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Are you sick of waiting for the bus or for someone else to drive you around?

It’s about time you got your driver’s license so you can experience total freedom.

Getting a driver’s license requires a couple of steps, and it all starts with driver’s education.

But with so many online drivers ed courses in California, which ones are the best?

Don’t stress yourself out. We’ve listed down 6 of the best online drivers ed in California to help you decide.

Pick one, and you’re well on your way to getting that license in your hands.

Best Online Drivers Ed in California for 2023


Best For:

Price Starts At:


Best Overall


Best Value for Money


Best for High School Credit


Fastest Online Driver's Ed


Funniest Driver's Ed


Aceable - Best overall

Top 6 Picks for Best Online Drivers Ed in California Aceable

Quick facts:

  • California DMV-approved
  • One free month of Allstate Roadside Services
  • 100% mobile
  • Accessible on smartphones and computers
  • Has a smartphone app
  • Takes 30 hours
  • Unlimited practice tests for California permit test
  • Free certificate delivery

Aceable is an industry leader when it comes to drivers ed and driver safety courses.

If you had to choose only one online drivers ed in California, they’re your best bet. 

They’ve taught over 1 million driving students with 1000+ hours of course content. Considering they only just started in 2013, that’s impressive.

What makes them a cut above the rest?

For starters, they’ve got a shiny, interactive robot instructor named Ace.

In simulations, Ace hops into your car to gently guide you along the way.

Check out Ace in action here:

Aceable’s California drivers ed course takes 30 hours.

But with Ace leading the way, that will feel like a breeze.

Aceable covers a broad range of up-to-date topics to give beginner drivers all the valuable info. It’s not a total info dump since it’s divided into chapters with multiple bite-sized lessons.

You get these in quirky animations, 3D simulations, gamified quizzes, videos, and more engaging learning methods. 

If you’ve got a short attention span, their creative gimmicks will keep you glued to your lessons, waiting for more.

Take a sneak peek of their sweet simulation course (make sure to drag the screen around so you get the whole 3D experience!):

Aceable also has a convenient smartphone app so you can take your classes anytime, anywhere, as long as you have your phone with you.

Since everything is online, you get to study at your own pace with a course that never expires.

To get your DMV permit test, you’ll have to pass Aceable’s drivers ed final exam first. But don’t worry, you get unlimited practice tests in the app to prepare.

If you fail?

You can still retake the test in seven days.

And all of this awesomeness won’t hurt your wallet at all.

Aceable’s California online drivers ed will cost you about $50 - $60, which is more expensive than your other options. .

But for all its perks and inclusions, it’s a fantastic value-for-money deal.


You don’t have to take our word for how awesome Aceable is, just check out the smashing reviews they got over at TrustPilot

They scored a whopping 4.9 out of 5 stars and have 31,405 reviews!

Everyone who took the course -- from teenagers to adults -- loved them.

All we can say is, California teenagers are lucky Aceable is state-approved.

DriversEd - Best Value for Money

Top 6 Picks for Best Online Drivers Ed in California DriversEd

Quick facts:

  • One of the cheapest driver’s ed available
  • One free month of Allstate Roadside Services
  • Free course app
  • Unlimited practice test
  • 100% permit exam pass rate
  • Can earn you auto insurance discounts
  • Free Certificate of Completion delivery

DriversEd has more than 25 years of teaching under its belt.

They’ve trained over six million drivers and proudly refer to themselves as America’s number 1 online driving school.

You can learn road rules conveniently from your home or anywhere thanks to DriversEd being 100% online.

They’ve even got an app available on both iOS and Android.

It lets you switch seamlessly between your smartphone, tablet, or laptop without worrying about ruining your progress.

DriversEd also has a nifty automatic bookmark feature so you can always pick up where you left off.

Their engaging videos and 3D animations are based on case studies to help you retain the information better.

Here’s a short demo of the lessons for you:

If you hit a snag on your lessons anytime, reach out to their excellent 24/7 customer support service and they’ll gladly help you out.

Once you finish 30 hours of courses, it’s time to take the exam.

The app also gives you unlimited test exam practices plus unlimited chances for taking the final.

Did we mention you also get up to a 10% discount on your auto insurance premiums once you complete your online course with DriversEd?

