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In North Dakota, online driver's ed is not considered an acceptable formal course.

Taking it won’t help if you want to apply for a driver's license in North Dakota. 

So, why would you still want to take an online driver’s education?

There are three main reasons why.

For one, although deals depend on insurance companies, most online driver’s ed offer insurance discounts upon course completion. It can help you save up on insurance costs.

Another reason is that teens under 18 need a lesson to help them pass the knowledge test. Taking an online class is one of their best options.

Lastly, online courses are convenient, and it gets higher information retention and student engagement results because lessons are more visual.

If you are satisfied with these reasons, you may want to check out my list below - the best online driver’s ed providers in North Dakota.

Best Online Driver’s Ed in North Dakota

Here are 5 of the best online driver’s ed in North Dakota.

  1. DriverEdToGo.com
  2. DriversEd.com
  3. SafeMotorist.com
  4. DmvEdu.org
  5. Cybereddrivered.com

Let’s look into each one of them more closely.

1. DriverEdToGo.com

The 5 Best Online Driver's Ed in North Dakota DriverEdToGo

DriverEdToGo.com is one of the most well-known online driver’s ed across different states in the US. They are prominent enough to have four million students pick them as their number one choice for online driver’s education.

Their course is 100% taken virtually, and it is accessible using any device. And just like any online education provider, you can log on and take your lessons from anywhere at any time. 

If you’d rather listen than read, you can also activate their read-along feature.

DriverEdToGo.com has also equipped its online education platform with highly interactive features. They know the importance of information retention to first-time drivers, especially teenagers, and want to help them as best as possible.

To do this, they created a curriculum filled with interesting and exciting animated 3D lessons, high-resolution video tutorials, and a game corner for quizzes. 

With this alone, I’m sure that you will complete the course without being bored. The course itself will be entertaining until the end.

More importantly, if you're on a tight budget, the price offered by DriverEdToGo.com for their courses is significantly lower than most online driver’s ed schools. 

You may check their prices by visiting their website at DriverEdToGo.com.

The 5 Best Online Driver's Ed in North Dakota DriversEd

Then, we have DriversEd.com who will be able to provide a thorough online course about the road rules in short, easy-to-grasp chapters.

You won’t have the time to get bored. Why? Because their state-specific content is carefully crafted to fit a highly interactive course curriculum. You will surely enjoy it until the end. 

You’ll get to experience different driving maneuvers in 3D animated videos and enjoy playing with their online driver’s ed games. 

You will also get 50 free online North Dakota practice permit tests and answer multiple-choice quizzes as many times as you need to memorize them.

To add more, DriversEd.com can help you earn an insurance discount and get a good deal on a car in North Dakota. They even give vehicle maintenance tips for free. 

If these features seem interesting to you, you may visit DriversEd.com and take a quick look at their free course demo.

The 5 Best Online Driver's Ed in North Dakota SafeMotorist

Meanwhile, the 30-hour long online driver’s ed provided by SafeMotorist.com guarantees many benefits. They aim at providing new drivers with the essentials needed to react in everyday driving situations. 

Under their driver’s ed program, you will be given nine driver training units covering different topics about your responsibility as a licensed driver. 

To name a few, topics will include Immediate Risk Information Processing, Operating a Motor Vehicle at Adverse Conditions, and Vehicle Systems and Performance, etc.

At the end of each unit, you will work through a comprehensive exam and tests. 

Feeling terrified?

Don’t worry. Since the entire course, including the exams, is completed on your computer, you'll be able to take the course any time you want.  You can pause for a quick break if you need to and continue later. 

Your progress will also be saved automatically, so you don’t need to worry about losing any work you’ve already completed.

Lastly, SafeMotorist Driver Education is so easy to follow, and it’s so engaging that you’ll be surprised you finished the 30-hour long course in no time.

The 5 Best Online Driver's Ed in North Dakota DmvEdu

The nice thing about DmvEdu.org is that they really look out for their students’ needs. 

For example, to ensure that every student can access their lessons on any type of device and without any issues, they opted for a responsive design for their website. 

You can also count that someone will be available to answer your queries and quickly resolve any technical issues that you may encounter. 

This covers the entire period from sign-up to completion, proving how much they wanted to make drivers' education hassle-free for you.

Regarding their curriculum, you won’t get disappointed as well. They do not only aim to simply provide all driving-related information that you need. 

Instead, DmvEdu.org is more invested in making sure that you remember what you’ve been taught. To make this possible, their lessons are presented using clear writing and accompanied by different visual materials like photos, videos, and games.

The 5 Best Online Driver's Ed in North Dakota CyberEdDriverEd

Although Cybereddrivered.com’s online driver’s ed course is not officially approved in North Dakota, it is still a great learning tool for teens!

Their courses are fun, interactive, and convenient. Plus, they also offer a selection of upgrades that you can avail of for a price (on top of their basic course fee). 

The available upgrades include the following:

A read-along upgrade that allows you to have the course read aloud to you as you follow along with course text.

You can also avail of their North Dakota Practice Tests so that you can take simulated exams (as many times as you need to) using real DMV questions. You can use these practice sets to improve on subject areas of the exam where you are having trouble.

They also offer an instructional Driver Education DVD to help reinforce the things that you’ve learned about driving safety rules. It also includes tips to help teens operate a motor vehicle.

Lastly, for an additional charge, they will be able to provide an electronic copy of the course completion certificate for your records.

North Dakota Online Driver’s Ed FAQS 

Can I Take Online Driver’s Ed in North Dakota?

Yes, there are online driver’s ed that you can take in North Dakota for supplemental learning and if you’d like to prepare for your learner’s permit knowledge test.

However, driver’s ed education is not required if you are applying for a learner’s permit. You’ll only need to complete the course if you are under 18 and you’d like to apply for a Class D restricted driver's license. 

Please note as well that online driver's ed is not considered an acceptable formal driver's education course in North Dakota. You won’t be able to use it for your restricted driver's license application.

Do I Need to Register for an Online Driver’s Ed in North Dakota to Obtain a Driver's License?

If you are 14 to 15 years old upon application, you will need to complete a driver's education course as part of the requirement in applying for a Restricted Class D License. It won’t be required if you are already 16. 

Note that online driver’s education programs are not yet accepted as a formal driver’s education course in North Dakota, so it won’t help fulfill the requirement to obtain the Restricted Class D license.


Taking a driver’s education course online can be fun and exciting. 

But more importantly, it helps students retain the information they learned more effectively.

So, even if the state of North Dakota doesn’t recognize it as a formal driver’s education course, it is still going to be beneficial if you take them as early as you are allowed to.

Teenagers like you, who are just getting used to driving, need to be prepared to face different driving scenarios. And these scenarios are realistically presented through interactive 3D visuals when the course is taken online.

Because the simulations are closer to reality, the newbies will no longer need to face the horrors of the road head-on. They can just take the lessons in the comforts of their home, guided by their parents, who are more concerned about their safety than anyone else.

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