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DrivingSchoolExpress is partnered with the best online traffic and driver’s ed schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

Do you need to get rid of a driving ticket?

Perhaps you want to apply for an auto insurance discount?

Drive away from road-related anxieties by enrolling at an online traffic school!

Online traffic schools allow drivers to get rid of a traffic ticket and apply for auto insurance discounts.

If that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve listed the best online traffic schools in Georgia for you here. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in Georgia 

All the schools we’ll mention here ensure quality and convenient class instruction, minus the hassle of a tight schedule and high tuition fees.

Here are our top 5 picks:

Let’s take a closer look.

Improv Traffic School

Online Traffic Schools in Georgia Improv

Here’s a state-approved traffic school that won’t waste your precious weekend – Improv Traffic School!

Improv Traffic School has won several awards over the years for edutainment-style teaching methods. 

Edutainment is a mix between education and entertainment. So you’ll be able to laugh along while learning important road rules and safety measures. 

Their unique approach to learning has been proven to enhance information digestion and retention. 

Students couldn’t agree more – Improv Traffic School has received 4.7 stars from over 182,800+ ratings on ShopperApproved, almost 80% of those ratings are 5-star reviews.

Image via ShopperApproved

Students not only found the course funny but also convenient and very easy to understand. 

Some students, however, complained about technical issues with their timer or their certificate.

Though this is the case, users can rely on Improv Traffic School to diligently reach out to customers 24/7 regarding any technical issues and course content concerns.

GA drivers can choose between state-approved court-ordered defensive driving or insurance discount courses on Improv Traffic School! 

Rest assured that these courses are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Online Traffic Schools in Georgia GoToTrafficSchool

True to their name, GoToTrafficSchool.com has become the go-to traffic school of Americans for 20 years. 

Since its inception, GoToTrafficSchool has expanded to offer driver ed and driver improvement courses to students all around.

You’ll find that the course is user-friendly on multiple devices. You can conveniently learn on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Image via GoToTrafficSchool.com

If you’re not too big on reading, there’s a convenient course text read-aloud function in multiple languages!

GoToTrafficSchool offers guarantees that will ensure all customers get value for their money.  

With their “lowest price guarantee”, they’ll match any other traffic school offer that’s lower than theirs. You also get a money-back guarantee and a FREE course trial before you commit.

If you have any questions about the course, a customer support team will always be available to help with their 24/7 customer service feature.

Online Traffic Schools in Georgia iDriveSafely

Are you looking for an online traffic school that emphasizes road safety?

Look no further  — iDriveSafely has promoted safe and responsible driving all around the US.

Almost 17,700+ iDriveSafely alumni gave the school an ‘excellent’ rating on TrustPilot

Image via Trustpilot

iDriveSafely offers unlimited access to informative and easy to follow resources and videos. 

These online tools have been carefully crafted by experts to be manageable during self-paced learning.

Students also appreciated the live 24/7 customer service team. 

Thanks to their reliable support team, all student concerns are addressed in no time to ensure a great customer experience.

However, some students found some inconsistencies with course content quality, like grammar and time requirements. Nothing big, but still annoying if you don’t like those things.

Enroll at iDriveSafely for easy to understand and convenient 100% online self-paced learning.

Note: iDriveSafely isn’t DMV-approved in Georgia. First, ask permission from your court or insurance provider if you plan on taking this course.

Online Traffic Schools in Georgia DmvEdu

DMVedu specifically designed its courses to optimize convenience and engagement amid self-paced learning.

More than 3,900+ graduates gave DMVedu an average rating of 4.7 stars, with more than 3,000 students giving 5 stars.

Image via ShopperApproved

Most students share that they would recommend DMVedu because the course is well-constructed, and the study materials were easy. 

On the other hand, some thought that the DMVedu interface was outdated and wished that the course would be more interactive and engaging.

Sure, it isn’t as interactive and engaging as other online traffic schools, but it still teaches you how to be a safe and responsible driver in the streets of Georgia. 

If you’re not so convinced, consider trying their services through the DMVedu Demo course.

Note: DMVedu isn’t DMV-approved in Georgia. Ask permission from your court or insurance provider if you plan on taking this course.

Online Traffic Schools in Georgia DriveSafe Online

DriveSafe Online takes self-paced learning to a whole new level with their defensive driving courses.

Rest assured that the DriveSafe course instruction was designed for optimal learning and convenience.

Want to feel as though you’re behind the wheel while learning about traffic safety?

Thanks to DriveSafe’s interactive and meticulously crafted learning tools, students can truly feel like they’re in the driver’s seat.

Have exclusive access to resource materials and videos, including in-car and drone footage. 

Helpful animations and full audio narration help to make the videos even more enriching by highlighting key information and demonstrative driving techniques and strategies.

Check out this video to see what it’s like:

Thanks to their mobile-friendly systems, you can have 24/7 access to all these amazing learning tools online on any device.

What’s more, intuitive navigation tools and study guides also make self-paced learning manageable.

For interactive and immersive self-paced learning, check out the courses at DriveSafe Online. They offer a money-back guarantee and certificates are available for download after completing the course.

Note: DriveSafe Online is only approved by some courts in Georgia. To be sure, ask your court or insurance provider if you plan on taking this course.

Georgia Defensive Driving School FAQs

Why should I take a defensive driving course in Georgia?

Defensive driving courses may be court-ordered and/or used for ticket dismissal. This course can also be taken for auto insurance discounts and personal improvement.

As of the moment, only a select few online defensive driving courses are recognized by the Georgia Department of Driver Services for driver’s license-related issues.

However, Georgia drivers who wish to take online defensive driving courses should simply ask their assigned court/judge or insurance provider for permission.

How long does it take to finish online traffic school in Georgia?

Driver Improvement or Defensive Driving courses in Georgia take 6 hours to complete.

What are the benefits of attending online traffic school?

Online traffic schools provide convenient access to driver improvement courses. You won’t need to travel, and you won’t have to stay in a classroom for hours on end.

Online traffic schools also allow students to conveniently manage their schedules as they see fit.

Did we mention online traffic schools are more affordable, too?


Online traffic school is the most practical and affordable option to dismiss your ticket. You can also avoid large insurance costs by applying at an affordable online traffic school that offers auto insurance courses recognized by your insurance provider.

What’s more, online traffic schools offer convenient self-paced learning. All you need is the internet and a mobile device, and you’re good to go.

So, remove that pesky traffic ticket and apply for auto insurance discounts with a reliable online traffic school!

Speaking of which, check out the 5 best online traffic schools in Georgia!

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