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Woo-hoo! You've finally hit a milestone! You're learning how to drive and on the road to get your driver's license.

But we all know that there's one tedious step you need to do first: driver's ed.

Driver's ed only needs a few hours of your time. But, it can be hard to sneak that into your schedule while trying to balance school and work.

A reasonable solution for you is to enroll in an online driver’s ed. It's easier, faster, and, not to mention, more convenient.

Not sure where to look? We've already compiled the list of the best online drivers ed in Utah:

  1. DriversEd.com
  2. Wright Driving School
  3. A-1 Driving School
  4. CyberEdDriverEd

We'll take a look at each one to help you find the best one for you. 


The 4 Best Online Drivers Ed in Utah DriversEd

Top Features:

  • Currently the most selected drivers ed course in America
  • Online tests are free with unlimited takes
  • Instructional videos

DriversEd.com is considered the #1 driving school in America. The school caters to both adults and teens. And it meets all of the DPS requirements for getting a permit and license.

The website includes all of the information you need when you’re ready to get your license.

No one wants to sit in driver’s ed class for a 9-day course. With DriversEd.com, you can complete the course in less than a few days!

As their website says: the course is not only convenient, but it’s effective. The content included is specific only to the Utah state driving laws.

Say goodbye to boring classes! DriversEd.com’s online course for teens features interactive case studies and instructional videos.

The best part? You get unlimited practice tests for free! And you’ll also be getting a certificate of completion from A-1 Driving School. How cool is that?

The 4 Best Online Drivers Ed in Utah Wright Driving School

Top Features:

  • Currently the leading online driver’s education provider in Utah
  • Affordable course price
  • Dedicated to helping you finish your license requirements

When it comes to the state of Utah itself, Wright Driving School is the number one. This school promises a fast and flexible process for you to finish your driver’s ed and start driving.

They currently offer their driver’s ed classes at only around $50. Their website guarantees that you can finish their course whenever and wherever you want.

When you complete the course, Wright Driving School will offer the state’s mandatory driving requirements.

You can schedule an appointment with one of their certified instructors for the driving lessons. 

First, you’ll spend 3 hours in the passenger seat watching your instructor drive. Then, the next 3 hours will be on you driving the car while your instructor assists.

The in-car driving sessions are a separate cost but still affordable. They will even drop you off at your house!

Wright Driving School dedicates itself to assisting you until you get your license. Sounds like a pretty good deal!

The 4 Best Online Drivers Ed in Utah A-1 Driving School

Top features:

  • Includes a course developed specifically for Utah drivers
  • Outdoor driving demonstration videos
  • Animated training videos

A-1 Driving School is an efficient school for teenagers getting their licenses.

A-1 Driving School is state-approved and has different options for finishing the course. You can choose only coursework or a complete course that includes in-car instruction.

The course is very interactive and engaging. Animated video lessons are used to make the course entertaining.

There are also outdoor driving demonstration videos so you can see real driving techniques in the real world.

What’s more, there are quizzes and practice tests to gauge your knowledge. If you opt for the full course with in-car driving lessons, you’ll get 12 total hours of in-car driving instruction.

All of the instructors are qualified and certified by A-1 and the state of Utah.

The 4 Best Online Drivers Ed in Utah CyberEdDriverEd

Top Features:

  • Free all-in access trial to the online course
  • Unlimited all-in access to the online course
  • Unlimited final exam takes 

Not sure which online drivers ed course to take? CyberEdDriverEd is offering their online course for free.

If you’re unsure whether this course is helpful or not, you’re given a trial pass that includes all-in access to the entire course for free.

You’ll only start paying for the course when you reach the final exam. You also have unlimited chances to take it.

The school promises interactive and self-paced lessons that you can take on your time. You can take breaks as often as you need to because there are no deadlines.

CyberEdDriverEd includes games and engaging elements into their driver’s ed course to make it more interesting.

You can log out anytime from the system, and you can log in at the exact spot you left off. Once you complete the course and pass the exam, your certificate of completion will be mailed to you.

Utah Online Drivers Ed FAQs

Now that we’ve covered each school’s basic information, we’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about driver’s ed below.

Can I take an online driver’s ed in Utah?

Yes! Under the state of Utah’s driving laws, you can take an online driver’s ed course. However, the 12-hour in-car observation and driving sessions are mandatory and should be taken after the course.

What are the requirements for online driver’s ed in Utah?

The online requirements for you to start online driver’s ed is to be 15 years or older. A learner’s permit is required only after you finish your driver’s ed and begin in-car observation and driving lessons.

How do I register for an online driver’s ed in Utah?

Each of the online driver’s ed schools mentioned above provides step-by-step instructions to register online. You can also ask their customer support for help.

How long does online driver’s ed in Utah take?

The lessons included sum up the 30-hour required in-classroom driver’s ed for Utah. 

You still need to finish the 30-hour requirement with online driver’s ed. However, since most of the courses are online and self-paced, you get to choose your own schedule. You can finish the entire course in 30-hours straight or extend it to many days. 


We hope you found this article helpful in getting your driver’s license. You can visit the schools by clicking on their links for further details.

Stay safe driving, and advance congratulations to you!


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