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Getting a driving license is on the top of every teens' bucket list.

But for your parents, it's probably a stressful time, and they're probably looking for the most informative driver’s ed course to give you everything you need to drive safely.

Well if you’re thinking about going and doing it in an old-fashioned classroom, I'm here to say don't bother…

Cause online driver’s ed is, unlike what parents may assume, every bit as informative as their in-person counterparts.

The best part is that these courses are perfect for any busy high school schedule, giving you the much-needed flexibility to do this course anywhere and at any time.

If you’re in North Carolina, then I’ve done all the research for you, coming up with the top 5 best online driver’s ed courses in North Carolina.

So let's get into it.

Top 5 Best Online Driver’s Ed in North Carolina

Here is the top 5 best online driver’s ed in North Carolina: 

  1. DriversEd
  2. DriversEdToGo
  3. CyberEdDriversEd 
  4. DmvEdu
  5. SafeMotorist

Keep reading below for a more detailed look at each option,

Note: many driver’s ed courses are provided in North Carolina, but only a few are approved. If the school is not approved, we will make sure to mention it.


Online Driver’s Ed in North Carolina - Top 5 Best DriversEd

DriversEd has been in the online driver’s ed industry for more than a decade and has won approval from driving safety specialists and teens alike - they have a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot and an A+ by the BBB.

These stats are really no surprise considering the amount of care they’ve put into their course. They have created an informative yet fun learning experience that’s guaranteed to give you everything you need for the written test.

Using the power of tech, DriversEd gives you the ability to learn practical driving skills completely online. They do this through 3D driving simulations that prepare you for different scenarios you’ll encounter on the road.

This is in addition to their variety of games and puzzles that help reinforce the syllabus content while keeping you focused, improving memory retention, and making the learning experience more fun overall.

Plus, there are quizzes along the way, to give you a sense of what you know, and what you need to work on. These features and more are integrated into their video-based lecture series. 

And if you appreciate convenience, DriversEd has it in spades here, with stellar no-fuss mobile applications that give you the best on-the-go experience.

Completely approved in North Carolina, DriversEd offers one of the best overall experiences. It might cause a few extra bucks, but it will be worth it. 

Note: Though this school IS state-approved, you’ll have to ask your high school if you can take it to get a DEC (driver eligible certificate).

Online Driver’s Ed in North Carolina - Top 5 Best DriverEdToGo

DriversEdToGo ensures that you’ll always get the most affordable option, regardless of how other competing courses are priced.


Well, DriversEdToGo promises to match any course that’s priced lower, meaning it’s literally the cheapest driver’s ed course in North Carolina.

And that low price comes with a whole host of fun features, with plenty of mini-games, interactive content, and quizzes to give you the best bang for your buck.

But you’ll have to make a few minor trade-offs here. Unlimited test retries and text audio recordings are features that you’ll have to buy separately as add ons.

No need to worry though if you don’t want the extra add on. 

Their final test is easy as it is, and you’ll probably have no trouble passing it on your first try, even if you skimmed through the course content. Although that is not suggested, of course, as you need to learn about the skills of driving. 

So if you're looking for affordability but don’t want to compromise on quality, DriversEdToGo is a perfect option in North Carolina.

Note: This online school is not state-approved. You have to ask special permission from the NC DMV and your high school if you want to take this course.

Online Driver’s Ed in North Carolina - Top 5 Best CyberEdDriverEd

Another great affordable offering is CyberEdDriversEd. This online school is a tried and tested course with everything you’ll need to pass the final permit test.

This course goes in-depth to give you the full picture. It’s filled with comprehensive content that attempts to go over every facet of driving, ensuring you’re confident when it’s time to get behind the wheel.

You’ll even get unlimited test retries bundled into their basic plan. There’s no need to be afraid of taking tests here as you’re basically guaranteed to pass!

But with this course, you’ll have to pay around $10 extra to get all the DMV practice questions, which is a bummer and does detract from the value you’re getting.

But hey, CybersEdDriversEd is so confident that you’ll love their course, that apart from the final test, you can try the whole course for free!

Note: Check with the NC DMV and your high school if they will approve this course’s certificate of completion.

Online Driver’s Ed in North Carolina - Top 5 Best DmvEdu

If you're looking for an easy way to study, DmvEdu is a great pick in North Carolina.

Dividing larger driver’s ed chapters into smaller digestible lessons, DmvEdu makes it easy to stay on track. The easy-to-understand course outline details the lessons you’ll need to complete before you take the final test.

DmvEdu also has a fair bit of interactivity to keep you engaged and focused. This makes it easier to complete the course in one go.

However, most of the course is text-based, as opposed to other video-based courses, which can be a bit cumbersome to go through.

Also, their website design, while not extremely outdated, does need to work out some recurring bugs that can be annoying to deal with.

Something unique about DmvEdu is that it has a social cause, donating 10% of its proceeds to charities such as PETA and scholarship programs.

So if you’re looking to pass your permit test and be a part of a charitable cause while you’re at it, DmvEdu is a pick to consider.

Note: make sure to ask your high school if they will accept this course.

Online Driver’s Ed in North Carolina - Top 5 Best SafeMotorist

Affiliated with American Safety Council, SafeMotorist has one of the most comprehensive courses on offer in North Carolina.

Covering everything you need to know about driving safely, from poor weather to rash drivers, their driver’s ed course ensures you’re fully prepared when you get behind the wheel.

This makes it a fan favorite among driving specialists and parents. 

However, it can be a bit tiresome to sit through as a student, considering the amount of information you’ll have to take in.

The site is also a bit outdated, which can detract from the user experience, and does make their animations and content a bit old in comparison to the other courses on this list.

Note: SafeMotorist does not meet state requirements. This course is for supplementary learning only.

Best Driver’s Ed in North Carolina - FAQs

How Do I Get A Learner’s Permit?

To get a learner’s permit, you must:

  • Complete the required driver’s ed 
  • Get a certificate of completion from your driving school
  • Get a DEC from your high school
  • Bring a certified or original copy of your birth certificate
  • Bring your Social Security Card
  • Pay the learner’s permit fee (around $15)
  • Let your parent or guardian sign the application permit
  • Pass the vision test
  • Pass the final written exam

How Much Does Driver’s Ed Cost in North Carolina?

The cost of driver’s ed usually depends on the school you’re taking the course from. Some schools offer their courses for less than $30, while others are closer to $60.

If you're interested in the classroom experience, and your school doesn’t provide driver’s ed for free, then you may have to pay upwards of $60.

When Can I Apply for a Learners Permit?

While you can complete an online driver’s ed course a few months before turning 15, you must be at least 15 years of age when applying for your learner permit.

Is Driver's Ed Required in North Carolina?

It is required for anyone under 18 years old. 

Can I Take Driver’s Ed Online in NC?


Online Driver’s ed courses are approved in North Carolina. But seeing as most schools conduct driver’s ed, only a few courses are approved in the state.

While you can take other non-approved driver’s ed courses, you’ll have to check with your DMV/ school first.

How Long is Driver’s Ed in NC?

Driver’s ed is a minimum of 30 hours in North Carolina. However, as there are no timers in the online courses, you can complete them in less time if you’re a fast learner.


So if you’re looking for the best online driver’s ed courses, the above list contains the best options to choose from in North Carolina.

Just remember that in the list above, only DriversEd has an approved course in the state (although you’ll still have to ask your high school if they accept this course for DEC). If you’re thinking about taking the other online driver’s ed courses on offer, make sure to check with your DMV/school first.

Good luck!

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