How cool is that?

All you have to do is create an account that takes under 5 minutes and you’re good to go.


DriversEd has stellar reviews over at TrustPilot where they earned 4.6 stars out of 5.

Previous students have mentioned how they loved that the lessons were easy but covered everything. It’s a proven fast way to get that California driver’s permit.

DriversEd not only helped beginner teenage drivers, but they’re also a great online course even for adults.

Even older drivers appreciated the course being so easy and exciting.

DriverEdToGo - Best for High School Credit

Top 6 Picks for Best Online Drivers Ed in California DriverEdToGo

Quick facts:

  • California DMV-approved
  • Free mobile app
  • 100% online
  • Has an audio read-along feature
  • Earn high-school credit
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Lots of add-on options

How about a few extra high school credits?

DriverEdToGo can earn you some after you finish their online drivers ed course.

All you have to do is check if your high school accepts transcripts for extra credits.

They will process and ship it to your home for an added fee.

Thanks to DriverEdToGo’s free mobile app, you can access your online drivers ed course anytime, anywhere.

This school has helped over 4 million students get their learner’s permit the fast way.

Once you enroll, you get to study 16 course chapters divided into smaller lessons.

You’ll learn everything from traffic signs and laws and vehicle accidents to the danger of driving while intoxicated.

They’ve included new fun and engaging games in their lessons too.

DriverEdToGo lets you study when YOU want -- leave the lesson and you can easily pick up where you left off.

It’s 100% online and perfect for both mobile and computer use.

Plus, it’s got lots of upgrades, including a read-along add-on, California DMV practice tests, and a California Study Guide.

Other online drivers ed courses (like Aceable) already include the read-along upgrade for free, but DriversEdToGo is easier on the pockets.

Once you pass the final exam, DriverEdToGo will mail you your certificate of completion for free.

You can even review for the DMV exam with their PrepWizard Exam Prep.


Previous students have praised DriverEdToGo for having clear, straightforward lessons.

It might not be the most interactive of online drivers ed courses out there, but they still deliver when it comes to quality content.

Customers did have issues with the free mailing of their certificates that many said took forever.

So if you’re opting for DriverEdToGo and you need to get your certificate ASAP, you might want to consider express delivery.

When all’s said and done, DriverEdToGo is still one of the best online drivers ed in California.

MyImprov - Easiest Online Drivers Ed

Top 6 Picks for Best Online Drivers Ed in California MyImprov

Quick facts:

  • California DMV-approved
  • Over 20 years of experience in helping CA drivers
  • 100% online
  • Free practice exams
  • No course exams
  • Money-back guarantee

Improv Traffic School wants you to think of their CA online drivers ed as a game.

You log in, you play, and you win your license.

The courses are backed by science and made to be fun and interactive. It’s got animations and quirky graphics.

Your 30-hour course is made and written by Hollywood writers, world-leading driving experts, and behavioral scientists.

But while Improv’s online drivers ed courses are made to be engaging, they mean serious business.

After all, driving is a privilege and not a right, so every driver should learn the road rules and take them to heart.

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, Improv lets you set the pace.

Go slow and learn a lesson a day or spend time studying and finish all the courses in a week -- it’s your choice.

And if you hate taking exams, you’re in luck because Improv’s California online drivers ed doesn’t have a final exam.

(But it does have a free 100-question practice exam for your California instruction permit exam.)

After you complete the course and receive your Certificate of Completion, you’re ready to head to the DMV to get your learner’s permit.

That fast, that convenient, and that easy!


If you weren’t at all satisfied with the course you just took, Improv would offer you a full refund for your wasted time.

We doubt you’re going to suffer though.


Improv is well-loved by all students whether they took the online drivers ed or the online traffic school.

They help you deliver the results the fastest way possible, making them one of the best online drivers ed in California.

Sitejabber even gave them a 4.7-star rating from 164,195 reviews.

- Fastest Online Drivers Ed

Top 6 Picks for Best Online Drivers Ed in California iDriveSafely

Quick facts:

  • California DMV-approved
  • 100% online
  • Study at your own pace
  • Approved in lots of states
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free DMV practice tests
  • One free month of Allstate Roadside Services
  • Free certificate delivery

iDriveSafely is known for being an industry leader when it comes to online traffic school, defensive driving, and drivers ed.

