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Excited to hit the open road? 

Passing the licensing exam is no easy feat, that’s why there are affordable online driver’s ed courses that can help you ace your exam on the first try!

While online driver’s ed classes aren’t state-approved as of the moment, individuals can now get high-quality supplementary driver’s education from the safety and comfort of their homes! 

Read on to learn about the 5 best online driver's ed in Washington.

Best Online Driver’s Ed in Washington

Here are the top-rated online driver’s ed providers in Washington:

Let’s get to know them better!


Online Driver’s Ed in Washington - Best 5 DriversEd

With two decades worth of experience under their belt, DriversEd.com has undoubtedly set the standard for driver education in the US.

Over 13 million student drivers have tried and tested DriversEd.com. They can vouch that you’ll pass your permit exam with flying colors after you complete DriversEd.com’s course. 

The courses are designed to be concise, engaging, and clear, providing students with all the information they need to become responsible drivers.

What’s more, students get to have unlimited access to valuable lectures, interactive videos, and 3D animations!

To be sure, students can benefit from comprehensive and fail-proof learning techniques.

Thanks to DriversEd’s accredited instructors both teens and adult drivers in Washington can have a rich learning experience!

Online Driver’s Ed in Washington - Best 5 DriverEdToGo

20 years and millions of students later, DriverEdToGo has indeed become a leader in US driver education.

You might wonder why hundreds of high schools contact DriverEdToGo each year to talk about collaboration. 

It’s because clients trust DriverEdToGo to deliver only the best course that is carefully designed by accredited instructors.

In fact, Washington teens can earn their high school credit by completing this online course, all from the comfort of their own home and on any mobile device.

Do you hate reading long and tedious texts? 

DriverEdToGo has got you covered with a convenient read-along feature and interactive driver’s ed games.

DriverEdToGo students also have access to state-of-the-art UI that is guaranteed to help them navigate the course easily. 

What can we say, students will definitely benefit from the engaging lectures and the certificate of completion (for high school credits or auto insurance discounts).

Check out DriverEdToGo.com now to grab a chance at an exclusive discount for WA residents.

Online Driver’s Ed in Washington - Best 5 DmvEdu

After 10 years in the business, DMVedu has gone to great heights in online driver’s ed, even getting an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

DmvEdu has provided interactive and straightforward driver’s ed to thousands of students across the US.

Conveniently learn online with dependable course content and study tools that meet state standards. 

Practice as much as you want with unlimited access to quizzes, tests, and comprehensive course material.

If you want, you can get a downloadable certificate of completion upon passing the final exam.

Not sure if this is the course for you? You can start with DmvEdu.org’s demo lesson so you can get a feel of their features and services before making any commitments. 

Online Driver’s Ed in Washington - Best 5 SafeMotorist

SafeMotorist is the American Safety Council's effort to provide students with reliable courses centered on road safety and responsible driving.

In their commitment to forwarding valuable road knowledge, the SafeMotorist online driver’s ed course is available across all states.

Once you enroll, you get convenient 24/7 access to a wide array of valuable road safety information, plus tons of other resources you can use to prepare for your permit exam.

We found the on-topic training to be well-organized and broken down into manageable topics. Reinforcement exercises were also helpful for preparing for the licensing exam.

If you’re looking for engaging practice and training for improved driving skills, SafeMotorist has got you covered. 

Online Driver’s Ed in Washington - Best 5 All Star Driving Education

All Star Driving Education isn’t just about learning the rules of the road and getting behind the wheel.

After half a century and 250,000 students later, All Star maintains its core values of discipline, innovation, customer-centered service, and community involvement — and that shines through their work.

Road experts specially designed the course to help students 'anticipate, avoid, and survive the hazards of the open road'.

Learn from a wide variety of videos, quizzes, slideshows, and graphics designed to keep you engaged and interested in your lessons all throughout!

While students won't get a certificate after completing the course, graduates will surely feel confident behind the wheel. 

Washington Online Driver’s Ed FAQs

Can I attend online driver’s ed in Washington?

Of course, you can! Anyone is eligible to enroll in an online driver’s ed course in Washington. It’s one of the most affordable and convenient ways to get ready for your driver’s knowledge test.

Take note that online driver’s ed is not yet allowed in the state of Washington, but supplementary training courses are highly recommended so you pass the knowledge test on the first try. 

More importantly, you’ll gain enough confidence to safely get behind the wheel.

What are the requirements for a learner’s permit in Washington?

All applicants must be at least 15 years old to apply for a learner’s permit.

To apply for a learner’s permit, applicants must:

For 15 ½  years below:

  • Present a driver’s ed certificate of completion from a driving school
  • Obtain parent or legal guardian’s permission

For 15 ½ to 17 years:

  • Pass the driver’s knowledge test
  • Obtain parent or legal guardian’s permission

For adults 18 years and above:

  • Pass the driver’s knowledge test

You can find out more about the specific requirements for your age group here.

How long are driver’s ed courses in Washington?

All applicants below 15 ½  must complete 30 hours of driver’s ed classroom instruction, with a maximum of 2 hours per day.

A minimum of 1-hour in-car observation is required, too.

Students will also have to complete a minimum of 60 hours of driving practice, with 10 hours of nighttime driving.


Online driver’s ed is the easiest and fastest way to ace your driver’s knowledge test! It’s also one of the best ways to become confident enough behind the wheel, ensuring that you’re always safe on the road.

If that sounds like a great path towards getting your driver’s license, then online driver’s ed is a perfect option! 

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