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Although Tennessee hasn’t authorized online driver’s education, there are still several reasons why someone might want to sign up for it. 

For one, taking an online driver’s ed course can qualify them for an insurance discount. 

Two, if they’re in high school and are looking for ways to bolster their GPA, they’ll be happy to know that some courses award students with a 0.5 credit or more upon completing a course. 

And three, it helps them prepare for their permit exams! 

So, if you’re looking for the best online driver’s ed in Tennessee, you’re in the right place.

Best Online Driver’s Ed in Tennessee

Here are our top picks for online driver’s ed schools:

Let’s take a closer look and see which provider will suit you best.


Best Online Driving Schools in Tennessee for Extra Credit DriverEdToGo

DriverEdToGo.com is a famous online driving school with decades of experience. They’ve helped thousands of students qualify for their licenses all across the US, and you could be one of them! 

Despite not being state-approved, their Tennessee driver’s ed course is specific to the state laws and regulations. 

DriverEdToGo.com prides itself on having interactive materials so that teenagers won’t have a difficult time staying focused. Furthermore, those who manage to complete the course can receive 2.5 credits towards their high school GPA. 

They also have a handy read-along feature that lets students listen to their course materials. This is perfect for students who don’t particularly like reading. 

And since the course is 100% online, students won’t have any problem switching between devices. All will automatically be saved, so you won’t lose progress. 

Best Online Driving Schools in Tennessee for Extra Credit DriversEd

Like DriverEdToGo.com, DriversEd.com has been servicing Tennessee for at least two decades.

And DriversEd.com does this with great results. Until today, they are one of the most preferred driver ed courses by parents who want their teenagers to prepare for the knowledge test. 

This online drivers ed course uses 3D animations to make their videos feel more realistic. 

Moreover, DriversEd.com has a lot of scenario-based quizzes and videos. During these videos, you’re asked to decide what you’re supposed to do. 

And the best part is you get to see what happens based on your decision! 

DriversEd.com lets you earn 2.5 points on your high school credit. They even have practice tests and exam preps that will help you pass the exam. But take note that you will have to pay extra for these add-ons.

Overall, there isn’t any fault you’ll find in this online driver’s ed. 

Best Online Driving Schools in Tennessee for Extra Credit CyberEdDriverEd

If there is one thing students love about CyberEdDriverEd.com it’s that they have a lot of materials to help you learn.

Yep, apart from their online course, they have read-along audio, unlimited practice tests, and a DVD about driver education!

It has all the information you can need for your knowledge test! 

But there’s a catch…

These test-preparation features aren’t free, so you’ll have to pay extra if you want to benefit from them.

On the bright side, once you’ve purchased these materials, you can keep them for as long as you want. 

Your access to them isn’t removed by CyberEdDriverEd.com even when you finish their course. 

Best Online Driving Schools in Tennessee for Extra Credit SafeMotorist

SafeMotorist.com is a 30-hour online driver’s ed program that teaches you everything you need to know about driving in Tennessee. 

It isn’t the shortest online driver’s ed, but it’s one of the most comprehensive. 

They also feature useful defensive driving techniques in some of their course chapters to help students stay safe on the road.

If there was one thing to improve, it would be that their course should be more fun and exciting since it’s rather long. It would also be better if they used more sophisticated graphics. 

Despite what they lack, it’s still a good course to consider as it teaches you all you need to know. 

Best Online Driving Schools in Tennessee for Extra Credit Brentwood Driver Training

Brentwood Driver Training is a little different compared to the four other schools on this list.

Instead of having a separate online driver’s ed and a driver training session, Brentwood Driver Training combined the two in one package. 

The package comes with an 18-chapter textbook. And at the end of each chapter, there’s a quiz. 

Keep in mind that you have to return this textbook at the end of your final driving lesson.

As for the driver training session, Brentwood Driver Training will take care of picking you up from your home. 

Since it’s a 2-in-1 package, you should expect that it’s going to be a lot more expensive compared to other schools that just offer driver’s ed. 

In the end, a lot of people hesitate due to its price. 

However, if you want to pay for the driver’s ed and driver training all in one go, then this might be a more convenient school to enroll in.

Tennessee Online Driving School FAQs

Can I Take an Online Driver’s Ed in Tennessee?

Yes, you can. 

While it isn’t required, enrolling in one can help you prepare for your knowledge test. 

You’ll also learn a lot about driving and Tennessee traffic laws and safety protocols. 

What are the Requirements for Online Driver’s Ed in Tennessee?

There are no requirements when you want to enroll for an online driver’s ed. 

How do I register for Online Driver’s Ed in Tennessee?

In general, you only need to make an account on the website of your chosen online driving school. 

After that, you just pick your state and the course you want to take and pay for it. 

Some online driver’s ed courses allow you to start the course and pay only when you’re done. 

How Long Does Online Driver’s Ed in Tennessee Take?

Most Tennessee online driver’s ed courses are designed to have 15-30 hours’ worth of material. 

But since the state doesn’t require a specific length of time that you’ve studied, then you can finish this in less (or more) than that. 

How Much Does Online Driver’s Ed in Tennessee Cost?

It usually costs from $20-$50.


While an online driver’s ed isn’t required in the state of Tennessee, it’s still a plus to enroll, especially if you want to learn how to drive. 

It’s also a surefire way to help you prepare for your knowledge exam.

The schools I’ve mentioned above are some of the best in the state. I guarantee you won’t regret choosing any of them to supplement your training. 

Good luck!

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