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You can take online driver’s ed in many states including Alaska. The State of Alaska does not require you to take a formal driver’s ed course before getting your driver’s license. 

However, if you plan to get a driver’s license in Alaska, you will need to pass the driving test and written exam. 

This means you will need to know the basics of traffic rules and driving instructions by taking a driver’s education course. You will also be asked to log 40 hours of behind-the-wheel training. A parent or legal guardian should accompany this training.

Want to learn more about driver’s ed? 

In this article, we will be answering all the FAQs about online driver’s ed in Alaska and everything you need to know from requirements,  costs, to which online driver’s ed school is the best choice.

Let’s dive in!

Can I Take Online Driver's Ed in Alaska?

Yes, you can take an online driver’s ed in Alaska. As a matter of fact, there are several top-performing traffic schools in Alaska, such as DriversEd.com and Driveredtogo.com

Can I Take Online Driver’s Ed in Alaska (A Complete Guide) DriversEd

The Alaskan driver’s ed course material includes everything a beginner driver must know. This covers avoiding collisions, handling difficult weather situations, road rules, and signs.

Is Online Driver’s Ed Better Than In-Person Classes?

The online driver’s ed course is just as informative and interactive as traditional in-person classes. 

Using apps and automated machines, an online driver’s ed is better at keeping track of the student’s progress and assessing which driving skills need more improvement.

Taking an online course for driver’s education is becoming more popular because of the advancement in technology. In Alaska, many driving schools are now offering a home-based online option for those who want to enroll in driver’s ed.

What are the Requirements for Online Driver’s Ed in Alaska?

Here is a list of documents that you will need for applying for your Alaska driver’s license. Even though driver’s ed is not mandatory in Alaska to get a driver’s license, you will still be asked to pass a written test. This is where online driver’s ed will come in handy.

Requirements for Teens:

NOTE: If you are enrolled in an approved driver's education course at your high school or a professional driving school, you may obtain a special learner’s permit. You can contact your local school or the Alaska DMV for more information.

  • Teens ages 14 and up can apply for an Alaska instruction permit (or learners permit)
  • Personal ID Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • A signed parental consent form
  • A social security card
  • Medical Records or School ID Card

Requirements for Adults:

  • For ages 16 and up and have had your learner’s permit for at least six months, you are eligible to apply for a provisional driver’s license.
  • At least 40 hours of supervised driving (10 hours of this must be done at night or during bad weather conditions)
  • Have had no traffic violations in the past 6 months
  • Parent’s or guardian’s consent for ages below 18
  • Learner's permit
  • 2 forms of identification
  • Social security card
  • Written test scores

Once you turn 18, the provisional restrictions will be lifted. All you need to do is go to the local driver’s license office and pay $15 to have the provisional restrictions removed.

How long does online driver’s ed take in Alaska?

If you live in a state that does not require timers when taking up an online driver’s ed course, you may spend less than 30 hours. In Alaska, the average duration will last about 30 hours or 2 weeks. 

This will depend on the provider’s process. You also have the option to pause and continue your online course whenever you desire with the help of their automated programs that allow you to log in and save your progress.

What’s the difference between parent-taught driver’s ed and instructor-taught driver’s ed in Alaska?

The main difference between the two is who will be teaching the behind-the-wheel training to the student. Most driving schools in Alaska now offer both options to teens.

Courses will differ between parent-taught and instructor-taught. The upside for instructor-taught driver’s ed is that it is more efficient since they are professional driver instructors. You can also save time and finish the course more quickly. 

However, parent-taught is cheaper and also more convenient.  

How much does Alaska online driver’s ed cost?

The online driver’s ed course fee will usually cost from $19 (basic driver’s ed course) to around $90 (special packages). There are also discounts offered if you refer a friend or you avail of the special packages of the driving schools in Alaska. 

What is the best online driver’s ed school in Alaska?

DriversEd.com is on top of our list because they offer everything from driver and license training to online classroom education. Other top-rated online driver’s ed schools in Alaska are:

How do I get my driver’s license in Alaska?

In order to get your Alaska driver’s license, you will need to:

  • Pass a written knowledge test-- which means you will need to study basic driver’s ed.
  • Pass an alcohol and drug awareness test (for 21 years old and above)
  • Provide proof of legal name, date of birth, address, and social security number.
  • Surrender your out-of-state driver license (if you have one)
  • Pass a vision test

How Long is an Alaska Driver's License Good For?

The validity of a driver’s license varies for every state. In Alaska, drivers and residents are required to renew their driver’s license every five years. 

Is Online Driver’s ed Legit?


Driver’s ed isn’t required in Alaska. 

But what you’ll learn from these courses will be super beneficial for you to pass the exam to get your license!


Online driver’s education is an effective way to learn all you need to know about traffic rules and regulations. The courses will be catered to each state, so it is best to enroll in a driving school where you plan to acquire your driver’s license. 

There are many interactive courses you can take in Alaska driver’s ed schools.

Since most of the schools now offer online learning, you can now prepare for your written test at your own pace without going through the process of in-person classes.

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