able to get help through a chat function. They also found MyImprov’s course fast and easy. 

On the flip side, users' frustration is commonly caused by difficulties with the website.

Here are some reviews from Shopper Approved:

“There was easy shopping and clear directions for completion. The presentations and readings were very easy to understand.” - Sheila A.

“Since I paid the money cannot get to continue the course.” - Yvonne C.

DmvEdu’s 4.7-rating is based on over 4,000 reviews.

Although there are fewer reviews, it was enough for Shopper Approved to break down the feedback. 

Their rating for both Product and Price Satisfaction is 4.4, while Customer Service is 4.2. Most users also said they would recommend DmvEdu to others and buy from them again.

What people loved about DmvEdu is that the material was very clear and to the point, while others preferred a more interactive experience.

These are some reviews from Shopper Approved:

“All n all it's been good so far. courses are easy to navigate and I haven't had any bugs yet.” - Solomon

“the interface seems a tad outdated” - Hayden

Features: What Else is There?

MyImprov uses the SPIDER Method.

MyImprov might put up an image of being all fun and games, but they take their student drivers’ safety seriously.

On top of ensuring increased retention by using microlearning sessions to deliver the content, they also use the SPIDER Method in their courses. 

MyImprov warns students about the hazards of driving while distracted, but it also teaches them how to deal with distracted drivers on the road.

SPIDER is an acronym for the thinking processes involved:

  • Scanning for possible threats
  • Predicting where these threats may come from
  • Identifying visible threats
  • Deciding what actions to take
  • Executing the appropriate Response

DmvEdu gives you a glimpse of their content through demos.

You can check out DmvEdu’s course before even purchasing it. They offer a free demo on their website.

Choosing this option gives you access identical to that of a paid student. The only difference is you only have five minutes before it expires. 

Demos are also available for Practice Tests. Choosing this option allows you to go through tests on various knowledge areas — general questions, signs and symbols, licenses, and permits. Each test has 10 multiple-choice items. 

When you submit your answers, you’ll get your score. It also shows the correct answer to questions you got incorrectly.

With these demos, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. It allows for an informed decision on your end.

Alternatives: Where Else Can I Go?

Two other schools you can look into for your driver’s education courses are DriversEd and Aceable.


MyImprov vs. DmvEdu - Which Online Driver’s Ed is Better Aceable

If you’re looking for a highly interactive experience, Aceable is the way to go.

Aceable makes life easy by ensuring its content is compatible with different devices. You can complete your coursework using a computer, a tablet, or your mobile phone. All you need to finish your course is a stable internet connection.

Switching from one device to another won’t affect your progress since Aceable’s platform saves it automatically. Their game-like quizzes and the presence of a robot instructor have earned them highly-rated reviews.

MyImprov vs. DmvEdu - Which Online Driver’s Ed is Better DriversEd

Whether you’re a teen or an adult, DriversEd has a course for you. They’re also more widely available since their program is approved in 17 states. 

In an attempt to provide an engaging experience to their students, DriversEd uses various media in their course. It includes animation and videos showing several dangerous situations on the road.

DriversEd doesn't just offer a self-paced online driver’s education course, but they also offer freedom and flexibility to today’s busy teens.


Both MyImprov and DmvEdu are solid choices for your driver’s education. With both having affordable prices and raving reviews, it comes down to a matter of preference.

Some people prefer a straightforward format. Fewer distractions can sometimes result in going through the coursework faster.

Others look for more videos and visuals, preferring to chuckle while going through the content.

The most important question is this — what are you looking for?

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