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Getting your driver’s license has never been more convenient. 

With online parent-taught driver’s ed (PTDE), you can complete your classroom and behind-the-wheel training 100% at home.

However, you’ll find that there are plenty of DMV-certified online schools to choose from. And while all online PTDEs are convenient, not all of them are good. 

Without proper research, you could end up with a dull, lifeless, and straight-up difficult course.

But don’t worry! 

I’ve done all the hard work for you, and I’ve put together a list of my top 5 online parent-taught driver’s ed courses

These are the bests of the bests in the market, so let’s dive in! 

Top 5 Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed Courses Online

Easy, fun, and super convenient. Here are the best PTDEs you can choose from:

  1. Aceable.com
  2. DriversEd.com
  3. iDriveSafely.com
  4. DriverEdToGo.com
  5. Safe2Drive.com

Let’s take a closer look at each one. 

1. Aceable

Aceable Online Parent Taught Drivers Ed

Approved in: CA, FL, IL, OH, TX, NV, OK, and PA.

Quick facts:

  • One of the newest PTDE courses
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • Uses modern videos, 3D graphics, and virtual reality animation
  • Only PTDE with a dedicated mobile app
  • To-do list makes it easy to track progress
  • Parent tools let parents track their child’s progress on their device

If you’re looking for a modern PTDE, Aceable has got you covered. 

With their first course coming out in 2014, this is one of the newest online schools available

And their platform shows it. 

With videos, 3D graphics, and virtual reality animations, Aceable is perfect for the modern student. 

Here’s an example of their lessons (note: this is a 360 video, drag your mouse to look around while watching!)

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

What’s more, Aceable uses an engaging style of writing. Their curriculum is nothing like the dull textbooks you’re used to. They even throw in a few memes here and there.

And if you’re always on the move, their mobile app will be a life saver. 

Aceable is the only PTDE that has a DMV-approved mobile app. While some other courses are mobile-friendly, no one else has an app. 

With the app, you can study anywhere, at any time. It also makes tracking your progress super simple, thanks to their requirements checklist. 

You’ll also find a bunch of helpful tools to assist you with your behind-the-wheel training. And practice tests to prepare you for the exam.

Finally, you also get a copy of your learner’s permit on the app. This way, you can have it handy all the time.

Get The Best Price On Aceable Here

2. DriversEd

Online Parent Taught Drivers Ed DE

Approved in: Almost all states that require driver’s ed

Quick facts:

  • The most popular online PTDE in the country
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • 3D animations and games keep the course entertaining
  • Unlimited practice tests (some states only)
  • Free trial

One of the oldest and most trusted PTDEs in the country is DriversEd

They not only produce one of the best driver’s ed courses, but it’s also approved in just about every state that requires driver’s ed.

And even though they’ve been around for a while, you can never tell by looking at their course. 

Like Aceable, DriversEd’s course is full of fun animations to help you learn. They also have games like crossword puzzles, interactive quizzes, and videos. 

Because of their outstanding quality, DriversEd received an A+ rating from the BBB

This rating doesn’t come easy. You know that they’re good because of this. 

And if you’re not convinced, DriversEd also allows you to take the first 20% of their course free of charge

You can check it out if it’s the right one for you before paying a single dime. 

Finally, DriversEd also wants you to pass your exam. That’s why in some states, they allow you to take unlimited practice tests.

Get The Best Price On DriversEd.com Here

3. iDriveSafely

Online Parent Taught Drivers Ed iDriveSafely

Approved in: CA, CO, FL, GA, IN, KY, NV, OK, TX, PA, and VA

Quick facts:

  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • Includes guides for parents on how to teach correctly
  • Entertaining graphics and animations
  • Short easy-to-understand chapters
  • Quizzes to prepare you for the test
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Free trial

Another excellent online PTDE course is iDriveSafely

Rated A+ by the BBB, iDriveSafely is a course you can rely on to provide the best lessons and training material.

With their 24/7/365 customer support, they’ll quickly answer any questions you have and solve any problems you run into in no time. 

If your parents are unsure of the proper ways to teach someone how to drive, this course also includes parents’ guides. These will show them the best practices to train someone how to drive. 

As for the course itself, it’s very entertaining. 

The chapters are short and easy to understand, which will help you retain the knowledge as you move along. 

Like all good driver’s ed schools, they also include graphics and animations – so you don’t have to worry about reading walls of text. 

iDriveSafely students also have some of the highest passing rates for the final exam. This is thanks in part to the quizzes that they sprinkle throughout the course. 

