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Driving is a skill that requires knowledge and patience. 

It is not limited to knowing how to maneuver and maintain a car. 

To become a good driver, you must have in-depth knowledge of the rules of the road. You must also keep in mind the proper attitude you should practice on the road.

Driving is not an easy task, nor is the process of obtaining a license.  

In Wyoming, driver’s ed is not required to obtain a regular learner’s permit. However, taking one will speed up the process of getting your driver’s license by 6 months. 

So if you want to learn everything you need to know about road rules and driving techniques, or if you want to have a driver’s license as soon as possible, then driver’s ed is beneficial. 

With all that said, check the list below to get to know the 5 best online driver’s ed in Wyoming.

Best Online Driver’s Ed in Wyoming

Here are our top picks for online driver’s ed in Wyoming:

Keep on reading to get an overview of their best features!

Note: Since these driver’s ed courses are all online, it’s best to first ask WYDOT if they will accept the course to speed up the licensing process.


Online Driver’s Ed in Wyoming (5 of The Best) DriversEd

When choosing an online driving school, reputation is usually high on the checklist. You want to make sure you sign up with one that’s 100% legit and has a high customer satisfaction rate. 

One school that ranks high on that criterion is DriversEd.com

With over 13 million drivers trained, DriversEd.com is the largest online driver education provider in the country. It is one of the longest-running and most reputable online driver’s ed schools in the US. 

One of the best things about DriversEd.com is its focuses on giving high-quality education to its students. Sure, its course is not the most modern, but it is considered one of the best. 

The program features a wide variety of advanced multimedia content, such as vivid images, videos, and 3D animations. These allow teens to learn how to navigate the road, handle weather conditions, avoid collisions, and more through rich graphics. 

Students no longer need to read through the boring text to complete each chapter with DriversEd.com.

And with the advanced technology used to develop an efficient program, you would think it is expensive, right? However, at around $20, DriversEd.com’s Wyoming teen driver’s ed course is one of the cheapest you will find. 

Online Driver’s Ed in Wyoming (5 of The Best) DriverEdToGo

Another online driver’s education school that has been around for more than a decade is DriverEdToGo.com

Like the previous school, DriverEdToGo’s program was one of the first online courses to exist. Over four million students have graduated from their courses, and it is a school most parents trust.

Its courses are accessible using any device, and it’s easy to navigate. It even has a read-along feature that lets students learn while simply listening. 

That said, though, the course isn’t the most interactive. While it does feature some images, GIFs, and videos, some of its content is outdated. Some of the graphics look old, and the user interface needs some upgrading.  

Nevertheless, it provides what it promises. The course contains all the essential information a teen needs to prepare for the written test and drive safely on the roads of Wyoming. 

If you are a self-sufficient learner and don’t care about the aesthetics or the interactive features, DriverEdToGo.com’s course might be a good pick for you. 

Online Driver’s Ed in Wyoming (5 of The Best) OnlineDriversEd

Though OnlineDriversEd.com started in 2002, its operations are still small relative to other online driving schools. 

It isn’t state-approved in Wyoming. However, its online driver’s education program still serves as a good tool for supplemental learning and test prep. 

One of the best things about OnlineDriversEd.com’s course is its interactive features. The teen driver’s ed program uses high-quality graphics, animations, and real-life videos. It also features some fun games that help get points across and retain info. 

OnlineDriversEd.com also receives good feedback from its customers. Ninety-five percent of its graduates say they will highly recommend the course to their peers. 

At around $30, the price is very competitive, considering its course is enjoyable. They have a money-back guarantee, too. 

The only miss is that OnlineDriversEd.com has a lack of parent resources. 

Learning how to drive is a task not only exclusive to the teens but also the parents. Other schools provide resources for parents to be involved. However, OnlineDriversEd.com does not offer such.  

Online Driver’s Ed in Wyoming (5 of The Best) DMVEdu

DMVEdu.org is an online driving and traffic school that has been around for a decade now. It has established a solid reputation in the industry around the US. 

It is another inexpensive online driver’s ed school that’s suitable for teens who prefer reading to visual learning.  

Its online program is text-heavy and may not be the best for teens who get bored reading. I would recommend it to students who are self-sufficient and like to write notes while studying. 

It does contain some videos, but they are a bit outdated. 

While it works with a mobile device, accessing the course there isn’t really convenient. It’s best to study this course on a computer or laptop. 

At around $25, though, you don’t only get what you pay for, but you also get to do good for others. This is because ten percent of your purchase will go to charity. Some of the non-profit organizations DMVEdu.org support are Glide, Feeding America, and Salvation Army. 

Online Driver’s Ed in Wyoming (5 of The Best) CyberEdDriverEd

Founded more than 20 years ago, CyberEdDriverEd.com is an e-learning company that focuses on teaching driver education and traffic safety. 

Since 2000, over one million students have graduated from their online programs with high course marks. 

Their users love the course’s ease of usability, comprehensiveness, and engaging features. 

It is not the most modern or the most advanced online driver’s ed program, but it is interactive. The course has the right balance of text and media content. Students love its up-to-date videos and award-winning games.   

At around $25, this is one of the most affordable online driver’s ed courses available. 


Is driver’s education required in Wyoming?


However, you get great benefits if you do take a state-approved driver’s ed. These benefits are:

  • You get to ace the written test on the first try
  • You learn everything you need to know about Wyoming road rules and driving techniques and safeties
  • You can speed up your license process by 6 months 

Note: Though most of the schools we mentioned here are state-approved, you still have to ask permission from the WYDOT if they will accept the course since it is based online.

Can I take an online driver’s ed in Wyoming?

You can take an online driver’s education course in Wyoming. However, since online driving schools are not yet officially authorized, you have to ask for special permission from the WYDOT before taking an online course (this is if you want to use the certificate of completion to speed up your licensing process). 


Sure, driver’s ed isn’t required in Wyoming. However, you will find that taking one can be very advantageous. Taking online driver’s ed in Wyoming can be advantageous. 

If you want to grab those advantages, then the 5 schools listed here are some of the best online driving schools in Wyoming. 

You will, without a doubt, finish the course and learn a ton of new information that will be useful once you’re ready for the road. 

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