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Are you planning to get your driver’s license this year?

While the South Dakota Department of Public Safety (DPS) has its manuals that contain all the things you need to study, it’s very hard to read several manuals on your own. 

An online driver’s ed program is one of the easiest ways to prepare for your knowledge test — the test that’s required for all teenagers above 14 years old who want to get a license. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Here is the list of the best online driver’s ed in South Dakota to help you prepare for your exam! 

The Best Online Driver’s Ed in South Dakota

Choosing an online driver’s ed program can be tricky, especially with all the scammers and opportunists present online. 

Here are our top 5 picks of online driver’s ed programs in South Dakota that are legit: 

Let’s get to know them better and see which school will fit you best.


Best Online Driving Schools in South Dakota DriverEdToGo

DriverEdToGo.com offers an interactive course that lets you study from any device! As long as you have a stable internet connection, you aren’t likely to encounter any problems.

What people love about this online driver’s ed are the games. Admit it, learning is a lot more fun when you have games to play. 

And DriverEdToGo.com understands that. 

They’ve designed their course to include mini-games that are both entertaining and informative. 

Another reason to love this online driver’s ed is that it offers unlimited practice tests. 

Since it’s your first time, it’s expected that you need to prepare for the knowledge test. Fortunately, you can use DriverEdToGo.com’s app to practice all you want. 

And when you’re done, you can get your certificate of completion sent online on the same day. 

Keep in mind that DriverEdToGo.com is only a way for you to practice for the knowledge test. You still have to take the test in your local Driver Exam Station. 

Best Online Driving Schools in South Dakota DriversEd

DriversEd.com is a well-known online driver’s ed provider, famous for its high-quality courses and materials. 

What DriversEd.com does well is focusing on the practical applications of the lessons you will learn on the course. 

Anyone who has tried this online driver’s ed will tell you that the course is very realistic. It’s as if you already have a glimpse of how it will be when you’re holding the steering wheel. 

So, it’s not just all concepts and theories here. You’re also going to learn what to do, how to do it, and the consequences of your actions in this course. 

Best Online Driving Schools in South Dakota CyberEdDriverEd

Another online driver’s ed course that is worth considering is CyberEdDriverEd.com. 

CyberEdDriverEd.com is perfect for people who feel that an online driver’s ed course is not enough to ace their knowledge test. 

This online driver’s ed has additional materials that you can purchase if you think you want to study more. 

CyberEdDriverEd.com has quite a lot of add-ons because their basic course only covers the minimum requirements you need for your South Dakota driver’s license.

However, access to things such as practice tests and your certificate of completion will require you to pay an extra fee.

Best Online Driving Schools in South Dakota SafeMotorist

Looking for a simple and no-fuss online driver’s ed program? 

SafeMotorist.com is for you! 

SafeMotorist.com has a comprehensive course that covers all the things you need to learn about South Dakota driving laws and regulations. 

There are videos, articles, and slideshows. Plus, they make sure to give emphasis on defensive driving and provide safety tips for different driving scenarios. There’s also a quiz after every chapter! 

But don’t worry, the quizzes aren’t that difficult. 

Be warned that the layout and the design of the course are not as sophisticated as you would expect. 

You can say that it looks a little old school. 

However, this isn’t a deal-breaker, since SafeMotorist.com still makes sure that their course is updated with the latest DPS regulations.

Best Online Driving Schools in South Dakota AllStar Driver Education

Even if All-Star Driver Education only provides adult online driver’s ed, it’s still a good option if you’re 18 years old and above. 

This online driver’s ed has video and audio materials that teach you all you need to know about driving. 

The course itself is not as engaging as other online driver’s ed courses. There are certainly a few things that need to be improved.

But despite its shortcomings,  All-Star Driver Education does help you learn more about driving. 

Take note, however, that you won’t be provided with any certification after completing this course. It’s purely for training purposes.

South Dakota Online Driver’s Ed FAQs

Can I Take an Online Driver’s Ed in South Dakota?

You sure can!

But there’s a catch.

If you will notice, South Dakota doesn’t have state-approved driver’s ed courses. Why? It’s because online driver’s ed is an alternative to learning the manuals given by the DPS. 

In other words, an online driver’s ed isn’t required, but it can help you prepare for your knowledge test. 

What are the Requirements for Online Driver’s Ed in South Dakota?

There is one requirement when you enroll in an online driver’s ed - an account. You just have to create an account on the school’s website. 

This is what you’ll use for logging in and out of the course. 

How Long Does Online Driver’s Ed in South Dakota Take?

Most courses are designed to be 15-hours long. However, since there are no timers, you can finish the entire program in less time. It all depends on how much time you’re willing to spend working on it.

How Much Does an Online Driver’s Ed in South Dakota Cost?

An online driver’s ed program can be as low as $25 or as high as $60. 


Even if an online driver’s ed isn’t required in South Dakota, it can still help you a lot when it comes to passing your knowledge test. 

And since you’re going to be using an online driver’s ed, why not get one that is known to give amazing results to students? 

Make sure to check out the schools I recommended above. I guarantee that you won’t regret it. 

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