For now, this course is only certified in 11 states. However, if you contact your local DMV and tell them you’d like to take iDriveSafely’s online course – there’s a big chance they’ll be okay with it. 

Finally, they also have a free trial. 

You can go through the course without leaving any payment details to see if it suits you.

Get The Best Price On iDriveSafely Here

4. DriverEdToGo

Driver Ed To Go Parent Taught Drivers Ed Online

Approved in: CA, FL, and NV

Quick facts:

  • One of the first online PTDEs 
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Audio read along available
  • Comes with games, gifs, and visual aids
  • Free trial

If you’re in California, Florida, or Nevada, another school you can check out is DriverEdToGo

DriverEdToGo offers courses for all 50 states. However, right now, only three are certified by the DMV. 

This is yet another school that received an A+ rating from the BBB. As such, you can expect only top-notch lessons.

They also have customer support available 24 hours every day of the year. So you don’t have to worry about any technical issues. 

What sets Drivers Ed To Go is their lowest price guarantee. If you find a school that is cheaper than them, they’ll match that price.

And just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean their course is dull. With games, gifs, and visuals, reading through the course is fast and easy. 

Should you prefer to learn by listening, you can opt for their audio read-along feature – which reads the material aloud for you. 

Like DriversEd, you also get to try up to 20% of the course before having to pay anything. 

Get The Best Price On Driver Ed To Go Here

5. Safe2Drive


Approved in: CA, GA, IN, IA, NV, OH, PA, and TX

Quick facts:

  • Engaging lessons with games, animations, videos, and slideshows
  • Quizzes ensure you grasp the lessons 
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Texas-based customer support available 24/7

Last but not least is Safe2Drive

While there’s nothing extraordinary about this course, it’s still one of the better options you have for driver’s ed. 

The lessons are engaging. They have games, animations, videos, and slideshows. They also provide practical tips as well, like in this video showing how to jump-start your car:

There are 5-question quizzes now and then. You’ll need at least four correct answers to progress. 

Safe2Drive also has a money-back guarantee. Once you’ve purchased the course, you can refund it anytime within 30 days (and before you get your learner’s permit). This way, you won’t be stuck with it if you find you don’t like it. 

With their 24/7 Texas-based customer support, you can call or email the team anytime you run into problems. 

Get The Best Price On Safe2Drive Here

Online Parent Taught Driver’s Ed FAQs

And there you have it! 

Choose any of those 5 parent-taught driver’s ed courses and you’re sure to get a smooth learning experience. 

Still have questions?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about online parent-taught driver’s ed. 

Is Online Driver’s Ed Better Than In-Person Classes?

For most people, the answer is a big YES. Online driver’s ed is:

  • Faster
  • More convenient
  • Easier
  • Cheaper

It allows you to study at your own pace and place. 

Plus, since you don’t have to hire any professionals, online PTDEs are far cheaper than driving schools. 

What are the Requirements For Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed?

The exact requirements for PTDE differ from state to state. 

To get your license, most states require:

  • A set number of hours for “classroom” learning (ex: 32 hours in TX)
  • A set number of hours for behind-the-wheel training (ex: 44 hours in TX)

After these, you can proceed to take your state’s final exam and driving test – then get your license!

However, to start the behind-the-wheel training, you’ll usually need:

  • Pass a basic knowledge test (you can do this online through your PTDE)
  • Pass a vision test
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of PTDE packet (for your parent-instructor)

Be sure to check your local regulations! 

I will publish state-specific guides soon, so stay tuned (if you’re in Texas, check out my Texas driver’s ed guide)

How Long Does PTDE Take?

Again, this varies from state to state. Most states require 30-50 hours for both classroom and behind-the-wheel training. 

Some states have mandatory course-timers, while others allow you to go as fast as you want. 

Can Adults Take PTDE?

In some states, adults (18+) can take adult driver’s ed, which is much shorter than the standard teen’s course. 

What’s the Difference Between PTDE and ITDE?

PTDE and ITDE are both online driver’s ed. With PTDE, your parents act as your instructor for the behind-the-wheel training. On the flip side, ITDE, or instructor-taught driver’s ed, means that a professional will instruct you. 

PTDE is far less expensive than ITDE. 

However, if your parents don’t have driver’s licenses themselves, you’ll have to go for ITDE instead.

Ready to Get Your Driver’s License?

I love seeing teens going for a driver’s license. 

It is by far one of the most valuable skills they can learn. 

And with this handy guide, you should know everything you need to know to get started. 

So take the first step and sign up for your online PTDE!


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