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Looking for a quality driver’s ed is important for the safety and security of every new driver. 

That said, two of the most popular choices for online driving schools are MyImprov and First Time Driver

Both schools allow you to study at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. Both schools are approved in some states. Both schools make sure their students learn everything they need to know. 

But which one is better?

If you’re not sure which you should go for, don’t sweat it — we’ve written this MyImprov vs First Time Driver comparison review to help you get started on the right foot. We’ll discuss everything, from course availability to features. 

So let’s get started!

MyImprov vs First Time Driver - An Overview

MyImprov vs First Time Driver - Which Online Driver's Ed is Better MyImprov

MyImprov is one of the oldest providers in the industry with over 20 years of experience under their belt. They have a wide variety of online courses, including driver’s ed and traffic school programs perfect for ticket dismissals, point reductions, and insurance discounts.

Owned and operated by the American Safety Council, First Time Driver has been around for almost the same time. They started providing services in 1999; now, they continue to teach first-time drivers (pun intended) how to safely participate on the road and avoid getting into life-threatening accidents. 

MyImprov vs First Time Driver - A Side by Side Comparison 

Here’s a summary of MyImprov’s and First Time Driver’s services and features: 


First TIme Driver

Course Availablity 



Course Options

Tickets & Violation

  • Defensive Driving Courses
  • Traffic School Courses
  • Driver Improvement Courses
  • Comedy Traffic School
  • Comedy Defensive Driving

Driver’s Ed

  • Drivers Ed
  • Fleet Training
  • DMV Practice Test

Insurance Discount

  • Insurance Discount
  • Insurance Discount Explained
  • Mature Driver Program
  • Teen and Adult Driver Education
  • Online Permit Prep
  • Drug and Alcohol Course
  • Parent Taught Driver Ed





4.7 stars on Shopper Approved

3.2 stars on the Better Business Bureau 


  • Highly interactive website
  • Funny and entertaining lessons
  • 24/7 customer support services
  • Mobile app
  • Instant proof of completion
  • Original Certificate of Completion mailed to you
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • 24/7/365 customer support services
  • Informative blogs
  • Car Buying Guide
  • Insurance Guide

*Prices for California courses ONLY. 

Now, let’s get into more details. 

Course Availability

When it comes to availability, First Time Driver covers more ground compared to MyImprov. However, the numbers aren’t that far apart. 

Where First Time Driver has 12 states on its list, MyImprov has 8.

MyImprov vs First Time Driver - Which Online Driver's Ed is Better First Time Driver

If you’re in CA, FL, GA, IN, KY, NV, NY, or TX, and are looking for a unique experience, we recommend you take a course from MyImprov. 

But if you want a more straightforward course, then First Time Driver might be better for you, provided you’re from one of the states they’re available in. 

Course Options

There is no shortage of options in MyImprov! 

They have traffic school, driver’s education, and insurance discount courses that you can choose from. Not to mention a unique learning system that teachers at MyImprov call “Edutainment”. 

Edutainment is a mixture of education and entertainment. You won’t get bored studying their courses as they include hilarious skits and jokes, as well as a highly interactive course. 

First Time Driver might not have as many courses, but they do offer a variety of Permit Prep, Teen and Adult Driver Education, and Drug and Alcohol courses that can satisfy DMV requirements. They even have a Parent Taught Driver’s Ed program. 


Both schools are fairly affordable, with courses costing as little as $14.95 to $70 (depending on your state). 

To get a specific number, visit MyImprov and First Time Driver, select your state, and see the prices! 


Despite being one of the oldest driver’s ed providers in the industry, MyImprov has managed to keep up with the times. 

Their website, features, and services are all up to date, and clients appreciate the twist they put in their teaching method.

They’ve earned a 4.7-star rating on Shopper Approved, with over 130,000 reviews and counting. 

Here’s what one reviewer thinks about MyImprov’s services: 

However, a few clients complained about the delay in MyImprov’s processing of completion certificates. They also find the course a bit time-consuming and long. 

As for First Time Driver, it isn’t looking so good, with a rating of 3.2-stars on Better Business Bureau. 

Although they’ve been around almost as long as MyImprov, First Time Driver could do good with some upgrades. 

According to client reviews, First Time Driver takes a while to load lessons. Students find themselves spending the first 5 minutes of their lesson waiting for the page to load. 

Similar to MyImprov, they also take a while to ship students their certificate of completion. Plus, they don’t have very satisfying customer support. 

Here’s what one client has to say about their services: 


MyImprov makes it easy for students to use their website, with up-to-date technology and tools that make navigation easy and foolproof. They also have a mobile app for students who wish to take their lessons with them everywhere they go!

On the other hand, First Time Driver could take a lesson or two from MyImprov. 

Although they’ve taken all the care to make their course mobile-friendly, there are certain devices that can’t access their website. 

This can be a hassle for students who don’t own a laptop or desktop, or for students who want to study while, say, commuting. 

Despite these drawbacks, they do offer a few useful features, like a Car Buying Guide and Insurance Guide for students. They also have a blog chockful of useful information and tips for new drivers who wish to get on the road safely and fully prepared! 


Of course, there are other online driving schools that you can check out. 

Here are three (3) other providers we recommend.


One of the newest players in the game, Aceable is a great choice for online driver’s education. Their courses are 100% online and can be accessed via their mobile app — a tool that uses state-of-the-art technology that makes the user experience awesome. 

If you wish to take your classes on your PC, no problem. You can also access lessons via their website, which works with all web browsers — just take your pick! 


DriverEdToGo offers the most affordable courses available online. Plus, they’re available in almost all states! 

They have a customer support service that’s there to help and assist you 24/7/365. 

The only problem with this provider is that their courses can be a bit bland compared to the other providers. 

Still, they’re worth the consideration for any first-time driver. 


Just like MyImprov, DriversEd.com has been around for over 20 years. Despite being around this long, they’ve managed to keep up with the changes pretty well. 

Their courses are affordable and their website is compatible with almost every device (phone, laptop, or tablet). 

The best thing about this school is they upgrade their lessons and content every year, so you can rest assured that the information you get is relevant to the times. 

MyImprov vs First Time Driver: The Verdict

There’s no denying that MyImprov looks like the better choice of the two, considering its features, prices, and reviews. These more than compensate for the services that they lack (availability). 

However, First Time Driver does have its strong points. For one, if you live in states where MyImprov isn’t available, a course from First Time Driver would be sufficient enough to get you through the process of qualifying for a driver’s permit. 

Ultimately, what matters is that you choose a provider that you’re comfortable with. After all, you’re the one who’s going to be spending you’re time answering quizzes and reading materials. 

Make sure the course you choose is something you can stick with!

Good luck out there! 

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