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Are you looking to get started on your learner's permit exam? 

Perhaps you are hoping to move up from having a learner's permit to earning your license? 

If you are under 18 and are living in Rhode Island, it’s time to find the best driver’s education program for you.

The good news is that the state has temporarily authorized online R.I. Driver’s Education. This is your chance to take this requirement from the comfort of your home!

That said, check out this list of the best online driving schools in Rhode Island.

Best Online Driver’s Ed Courses in Rhode Island

Here are the 5 best online driving schools in Rhode Island that you should look into:

Let’s review each one. 


Online Driving Schools in Rhode Island for Teens DriversEd

You can think of DriversEd.com as one of the most popular providers of online driver’s education across the country. 

Their driver’s ed program for Rhode Island offers an in-depth lesson on the state’s driving rules and regulations. They also teach their students the basics of defensive driving and safe driving through hands-on activities and quizzes. 

What’s interesting is that each of their lessons is equipped with engaging, 3D animated videos that detail driving maneuvers. So, you’ll be able to visualize the exact driving scenario that you may encounter once you’re on the road. 

Their course fee is also significantly lower than a regular driver’s education program, and you can get your money back if you are not happy with their services.

Additionally, they provide same-day certification, so you only have to wait for 48-hours to receive your completion certificate. 

Note: DriversEd.com is not state-approved. This means you’ll have to ask special permission from the DMV if you can take this course to satisfy the requirements (this is while the R.I DMV temporarily accepts online driving schools). 

Online Driving Schools in Rhode Island for Teens DriverEdToGo

Another top online driving school is DriverEdToGo.com.

Their interactive and engaging curriculum will surely be a big help in introducing the basic concepts of driving. 

Yes, their program is really engaging! 

You’ll be given driving instructions that are clearly narrated. And, you’ll get to see 3D animations and real actors demonstrating various driving techniques.

Another feature is that DriverEdToGo’s lessons are not timed. This means that you can take as much time as you need to complete it. 

This course is perfect if you have a busy schedule because you can access it on any mobile device or a web browser.

Note: DriverEdToGo is also not state-approved. However, since the R.I DMV temporarily accepts online driver’s ed, you can use it to satisfy requirements (you still need to ask for special permission to take their courses, though). 

Online Driving Schools in Rhode Island for Teens AAA

If you are not familiar with  AAA Driving School, it might be reassuring to know that they have been leading the way in Driver Training and Education programs for over 80 years now.

Their instructional materials are used in AAA Driving Schools, as well as commercial driving schools throughout the country. 

Due to COVID-19, AAA Driving School is currently offering online driver’s ed courses for as long as the state of Rhode Island permits. 

They offer live classes taught by certified driver training instructors. As for their behind-the-wheel training, check their website to see the locations and schedules that follow state guidelines. 

Also, AAA Driver Training School programs are licensed by the state DMV, so completing their course will satisfy the requirement to get a limited instruction permit (age 16 to 18).

Online Driving Schools in Rhode Island for Teens Community College of Rhode Island

The Community College of Rhode Island can satisfy the requirement to get a limited instruction permit.

Once again, because of the pandemic, they temporarily offer their driver’s ed courses for teens online (for as long as the state permits). 

One of the new driver’s ed courses available is Parent’s Supervised Driving Program. This program allows parents to be in charge of their teen’s driving education. So if you prefer to learn with your parents (or you want your teens to be under your guidance) this course option will provide that. 

Because CCRI offers live classes, it isn’t as flexible as a fully online course. You still have to follow their schedule - only this time, you can do it from the comfort of your home! Also, you get a selection of schedules to choose from, so you just might find one that fits yours.  

Online Driving Schools in Rhode Island for Teens SafeMotorist

SafeMotorist is another online driver’s ed provider that is worth checking out. They are backed by the American Safety Council.

If you are looking for something easy to follow yet still full of rich content, SafeMotorist is your best shot.

They have a very comprehensive program that can prepare you when facing different types of driving situations that may compromise your safety. 

There are 9 training units offered for online driver’s ed in Rhode Island. Each of these units focuses on a specific topic that teaches defensive driving and collision avoidance techniques. 

You’ll also be given lesson reviews and exercises to help reinforce the laws and maneuvers that you’ve learned from each unit.

Overall, courses offered by SafeMotorist give new drivers the basic tools to know how to drive and react in common driving situations.

Note: SafeMotorist is not state-approved. As long as online driver’s ed is allowed, you can ask for special permission to take this course to satisfy license requirements.

Rhode Island Online Driving School FAQS 

Is it required to complete driver’s ed in Rhode Island?


16-18-year-olds have to complete the 33-hour driver’s ed course to get a driver’s permit. The course should be certified by the R.I DMV. 

You can visit this website to check for the Driving Schools that have been temporarily authorized to offer the R.I. Driver’s Education courses in an online format.

If you are over 18, a driver’s ed course is no longer required to obtain a permit. However, it is highly recommended to take one to become a better and safer driver. 

What are the requirements for driver’s ed in Rhode Island?

The requirements for the classroom curriculum for a driver’s education include the following:

  • Must complete a 33-hour driver’s ed course that’s R.I DMV certified
  • Must be 15 years and 10 months old up to 18 years old 

Since the state temporarily accepts online driver’s ed, you can enjoy the course from the comfort of your home. And, you can ask special permission for the online schools that offer Rhode Island specific driver’s ed but are not state-approved. 


While you can, you should definitely grab the opportunity to study your driver’s ed course online in Rhode Island!

This will allow you to study it from the comfort of your home! Not to mention, the convenience that it will provide you. 

Pick any of these schools, and you’re well on your way to learning how to drive on the roads of Rhode Island. 

Good luck!

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