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Are you looking to reduce a traffic charge or totally dismiss it? 

Do you want to avail of auto insurance discounts?

Good news!

If you’re in Minnesota, you can do that by attending a state-approved traffic school. 

Even better news, you can take ONLINE traffic schools

If you are unsure what online traffic school to get, we’ve listed the best online traffic schools in Minnesota down below. 

Best Online Traffic Schools in Minnesota

Here are five of the best online traffic schools in Minnesota:

  1. GoToTrafficSchool.com
  2. Improv Traffic School
  3. IDriveSafely.com
  4. SafeMotorist.com
  5. NM Online Education

Let’s check the features that each of these online schools offers. 

1. GoToTrafficSchool.com

What Are the Best Online Traffic Schools in Minnesota GoToTrafficSchool

It’s understandable that if you are going to take an online traffic school, you would want to first consider a low-cost option. It won’t be practical to enroll in an expensive course and I get that.

Truth is, online traffic schools aren’t that expensive. But if you want to save a bit more than usual, then check out the course offered by GoToTrafficSchool.

Education quality-wise, there’s not much difference if you are to compare their course outline with a more expensive one. The content even includes driving simulations and interactive videos that make the lessons a lot more enjoyable than reading about them from a textbook. 

They have audio read-along options, as well. 

And their platform is responsive so you can access the course from any device, may it be a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Since the course is not taken in real-time, you can also take a break if you get tired and your progress will be saved as you go. This means that you’ll be able to work at your own pace and you can even choose the location where you work. 

Another thing to consider is that GoToTrafficSchool has been approved in the state of Minnesota. So, rest assured that you’re in a safe place. 

What Are the Best Online Traffic Schools in Minnesota Improv

Meanwhile, Improv Traffic School understands how an in-person traffic school can make learning a boring experience. This is the reason why Improv opted to rely on humor as a tool for learning. 

While their course topics relate to very serious traffic safety matters, they made sure that each lesson remains fun and engaging by using funny remarks and quotations. 

They are so good at it that after their course has undergone numerous independent studies, it was proven to be highly effective in reducing traffic crashes and future violations by 64%!

As with GoToTrafficSchool, their online traffic courses are approved by several jurisdictions across the country, but not yet in Minnesota. So if you are going to take an online course from Improv for dismissing a ticket, make sure to contact the court that is handling your tickets or the Minnesota DPS before you proceed.

What Are the Best Online Traffic Schools in Minnesota iDriveSafely

Since it has been around for more than a decade, iDriveSafely recognizes that a traffic school doesn’t have to be a wrench in your finely tuned busy schedule. 

Because of this, they have developed an online traffic school program that provides its students easy access to convenient and easy-to-use tools. They value your time the same way that they value the quality of education that they can provide.

The defensive driving course provided at iDriveSafely.com is 100% online, so you can work comfortably at your house or anywhere without any of the normal hassles of a traffic school. 

When it comes to the content of their course curriculum, they were expertly designed by professional driving instructors. 

They’ve used the latest advancement in multimedia learning tools to come up with interesting lessons. Some of these learning tools include video and audio clips, animations, 3D graphics, and other interactive elements.

Each of the chapters will be focused on a single subject to facilitate optimal knowledge retention. In addition to the standard Minnesota traffic law, topics will also include defensive driving techniques, safe driving tips in less-than-ideal conditions, and the dangers of driving while intoxicated.

Although not state-approved in Minnesota, the iDriveSafely.com traffic school program will provide the necessary tools of education that can help you become a more responsible driver. With your court’s permission, they may also be able to help you dismiss a traffic ticket.

What Are the Best Online Traffic Schools in Minnesota NM Online Education

North Metro works in partnership with iDriveSafely.com in providing an online defensive driving course in Minnesota.

Their staff has worked tirelessly to build these partnerships to provide the best defensive driving program at a better price. 

It may cost the same or less than similar in-person classes, but choosing to go online with North Metro allows you to complete the course in the comforts of your own home! You’ll find it very convenient and easy to enroll.  

Every lesson in their online class is informative and impactful. But at the same time, they made sure to make it fun with their multimedia learning tools that are as entertaining as they are educational.

What Are the Best Online Traffic Schools in Minnesota SafeMotorist

SafeMotorist.com aims to focus on driver's reactions to everyday driving situations. They help students learn how to improve their driving skills by reducing their driving risks.

Under their Minnesota online traffic school program, you will be given driver training units that cover different topics on traffic crashes and the psychological and human factors that may cause them. They also touch on the dynamics of a crash, safety equipment, and crash prevention techniques.

The entire course, including the exams, will be available online 24/7 so you'll be able to take the course any time you want. Your progress will also be saved automatically, allowing you to take a break any time if you need to.

SafeMotorist.com isn’t state-approved. Make sure you check with your court handler before enrolling to dismiss a traffic ticket. 

Minnesota Online Traffic School FAQS 

What are the requirements for traffic school in Minnesota?

You can voluntarily sign up to take a defensive driving course in Minnesota. At certain times, the Minnesota DMV or your local court may require a driver to take it to clear a ticket.

There is no specific requirement if you take the course online, but you will need a reliable internet connection and a computer/laptop or just a mobile device to access the course. 

You may visit the website of your online course providers to check if there are any additional requirements.

Meanwhile, to find out more information about any requirement from a local traffic school, contact the court that is handling your tickets or the Minnesota DPS.

How long does online traffic school take in Minnesota?

There is no way of telling how long it will take an individual student to complete a course that is taken online. This is because each student will have control over their course schedule. But the average length of an online traffic school course is generally between 4 and 8 hours long.

What are my traffic school certificate delivery options?

There are several shipping options available to deliver your Certificate of Completion. It will always depend on your course providers. 

Some online traffic schools such as MyImprov.com allow you to download the course immediately after completing the course. You may visit the website of your online course providers to check how they send your Certificate of Completion. 

What are the benefits of online traffic school?

Taking online traffic school instead of the traditional in-person option is ideal because of the following reasons:

  • It is efficient. You can simply register using a computer and you'll be able to complete the course as soon as you can.
  • It’s accessible. You can complete your course wherever you are, anytime you feel like studying. You only need an internet connection and a device to take the course online.
  • It’s affordable. Since no physical set-up is required and classes are mostly pre-recorded, the course will be offered a lot cheaper than when taken at a physical school setup.
  • It’s engaging. Because most classes are designed to keep students interested, lessons are more interactive and presented more visually, which results in higher retention.


Attending an online traffic school or defensive driving helps you dismiss a ticket or get insurance discounts. 

But far more important than that, you get to improve your defensive driving skills, become a better driver, and contribute to society by ensuring that the road where you drive is safe for everyone.

As busy as you are, you no longer have the excuse of not being able to take the course because there are online traffic schools that you can mix into your schedules. 

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