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To anyone looking to get a license, we’ve got awesome news for you!

You can now take driver’s ed classes online. Gone are the days of having to travel to a driving school and sit in a stuffy classroom for hours. 

Everything you need to learn is at the tip of your fingers - literally.

Not only are online driving schools more convenient, but they are way cheaper, faster, and a lot less boring compared to in-person classes.

Now, there are hundreds of online driving schools available in Indiana, so choosing one might be tough. 

Sure, you can just Google the online driving schools in your area, but search engine results can get pretty overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to narrow down the choices.

Here are the top five (5) best online driving schools in Indiana!

Note: Driver’s Ed isn’t required in Indiana. However, it is still wise to take the course to prepare you for behind-the-wheel training and the written test. 

The 5 Best Online Driver’s Ed in Indiana

Here is our top 5 best online driver’s ed in Indiana:

If you don’t have the time to check out these schools, we’re going to give you a short introduction to each one. This way, you’ll know which one will suit YOU best. 

So let’s check them out! 


Online Driving Schools in Indiana - Top Picks DriversEd

If you’re looking for a driving school that won’t bore you to death, then DriversEd.com is the one for you.

Aside from having millions of satisfied students and affordable packages, their courses are also known to be sharp and interactive.

Their videos and 3D animations will surely be able to cater to today’s generation of future teen drivers.

Can adults enroll? 

Heck yeah, they can! 

DriversEd.com is here to serve students in all age groups. So whether you’re a youngster or young-at-heart, these guys have your back.

Their entire curriculum is designed to teach you all the rules of the road that are relevant to Indiana at your own convenience.

Nervous about your permit test? These guys offer unlimited practice permit tests to help you prepare.

The beauty here is that you can learn everything at your own pace, so if you want to take a break in the middle of a module, go ahead!

Online Driving Schools in Indiana - Top Picks DriverEdToGo

Being around since the late ‘90s, DriverEdToGo.com is another amazing online driving school that you should definitely check out.

Over 4 million satisfied graduates rave about the courses they have to offer.

These guys have been around for a while, their services surely cost a pretty penny. Nope!

DriverEdToGo.com offers the lowest price. They’ll even lower their rates to match or beat other online driving schools. 

Not satisfied with what they offer?

DriverEdToGo.com has a money-back guarantee (terms and conditions apply).

Most likely, though, you will be satisfied as they provide a course that suits any learner. If you’re a reader, you’ll enjoy the text-based course. If you’d rather study on the go, then there’s an audio course option for you. 

Online Driving Schools in Indiana - Top Picks MyImprov

Looking for an online driving school that’s actually funny? MyImprov.com can surely deliver.

These guys are not like your typical dry and boring course providers. Their “edutainment” style of teaching gives way to humorous and lighthearted lessons that can keep even the most sullen teenagers on their toes. 

These lessons are co-written by professional comedy writers, by the way.

Everything is online with MyImprov.com. You can work at your own pace anytime and anywhere using any device, as long as you have a stable internet connection!

If you enroll at MyImprov.com, you can enjoy a mix of short videos, quizzes, updated animations, and more.

Don’t worry. All these gimmicks won’t take away the actual lessons you need to learn, which in this case, is how to drive. 

That’s not all! MyImprov.com’s courses are affordable and can start as low as $25. 

So if you’re looking for a fun, online driver’s ed course that won’t hurt your pocket, MyImprov.com is your best friend.

Online Driving Schools in Indiana - Top Picks Indiana Driving

Are you looking for a driving school that also offers behind-the-wheel training? INDIANADRIVING.com is the way to go. 

Being in the driver’s ed industry for 70 years, you can rest assured they know their stuff.

You won’t have run-of-the-mill driving instructors here. INDIANADRIVING.com employs only the best of the best.

Each of their instructors is trained and licensed in driver education, with bachelor’s and master’s degrees of teaching under their belts!

You can take their driver’s ed online, and from there, get their in-person behind the wheel program, as well. This school can offer you the whole package. 

INDIANADRIVING.com is also inclusive. Meaning that they employ instructors who have training and certifications for teaching pupils with Autism and learning disabilities. How about that?

If you have a teen with special needs and he or she wants to learn how to drive, don’t worry. INDIANADRIVING.com has your back!

Online Driving Schools in Indiana - Top Picks Drive Zone

Prefer the freedom to choose between in-person or online classes? Then Drive Zone is the school you want.

They have a lot of course bundles for you to choose from. Prices start at only $70!

You can even customize their bundles according to your budget, schedule, and what certifications you’re lacking.

Drive Zone puts their students’ safety above all else. Their instructors do their best in generating skilled and collision-free drivers.

We all know how high the statistics for reckless driving are. Yikes!

If you choose this school, you’ll be sure that your youngster knows how to properly behave behind the wheel. Yes, this includes the topic of road rage.

Want to see how your teen is doing with their driving lessons? Don’t sweat it. Drive Zone allows parents to ride along.

Indiana Online Driver’s Ed FAQS 

While you’re deciding on which online driver’s ed school you want to attend, we’re going to go over some FAQs.

Can I Take Online Driver’s Ed in Indiana? 

Yes, you sure can!

However, driver’s ed isn’t required. Still, it’s a good idea to take the course for your own good. 

How Much Are Online Driving Schools in Indiana?

You should expect to pay around $100 - $500 for online driver’s ed courses. The rates will depend on the school and course bundles you choose.

How Do I Register for Online Driving School in Indiana?

Simply go to the website of the online driving school of your choice and follow their enrollment instructions. Usually, you can register in a few simple steps. 

Is Online Driver’s Ed Better Than In-Person Driver’s Ed?

This will depend on your preference and learning style. While online courses may be cheaper and more convenient, not everyone can benefit from this method.

We strongly suggest that you choose the option that you are comfortable with.


Are you ready to pass the written test?

We made sure to suggest only the best online driving schools in Indiana. So you don’t have to worry about making bad choices.

Just go with what your gut feels is right. Best of luck!

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