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There’s nothing like the thrill of hitting the open road and just following it where it takes you. It’s one of the things that motivates teens to get their driver’s license.

Taking your driver’s ed course online is a fast, convenient way to get your learner's permit in Virginia, without sacrificing your weekends. 

And since you will be investing time and money, it is crucial to find the right school to make it worth your while.

To help you make the most out of your choices, we have taken a look at the best online driving schools in Virginia that would be excellent choices. 

Best Online Drivers Ed Courses in Virginia

Below we’ve listed the 5 best online driving schools in Virginia that teens should consider: 

Let’s get right into it!


Best Online Driving Schools in Virginia — Top 5 Schools to Consider DriversEd

With over 30 years of experience teaching driver’s education, DriversEd.com offers courses made effective through an interactive curriculum. These courses cover rules specific to the state of Virginia.

If you’re under 18 and are looking to get your learner’s permit, DriversEd.com’s online course has all that you need to prepare for in-car training with an instructor.

The lessons will consist of 3D animated videos that show driving maneuvers, as well as reader-friendly slides detailing the latest Virginia driving laws and regulations. 

Additionally, this course features multiple-choice quizzes that you can take to remember what you have learned so far.

Need extra credit to bump up your GPA? Students are awarded a 0.5 Carnegie credit toward their high school graduation upon completing the course. 

DriversEd.com also has a mobile app that allows you to study anywhere and anytime. 

Best Online Driving Schools in Virginia — Top 5 Schools to Consider DriverEdToGO

Designed by leading experts in the industry, it’s no surprise that over 4 million students nationwide say that DriverEdToGo is one of the best driver’s ed providers online. 

Learn the fundamentals of safe driving all from one comprehensive course. 

You can take it at your own pace – whether this means studying for 20 minutes or 2 hours. 

Can’t concentrate? No problem! If it’s a bad time, you have the option to stop the lesson and resume when it’s more convenient for you.

DriversEdToGo’s course includes access to PrepWizard, which helps you prepare for the DMV test.

They also have a Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee that entitles you to a refund should you fail to pass your permit exam. 

Best Online Driving Schools in Virginia — Top 5 Schools to Consider iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely.com is approved in nearly every state in the US, including Virginia. Their online driver’s ed course allows you to learn using various methods to accommodate all types of learners. 

Learn from dozens of high-quality slideshows, audio clips, and animated videos. All from the comforts of your home!

iDriveSafely’s driver’s ed course is divided into chapters. Each chapter ends with a short multiple-choice quiz to help you review what you’ve just learned.

Buying this course gives you access to a free 50-item practice test that you can take once you’ve finished the course. This practice test is to help you make sure you’re ready for the DMV exam. 

You also get a free month of Allstate Roadside Service, which can assist you if you get a flat tire or if your battery dies. Note that once the free trial ends, it’ll cost $5 per month to maintain their services, but you can opt to cancel at any time.

You can reach out to iDriveSafely’s customer support service seven days a week should you have questions about your lessons.

Drive This Way Drivers Training

Not only does Drive This Way offer courses online, but they also have physical locations in different areas in Virginia – this gives you the option to take your behind-the-wheel training with them as well. 

Founded by current and former law enforcement experts, Drive This Way’s focus is to make sure that their students overcome their fears and be more confident participants on the road.

They offer multiple driver’s ed packages – one for online classrooms, one for behind-the-wheel training, and another that covers both online and behind-the-wheel training.

Once you complete the online course, you will get directed to an affiliate school to take the final exam. 

Although the final exam can also be taken online, a licensed Drive This Way instructor must be present when you take it.

Best Online Driving Schools in Virginia — Top 5 Schools to Consider DmvEdu

DMVEdu is one of the most trusted online driver’s ed providers in Virginia and across the United States.

As with most online driver’s ed schools, DMVEdu.org offers a course that meets the required hours while still allowing you to take it at your own pace. 

All tests are available online – from practice tests to chapter quizzes to the final exam. 

If your nerves get the best of you and you don’t meet the passing score, no need to worry. You have unlimited chances to take the final exam until you reach a passing grade.

One feature that sets DMVEdu.org apart is its demo course that lets you try out the program without having to purchase anything. 

This gives you a chance to evaluate the course services and content, to see if it fits your needs and preferences. 

Virginia’s Online Driver’s Ed FAQs

What Are The Requirements for Online Driver’s Ed in Virginia?

If you’re about to turn sixteen and are looking to get a learner’s permit, you need to complete a driver’s education course approved by the Virginia Department of Education. 

There is an additional requirement if you reside in Planning District 8 - whether in Arlington County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William County, Alexandria City, Fairfax City, Falls Church City, Manassas City, or Manassas Park City. 

You and a parent or a guardian must go through a 90-minute parent/teen presentation as part of the driver’s ed program. You also have to provide proof of completion to graduate.

Although you can attend this in-classroom, you can also go through an approved online version. You can access it at the 90 Minute Parent-Teen website

The Affirmation of Attendance and Agreement must be downloaded once you're done. This document has to be printed, signed, scanned, and sent to vadetsonline@gmail.com. Unless it's submitted, your certificate will not be released.

There is also an in-car driving instruction component. 

Once you’ve completed your online driver’s ed program and the in-car driving instruction, you need to pass the DMV exam next. Most online driver’s ed schools have practice exams as part of their courses to help you prepare.

How Long Does Online Driver’s Ed in Virginia Take?

One of the best benefits of taking driver’s ed online is that you can study at your own pace. Although the required hours for driver’s education is 30 hours, you have the option to go through the content as slow as you want. 

Which is Better for Drivers Ed – Classroom Instruction or Online Classes?

Taking driver’s ed online may be a better choice if you’re the type who easily gets distracted by other people. If you put a premium on convenience, online driver’s ed is the way to go. It allows you to complete your requirements at the pace you prefer while using the device of your choice. And you get to do all this without ever having to step into a classroom!


Taking your driver’s ed classes online is an incredible opportunity. It gives you more control over your experience and learning. 

I hope this article helped you identify which school is the best for you. 

Happy learning and safe driving! 

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