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In Oklahoma, you need 50 required behind-the-wheel hours to get your full-blown license.

But if you’re a teen below 16, then before all that, you’ll have to get a permit license. And, to do that, you’re required to complete a driver’s ed course.

Finding the right course can be pretty hard, especially if you can’t make heads or tails of all the different driving schools available.

If you’re looking for an informative and convenient driver’s ed course, then I’m here to tell you that online driver’s ed is an option you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Despite what parents may assume, these courses have been vetted by driving safety specialists and state regulators alike. You can be sure that online driver’s ed courses are up to date and filled with relevant safe driving practices.

In this article, I’ll go over the top 5 best driver’s ed courses in Oklahoma, guaranteed to give you the best chance at becoming a safe driver.

Let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Online Driver’s Ed in Oklahoma

Here is the list of the 5 best online driver’s ed in Oklahoma:

  1. Aceable
  2. DriversEd
  3. DriversEdToGo
  4. All-Star Driver Education
  5. FirstTimeDriver

Let’s look into each online school. 


Online Driver’s Ed in Oklahoma - Top 5 Best Aceable

While this school may not be the oldest one around, Aceable has quickly risen in rank to become a fan favorite across the country.

Filled with everything you need to know about driving safely, this course takes teaching to a whole other level by integrating a variety of fun and engaging features into their course content.

With mini-games, video lectures, and even funny memes, this course knows what teens want, and provides an enjoyable experience without sacrificing course depth.

It actually teaches you more than just what you’d need on the test, with state-of-the-art 3D simulations. These give you the ability to gain valuable and practical driving skills in a safe online environment.

This level of interactivity makes for a learning experience that actually sticks, unlike an old fashion textbook. To be sure, it’ll make you a more confident driver when the behind-the-wheel lessons finally roll around.

Convenience is also a factor Aceable doesn’t take lightly. It gives you stellar mobile applications that garner a 4.9 and 4.7-star rating on IOS and Android respectively. There are no annoying glitches here.

The mobile experience is tailor-made to provide ease of use, with exclusive features that make it distinct from the desktop website.

So as you can probably see, we don’t have a bad thing to say about this course. Aceable really leads the pack when it comes to online driver’s ed, making it the best course in Oklahoma.

Online Driver’s Ed in Oklahoma - Top 5 Best DriversEd

Coming in hot on the heels of Aceable is DriversEd. It has over a decade of experience that they put to use, creating a course fit for teens everywhere.

And with a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot, there isn’t anything wrong with this course either.

DriversEd has made an engaging yet informative experience loved by teens and driving safety specialists alike.

With a variety of different games and features integrated into their video-based lessons, this course is guaranteed to keep you focused, no matter how long you study.

You’ll also get animations that walk you through driving scenarios that you may encounter on the road. This provides valuable insight into how to react to situations when you finally get to your behind-the-wheel lessons.

What’s more, DriversEd makes creating a study plan so simple by dividing the chapters into smaller bite-sized lectures. This makes for an easy and stress-free learning experience.

Competitively priced, too, this driver’s ed course is a perfect balance between features and price that you won’t regret taking.

Online Driver’s Ed in Oklahoma - Top 5 Best DriverEdToGo

Providing a mixture of videos, text, audio clips, and animations, this course has a varied teaching style that makes paying attention so much simpler.

With something to attract your attention every minute or so, DriversEdToGo has also added more with an extensive array of mini-games and puzzles. These test your memory to improve retention.

The biggest plus with this course is that it’s the cheapest offering in Oklahoma, promising to match any driver’s ed course that’s priced lower.

However, options such as unlimited test retries (that usually come standard in other courses) have to be bought separately, which can raise the final price.

But considering how easy the final test is, you’ll probably pass on your first attempt.

So if you’re looking for the cheapest course around and don’t mind not having one or two features, DriversEdToGo is a great option to consider.

Online Driver’s Ed in Oklahoma - Top 5 Best All-Star Driving

With over 50-years of experience, this driving school has a wealth of resources to work with, making their students some of the best drivers on the road.

With an aim to make all their drivers STAR drivers, this school has a neatly packaged driver’s ed course consisting of 20 chapters that cover everything from basic speed limits to driving under the influence.

The course also has a fair bit of variety, with pictures and more to keep you company while you learn.

But the majority of the course is text-based, which can be a bit boring to sit through, especially since computer screens aren’t exactly the best when it comes to reading long-winded text.

But if you prefer straightforward, no-frill driver’s ed, then this school might appeal to you more. 

Online Driver’s Ed in Oklahoma - Top 5 Best FirstTime Driver

This driving school is affiliated with the American Safety Council and aims to provide the most in-depth driver’s ed course in Oklahoma.

Being affiliated with the ASC does have its perks, in that this school has exclusive info and methods to improve driving safety skills. Plus, they can drive the point home with all their facts and figures.

While this does mean it’s favored by driving safety specialists, the course is pretty lengthy. And, though it does have a fair bit of animations, most of the course is text-based.

All that depth also translates into a higher price. This course is the priciest option on this list at around $80 (if you include their test prep, which is an extra add-on).

But if you’re looking for the most informative option on this list, and don’t have any issues with plenty of reading and the price tag, then First Time Driver is definitely worth looking into.

Best Online Driver’s Ed in Oklahoma - FAQs

Is Driver’s Ed Required in Oklahoma?

If you’re planning to get the permit test before you turn 16, then yes, driver’s ed is required. The DPS will ask for your certificate of completion when applying. 

You can get started with a driver’s ed course as soon as you’re 15. But if you're 16 and over, you don’t need to attend driver’s ed (although it is highly recommended to be a safer and better driver).

Can You Take Driver’s Ed Online in Oklahoma?

You bet.

Online driver’s ed courses are recognized in Oklahoma and all the courses mentioned above are Oklahoma state-approved.

You’ll just need to show your certificate of completion when you appear for your permit test.

How Long is Driver’s Ed in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, driver’s ed is 30-hours long. But considering there isn’t any restriction on how much you can do in an hour, you can technically complete the course in less time if you’re a quick learner.

Can I Get My Permit Online in Oklahoma?


While you can take driver’s ed online, you’ll have to take the written exam in person at a designated testing center.

You can find a list of designated exam centers here.


If you’re looking for an easy, quick, and convenient way to get done with driver’s ed, while still learning everything you’ll need to drive safely, then consider the above courses. 

If you pick any of these online schools, you are sure to be in good hands. Plus, you will join the millions of other students who take online driver’s ed courses each year.

So what are you waiting for?

Pick a course today and you’ll probably be done within a week!

Good luck!

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