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There was a time when the only place you could take a traffic course in Iowa was in a traditional classroom.

Luckily, today, the state of Iowa has allowed drivers to take defensive driving lessons online

This means if you want to dismiss a traffic ticket or lower your insurance premiums, you can choose to work with the best online traffic schools in Iowa instead of a traditional in-person school.

There still aren’t that many online traffic schools available in Iowa, so it might be tricky to find one that will satisfy your needs.

So, today, we’re reviewing 5 of the best online traffic schools in Iowa to give you a headstart on your search.

Best Online Traffic Schools in Iowa

Here are the 5 best online traffic schools in Iowa:

  1. GoToTrafficSchool
  2. iDriveSafely
  3. Improv Traffic School
  4. TrafficSchool.com
  5. DMVEdu.org

Let’s explore each one:


The 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in Iowa GoToTrafficSchool

If you’re on the market for an inexpensive online traffic school, GoToTrafficSchool is just the school you need. 

They provide an Iowa state-approved defensive driving course that you can start completely for FREE. This free trial is just enough for you to get a feel on their material and see if it’s the right fit for you. 

GoToTrafficSchool offers a lowest-price guarantee, so if you find a course that’s cheaper, they will try to match or beat the offer. 

They have a mobile-friendly interface that lets you access your lessons from any mobile phone and tablet device. Plus, a 24/7/365 customer support service to help you with any issues that may arise during your lessons. 

The 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in Iowa iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely offers a fast and easy Iowa defensive driving course that you can complete in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. 

Lesson materials are delivered in a variety of ways, such as videos, 3D graphics, audio clips, animations, and other multimedia options. 

They also have an “auto-save” option that saves your data automatically so you won’t lose your work if you were to accidentally exit your class or get disconnected from the internet. 

Their customer support service is available 7 days a week, so you have frequent access to assistance when you need it. 

If you want to work with iDriveSafely, you’ll have to ask permission from your handling court or from the Iowa Motor Vehicle Division (IA MVD) to take their course, as iDriveSafely is not an Iowa state-approved school. 

The 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in Iowa Improv

Usually, when you mention online traffic school to people, the first things that come to mind are lengthy texts and boring, poorly-produced videos. 

The Improv Traffic School programs were designed by comedians from the Improv Comedy Club, so you can be sure that their curriculum won’t be anything less than engaging and fun! 

They’ve helped over 4 million students with their traffic tickets and have been voted Best Traffic School by Shopper Approved. 

Since Improv Traffic School isn’t Iowa state-approved, if you’re planning to enroll in their course, you’ll have to ask for special permission from your court or the Iowa Motor Vehicle Division (IA MVD).

The 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in Iowa TrafficSchool

TrafficSchool.com has been helping students with their traffic tickets since 1994.

One of the best veteran traffic schools — they offer you up-to-date lessons and materials that teach you the latest defensive driving techniques and driving laws in Iowa. 

Dismiss your traffic tickets, lower your insurance premiums, you can do them all with TrafficSchool.com. 

Course materials are 100% accessible online through their mobile-friendly website. You can study and take exams at your own pace. 

TrafficSchool.com is not approved by the Iowa Motor Vehicle Division (IA MVD), so before you enroll, we recommend you ask permission from your court or the IA MVD. 

The 5 Best Online Traffic Schools in Iowa DmvEdu

DMVEdu is one of Iowa’s leading traffic schools, with courses designed to help drivers pass their final exams. Their programs are Iowa state-approved and are accepted in any Iowa traffic court. 

Their lessons are presented in fun and engaging ways, including photos, videos, audio, and games.

You can easily browse through their course on their website, which you may easily access through any device — phone, tablet, or laptop.

Furthermore, DMVEdu has an active customer support team to provide you with quick assistance whenever you need it. 

Iowa Online Traffic School FAQs

What are the requirements for traffic school in Iowa?

Traffic school is mandatory for drivers who have been convicted of 3 moving violations within 1 year or those convicted of driving 25mph to 29mph over the speed limit.

The Iowa Motor Vehicle Division (IA MVD) should provide you with a list of instructions and requirements in the mail. 

You may elect to take an online defensive driving course voluntarily and earn an insurance discount in the process.

You can do this by simply registering at your desired school and submitting your certificate of completion to your insurance provider. 

How long does online traffic school take in Iowa?

Most online traffic school courses in Iowa take 6 to 8 hours to complete. But you don’t have to do it all in one sitting. We recommend you divide your lessons into manageable chunks, so you won’t get overwhelmed by the coursework.

How do I register for Iowa online traffic school?

Once you receive notification from the Iowa Motor Vehicle Division (IA MVD) about your traffic violations, you can then register for your desired online traffic school. 

To register, fill out the registration form on your online school’s website. Provide all necessary information and proceed to pay. Once your fee is settled, you can then access your lessons and complete each chapter at your own pace. 

What are the benefits of online traffic school?

Online traffic school removes the everyday inconveniences that are often related to traditional traffic school i.e., travel time, stuffy classrooms, pressure from peers and teachers, and expensive fees. 

Online traffic school allows you to study your lessons at your own pace, within the comfort of your own home. It’s cost-effective but doesn’t sacrifice quality despite its significantly cheaper fees. 

Furthermore, it opens your schedule up to more important things, like work or hobbies. 

What happens if I fail online traffic school?

If you fail to complete a mandatory traffic school program, this may result in your driver’s license getting suspended. 

On the other hand, if you complete the course, you will be put on one-year probation. In the event that you commit a traffic violation within this period your license can be suspended as well. 

Who do I give my certificate of completion to after the course?

Depending on the reason you took the online defensive driving course, you’ll send your certificate to any of the following: your insurance provider, your handling court, or the  Iowa Motor Vehicle Division (IA MVD).


The quickest and easiest way for you to dismiss a traffic ticket or lower your insurance premiums is with the help of a reliable online traffic school program.

Although there aren’t that many state-approved schools in Iowa as of yet, these 5 online schools we reviewed can undoubtedly help you with what you need.

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