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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, driver’s ed courses offered in Montana have been very limited. This resulted in a long line of students waiting to enroll in driver’s education.

To get rid of the backlog, the state passed a temporary program that allows 15-year-olds to get a learner’s permit without having to take a driver’s education class.

But, taking a driver’s education course is a reliable way to ensure that you are well prepared to take the permit exam.

With limited in-person options, the ideal way to learn driver’s ed is through the best online driving schools in Montana. (Take note, though, that once driver’s ed is required again for teens under 15, these online driving schools are not yet authorized, which means it will not satisfy state requirements.)

If you’re interested, I’ve made a list of some of the best providers of online driver’s ed in the Big Sky Country state! 

Let’s check them out!

Best Online Driving Schools in Montana

There are many online driver’s ed courses available, but only a few provide state-specific ones that are tailored for Montana residents. Here are five of them:

  1. DriverEdToGo.com
  2. DriversEd.com
  3. CyberEdDriverEd.com
  4. DmvEdu.org
  5. SafeMotorist.com

Let’s look into the features that each school can offer one by one.

1. DriverEdToGo.com 

Online Driving School in Montana - What is the Best DriverEdToGo

DriverEdToGo.com has served more than 6 million happy customers in their 20 years of providing driver’s education. They have also been in partnership with hundreds of high schools that offer their course to students.

Taking courses from DriverEdToGo.com is very convenient. All content is 100% online, so you can access it from anywhere, anytime. You can also log in from any device and continue where you left off. 

They even have a read-along feature if you’d rather listen to audio when taking the course.

What sets DriverEdToGo.com apart is that they recognize the importance of information retention to students who are learning how to drive for the first time. So you can expect their course to be exciting and fun, with several interactive features that will keep you engaged in the lesson. 

They even have a game corner where you can access 3D-animated quizzes about safe driving and traffic laws. You can visit it for free in case the lessons get boring!

As for quizzes and practice exams, they have created this to help you pass your permit test the first time!

Online Driving School in Montana - What is the Best DriversEd

Meanwhile, DriversEd.com is a recognized leader in driver's education and online driving school across the US. They are known for their efficient and thorough online course that teaches students the rules of the road in easy to grasp chapters.

Their course provides state-specific content that is carefully designed to teach young drivers all they need to know about Montana driving laws and regulations. 

Lessons feature three-dimensional animated videos that detail driving maneuvers. All of which are strategically placed in between user-friendly slides that contain a wide range of driving information.

For extra support, they have also developed a mobile app that lets you access their course from any mobile device of your choice.

If you are planning to get a car in the future, they also offer insurance discounts for attending their online driver's ed for teens.

Online Driving School in Montana - What is the Best CyberEdDriverEd

Another online driver’s ed provider that you can look into is Cybereddrivered.com

Although this online driver's education course is not officially approved in Montana, it is a great learning tool for teens!

For an additional fee, you’ll get access to their read-along upgrade so that you can have the same course read aloud to you as you follow along with the text! 

You can also choose to avail of their Montana practice sets, allowing you to take simulated exams using real DMV questions. This can help you get more familiar with the subject areas of the exam where you are having trouble.

Another offer that you may be interested in is their Driver Education DVD, an instructional learning tool that can help reinforce your knowledge about driving safety rules. And, it includes tips on how to operate a motor vehicle.

Online Driving School in Montana - What is the Best DmvEdu

DMVEdu is one of the schools that is determined to help you reach your goal - to pass the traffic permit test. 

Their course content is strictly in line with the standards set by the Montana MVD. This guarantees that you’ll be able to touch on all the topics essential for you to pass your test. Their lessons include road signs, Montana driving laws, and defensive driving techniques, among others.

To ensure that you pass the test on your first try, they update their course material regularly. Their quizzes and tests are also well-crafted, designed to help you easily retain all the information you’ve learned.

Also, their site has a responsive design which makes it possible for you to access their pages without any issues on all types of devices – be it a laptop, tablet, or cellphone.

Online Driving School in Montana - What is the Best SafeMotorist

If you’re looking for a traffic education that aims to educate new drivers on how to react in common driving situations, you can check what SafeMotorist.com has to offer.

The SafeMotorist 30-hour online driver’s ed program covers all the essentials of first-time driver training in one full interactive course. 

You’ll benefit from viewing real driving situations in their lessons. You’ll also be completing interactive exercises that demonstrate how safe driving maneuvers can help prevent collisions.

They have an auto-save feature that lets you log on and off whenever you want without needing to worry about losing your progress.

Safe Motorist's online driver’s ed is easy to follow and understand - a perfect learning tool for new drivers of all ages.

Montana Online Driver’s Ed FAQS 

Who Can Take Online Driver’s Ed in Montana? 

In Montana, teens under the age of 19 can enroll in a state-specific online driver’s ed course to prepare for their permit test, learn how to drive, and/or get auto insurance discounts. 

However, take note that online driver’s education courses and privately-run driver education schools are not approved by the State of Montana. They do not meet the minimum standards and requirements at this time for teens under 15. 

You may still take an online driver’s ed course if you need assistance in preparing for your permit test. Most applicants find that online education courses are more fun and can improve information retention because the platform is visual and is often equipped with interactive features.

But if you want to register for teen driver education to fulfill a requirement in getting a learner’s permit, please contact your local school district or high school. 

Note: State-approved traffic education programs can continue to deliver classroom coursework via online platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. But on April 3, 2021, Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) has passed a new temporary relief program that allows 15-year-olds to obtain a learner’s permit after passing a written exam without driver's education.

What Are The Requirements for Online Driver’s Ed in Montana?

To complete a state-approved driver education course in Montana, teens should complete 60 hours of traffic education (this includes 6 hours of behind-the-wheel in traffic) and 25 days (minimum) of instruction taught by a state-approved traffic educator.

You may download the Montana Traffic Education Standards & Requirements for detailed information on Montana's traffic education programs.

How Do I Register for Online Driver’s Ed in Montana?

If you want to register for an online driving school in Montana as part of your preparation for a permit test, you may visit the respective websites of online driver’s ed providers in your State (you may refer to our list for reference). 

Most websites will have a step-by-step guide on how to register for an online driver’s ed course on their homepage. Rest assured, it’s all very easy to follow. 


The State of Montana has been very supportive of teen drivers who want to continue with their driver’s education during the pandemic.

Teens under 15 may not be required to take driver’s education for now. Still, taking driver’s education courses before taking the test will not only help you prepare to pass the test on your first try but also provide long-term benefits in helping teenagers get back on track and start learning to drive safely. 

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