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Securing a license is your entry point into the world of adults.

But at the same time, being allowed to drive entails a new level of responsibility.

It’s not easy.

And yes, it’s something that you need to prepare for.

In Wisconsin, you’ll be able to apply for a learner’s permit when you reach the age of 15 and a half.

To ensure that you are prepared, the state requires you to attend a certified driver education program.

You can take this course in-person or online, so long as the school’s approved in the state.

But online driver’s ed programs offer benefits that you may not find in a physical classroom setup.

Curious to know more about it?

Check out what's in it for you if you enroll in one of the best online driver’s ed in Wisconsin. 

Best Online Driver’s Ed in Wisconsin

Here are some of the best online driver’s ed you can enroll in if you’re from Wisconsin:

  1. DriversEd
  2. DriversEdToGo
  3. A STAR Driver Education
  4. Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
  5. CESA 2

Let’s find out more about these online schools.

1. DriversEd

Online Driver’s Ed in Wisconsin - 5 of The Best DriversEd

DriversEd.com’s online driver's ed program in Wisconsin is offered in partnership with Safety & Respect Driving School, which is amongst the list of certified driving schools in the state. 

Meaning, their course is DOT-approved and is 100% online, so you can choose to attend it if you’re too busy to squeeze in some time for a scheduled in-person class.

With DriversEd, you’ll get to enjoy a lot of videos, animations, and interactive activities that will keep you engaged in a one-of-a-kind learning experience. You’ll also get free practice permit tests that can help you prepare for the real exam.

What’s more, DriversEd’s refund policy is flexible. If you change your mind about the course, they can refund the full cost on their website within thirty (30) days — as long as you have not yet completed the course. 

You can also earn a 10% discount on auto insurance (check with your insurance provider to verify). And, they report your completion to your local DOT for free as soon as you finish their course!

Online Driver’s Ed in Wisconsin - 5 of The Best DriverEdToGo

Next, we have DriverEdToGo who works with Arcade Driver’s School, another driver’s ed school that is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT). You can be sure that the course satisfies the 30-hour classroom driver education requirement.

Their course is also 100% online and can be taken at your own pace. Because of their progress trackers, you have the option to stop the course and start again at a more convenient time.

We know you’ll love their read-along feature. If you prefer an audio narration track that reads your course aloud as you follow along with the text, then this feature will provide just that. 

However, you can’t spend more than 2 hours per day on their course. So you’ll need a minimum of at least 15 days to complete everything.

If you’re a student from Orion High School, you can also earn 2.5 high school credits towards your high school graduation.

Just like DriversEd, Arcade Driving School will electronically report your course completion to the DOT. This way, you won’t need to bring a paper certificate to the DMV when you apply.

Online Driver’s Ed in Wisconsin - 5 of The Best A Star

Known in other states as All Star Driver Education, A Star (in Wisconsin) offers a fun and interactive way of completing a 30-hour online driver’s ed course.

Based on reviews, students had a good overall experience with their online/in-car training classes. The only challenge is scheduling behind-the-wheel training as they should be booked several months in advance. So you might want to book the in-car training as soon as you sign up.

Their online driver’s ed can be taken from the convenience of your home and is, of course, available for you to access anytime. 

It’s just that their course is not compatible with smartphones/tablets. You might want to take it using a computer or laptop with google chrome to get the best experience.

Like DriverEdToGo, you’ll only be allowed to work on your course up to 2 hours per day over a minimum of 15 days. 

Another thing is that the course is only available for 180 days after purchase. Sure, you can go at your own pace to make sure you're mastering the material, but just keep the expiration date in mind. 

Once you finish the course, A Star will immediately notify the DMV of your completion. 

A copy of your Completion Certificate will also be emailed to you. You can print out an unofficial certificate for your personal records (not state accepted).

Note: They don’t offer a refund policy.

Online Driver’s Ed in Wisconsin - 5 of The Best Winsconsin Indianhead Technical College

WITC offers both physical and online classes. 

The online version is offered through WITC's Blackboard online learning environment. Access instructions to Blackboard will be sent to you via email once your registration is complete.

If you are under 17, you must register for the online course by calling the WITC Driver Education office. If you are 17-18 years old, you can register via phone or through the online driver's education class link provided on their website.

WITC is a nationally top-ranked college that banks on innovation by providing quality driver’s education. 

Their online class serves all students from Wisconsin by teaching them to be safe and responsible drivers. With them, you will learn the basic rules of the road, how to control and operate a motor vehicle, emergency preparedness, sign identification, and motor vehicle laws. 

Online Driver’s Ed in Wisconsin - 5 of The Best CESA 2

Just like WITC, CESA 2 offers driver education in a traditional classroom setting or online classroom.

Their online driver education course is designed to provide an opportunity for students that have busy schedules. The course is also designed to teach critical skills needed to become safe, low-risk drivers. 

What’s unique about their online setup is that a teacher is assigned to each student so the student can get expert instruction throughout the course. 

Depending on your learning style, this can be an ideal setup for you. So make sure to think carefully before signing up.

Note: CESA 2 also requires students to purchase a copy of AAA's book, “How to Drive,” which is offered as a soft-cover book or an e-book.

Once you have registered for the online course, you’ll get an email with login details and the link for the correct edition of the textbook.

Wisconsin Online Driver’s Ed FAQS 

Can I Take Online Driver’s Ed in Wisconsin? 

Yes. If you are under 18, the State of Wisconsin accepts Driver’s Education programs taken online to fulfill the required driver education classes for a learner’s permit application. 

Just make sure that the school is certified by the DOT. You can check this link for a list of certified schools.

How do I register for Online Driver’s Ed in Wisconsin?

The requirements to register for an online driver’s ed in Wisconsin depend on the education provider. 

For example, for DriversEd and DriverEdToGo, you just need to register on their website and you will be able to access the course immediately. 

For others, such as in the case of WITC that offers both physical and online classes, you must register for the online course by calling the WITC Driver Education office if you are under 17 and through phone and website link if you are 17-18 years old.

To ensure that you are aware of the requirements, it is recommended to visit the school’s website first before you apply.

How Long Does Online Driver’s Ed in Wisconsin Take?

Online driver’s ed in Wisconsin usually takes 30 hours to complete. 

However, in some schools, such as A Star and DriverEdToGo, you are not allowed to spend more than 2 hours per day taking their course, so you’ll need at least a minimum of 15 to 19 days to complete the course.


Taking driver’s education helps teens gain the experience they will need in facing complex driving situations.

Taking them in person or online doesn’t matter when it comes to fulfilling this goal. You can certainly reach it, whichever method you choose.

But online classes promise state-of-the-art tools, convenience, and flexibility that most in-person programs just do not.

So what are you waiting for?

Enroll in the best online driver’s ed in Wisconsin today! 

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