There’s no doubt they’ve got one of the best online drivers ed courses for California teens.

iDriveSafely will give you the state-required 30 hours of lessons with their creative touch.

You won’t just read along, you’ll encounter fun 3D graphics, fantastic animations, audio clips, and slideshows that make the entire journey fun and exciting.

Check out their short demo here:

There are no deadlines to stress about here -- iDriveSafely lets you study at your speed.

Learn wherever you are since the system is 100% online. All you have to do is connect your gadget to the internet.

Like with all the courses we mentioned before, iDriveSafely also has a start-and-stop feature plus an automatic bookmark.

Once you ace all the lessons and the short quizzes at the end of the chapters, you have to take the 50-question final exam. 

Score higher than 80%, and you’ll finally get your Certificate of Completion.

Your online drivers ed course comes with a free 50-question DMV Practice Test. If you want to get an upgrade to 100 questions, you have to pay an additional $6.99.


iDriveSafely boasts of an A+ rating awarded by the Better Business Bureau.

They’ve got a 4.8-star rating at TrustPilot from over 17,600 reviews.

Previous course takers praise the online drivers ed course for balancing engaging content with heavy info.

And there you have it!

These six are our top picks for best online drivers ed in California.

Now let’s go over the steps on how to actually get your driver’s license.

A Step By Step to Getting Your California Driver’s License

Beginner drivers only have to follow these steps:

  1. Finish an online drivers ed course at a CA DMV-approved school and get your Certificate of Completion
  2. Submit your certificate to the CA DMV to qualify for a visual and written test for your learner’s permit
  3. Pass the test and get your learner’s permit
  4. Complete six hours of practice driving with a professional driving instructor
  5. Complete 50 hours (10 at night) of behind-the-wheel practice with your parent, guardian, spouse, or anyone over 25 with a valid CA license
  6. Go to the DMV and take the driving test

(NOTE: You must have your learner's permit for a minimum of 6 months before taking the driving test.)

  1. Pass the test and get your license!

Getting your driver’s license takes some time, but if you start with a great online drivers ed course, the rest will be a breeze.

Best California Online Drivers Ed FAQs

We’ve covered quite a lot of stuff, but we know you still have questions. Read on to find out the answers to your most pressing Qs!

Do I have to take drivers ed in California?

Yes, you need to finish drivers education in California so you can get your learner’s permit. Your learner’s permit lets you take the required hours of practice driving before you can apply for your license.

How do I register for an online driver’s ed in California?

Most online drivers ed schools, like the ones we mentioned above, have a similar registration process.

You can start studying in three easy steps: go to their website, register for the course, and pay.

It’s so easy it wouldn’t even take you 5 minutes.

How long does drivers ed take in California?

CA DMV requires 30 hours of drivers ed for new California drivers.

Can you finish the courses faster?

Yes, you can even go through the entire thing in a week as long as you understand all the crucial information.

How much does it cost to take online drivers ed in California?

Surprisingly, most schools won’t cost you an arm and a leg to enroll for an online drivers ed class. 

The cheapest on this list goes to DriversEd and Improv Traffic School which managed to knock their fees way down. But that’s without add-ons and upgrades.

Aceable has the most expensive course package of the bunch, but when you think of all the inclusions -- 3D simulations, audio read-along, etc. -- the price tag is worth it.

Is it better to take California drivers ed online or in a classroom?

If you’re old-fashioned and prefer going the traditional route, brick-and-mortar in-person classes might suit you.

But that means weeks of sitting inside another classroom which we’re sure you’re tired of by now.

If you want flexibility, convenience, and more time on your hands, online classes are the way to go.


Getting a driver’s license is one of the best moments in a teen’s life. You could even say it’s an essential rite of passage.

But you also have to remember that driving is a privilege and not a right. This is why drivers education is important. It lets you learn the responsibilities of being behind the wheel.

Make sure to choose one of our top six best online drivers ed in California so you get quality education plus a fast pass to your driver’s license.

Got your pick already?

Tell us which online drivers ed in California you’re going for!

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