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So you're finally 16 and want to get freedom in a card. (i.e a driver’s license)

But if you're anything like me, I guess you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the whole process and the amount of work it’ll take to get that license.

Add to that your normal high school routine and college admissions and the whole experience seems a bit daunting.

But believe me, I've been there, driving can be difficult when you’re just starting out.

To get a license permit in the state of Connecticut you had to complete an 8-hour in-person driving education course.

“Ugh...an in-person lecture” (yaawn)

But nowadays getting a license is much easier than it used to be.

Thanks to the internet, the course can now be taken completely online at home!

"Great, but how am I going to find a course that’s right for me?"

Don't worry, I’ve made a comprehensive list of the top 5 best online driver education courses in the State of Connecticut. 

These courses are all approved and made for the learner permit test in Connecticut. 

Best Driver Education Courses in Connecticut

The top 5 are:

  1. DriversEdToGo
  2. iGottaDrive
  3. High Ridge Driving School
  4. The Next Street
  5. Tom’s Driving School


Top 5 Best Online Driver Ed Courses In Connecticut (To Get Your Learner Permit) DriverEdToGo

With applications on all mobile devices, this course is perfect if you have a busy schedule.

The course is designed to be used anywhere, at any time. Integrating reading, sound bites, and short video clips being easy to use no matter where you may be.

This doesn't just make learning easy but enjoyable as well, with fun and interactive games that test your memory as you go along.

Its 24/7 experienced customer support also ensures that any issue you may face is quickly resolved and any question gets the answer it deserves.

This course is designed to keep you informed and entertained at the same time making it a perfect option if you want a course that will educate while being enjoyable too.

Top 5 Best Online Driver Ed Courses In Connecticut (To Get Your Learner Permit) iGottaDrive

The name tells the whole story.

They know you want to drive and their aim is to give you the fastest and quickest way to get behind the wheel.

Its online courses are short and sweet, concisely summarizing the information to keep it relevant and easy.

Unlike the other courses, they don't provide practice questions in the course.

That means you’ll have to buy them separately, which is a bummer.

So if you're willing to pay extra for the full experience and want a simple, to-the-point course, this may be for you.

Top 5 Best Online Driver Ed Courses In Connecticut (To Get Your Learner Permit) High Ridge Driving School

Providing online video-based courses, this school aims to make the course as convenient as possible.

The course is divided into 12 video lectures that provide you with an easy way to learn that is much more effective than just a boring old textbook.

If you’ve relied on YouTube to get yourself through high school, then this course is something you could be interested in.

It may be difficult to use this out and about though, unless you have a stellar data plan that is.

But the course also offers a comprehensive textbook guide filled with many questions that you'll face in the final test. (for an extra fee of course)

The course isn’t as interactive as the first two options on this list but still provides you with much greater convenience than a zoom call lecture.

Top 5 Best Online Driver Ed Courses In Connecticut (To Get Your Learner Permit) The Next Street

If you're the type of person that likes instant feedback and the benefit of instructor-led classes, this school may be for you.

Conducting its classes on zoom calls this course provides you direct and live access to your instructor, giving you the ability to get answers instantly.

Unlike other zoom courses, this course is slightly more convenient with options to complete the course at different timings and through 2 or 4 classes to meet the 8-hour requirement. 

However, this course is expensive, just shy of $150 due to the live instruction you’re getting.

But if you want a course that's more akin to classroom teaching you may want to pick this option.

Top 5 Best Online Driver Ed Courses In Connecticut (To Get Your Learner Permit) Tom's Driving School

Another online zoom call course, Tom’s Driving School integrates practical driving experience to provide you all you need to know about the ways of the road.

Not the most modern or convenient course it is nonetheless comprehensive and their experienced instructors are friendly and interactive, giving you an interesting learning experience.

It is expensive though and may be hard to manage on a tight schedule.

But if you have the cash and the free time, this may be good to consider especially if you wish to take their in-person driving lessons after you get your permit.

Driving School in Connecticut - FAQs

How Do I Get My License in Connecticut?

In Connecticut, you first have to obtain a learner license that requires a minimum 8-hour driver safety course before you're allowed to sit for the final learner test.

After that, you are given a learner’s permit and must complete 40-hours of behind-the-wheel driving.

The courses listed above are to fulfill the 8-hour requirement and get you up to speed with everything you need to know to ace the final learner permit test.

Can I Take an Online Driver’s Test in Connecticut?

Yes, but the final exam shall still be conducted at your local DMV.

The State of Connecticut allows for online driver’s ed courses to complete the 8-hour minimum requirement for your learner permit.

Why Do I Need To Take A Driver’s Ed Course?

A driver’s ed course is mandatory if you are looking to get a license in Connecticut.

The course goes over the essential information needed to drive such as sign meanings and speed limits.

After you complete this course, you are allowed to sit for the Learner Permit test at your DMV.

What Is The Difference Between a Zoom Course and an Online Course?

Taking a zoom course is the nearest you can be to an in-person class experience.

The courses are taught by instructors at set times and are usually longer than an hour.

Options like Drivers Ed To Go are completely online, meaning that no instructor is teaching you the course.

Instead, course material is provided to you in the form of reading material, video clips, and interactive games to test your memory.

Students often prefer the complete online courses as they can be taken anywhere and completed on your own time, making the process a lot more convenient.

Meaning you won’t have to stick to any schedule a school may give you.

They are also often cheaper, (All the online courses I’ve provided are less than $50) compared to zoom-based lectures that are often in the hundreds of dollars.


So if you're looking for an online course that you can take from the comfort of your own home, then the above list provides you with all types of online courses.

So whether you like classroom-type lessons, video-based content, or interactive and enjoyable fully online courses, this list contains an option for every type of learner.

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